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Being a Zookeeper do you find that you are allowed to specialize in certain animals?

I am a senior in High School and I want to work in a zoo or somewhere with Big Cats. I will be happy as long as I can work with animals but I was wondering whether it depended on what you did in college or where you worked. #worker #zoologist #sanctuary

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Margaux’s Answer

Dear Emily F.

To be a Zookeeper you need to study about Biology or to do a specific school (Look in your country)

During you study, you will learn animal in “general”, but some courses proposes a specialization of specific animals (Birds, herbivore, big cats, etc).

Depending of your study, we will ask you to do some working placement/training in animal’s facilities and if you want to work with specific animals (E.g.: Big Cats), it’s better to focus your training on it. Then, best experience (On the field) you have with it, better you will have a chance to work on it if you apply in some Zoo / Animals facilities.

To conclude, if you want to work with a specific type of animals as Big Cats, it depended on what you did in your school (Meaning if you can choose a specific subject in your school) AND where you worked (Experience on the field).

Margaux Alessandri