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What is the best option for me to acheive my goal to become a marine biologist?

I want to become a marine biologists and rehabilitate injured and sick marine animals. I also want to help the oceans ecosystems thrive and decrease ocean pollution. I want to be close this goal in about 4 years however I understand I will most likely need 6. I know I wont be a marine...


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What would marine biologists wear?

I need to know what kind of things marine biologists wear, preferably while working. Any items they would possibly hold would also be good to know. #marine-biology...


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What is your description of a marine biologist?

I would like to know your description of marine biologists. Put your opinions AND facts <3 #marine-biology #biology #biologist #environmental-science...


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What are different job options for Marine biologists or oceanographer?

I am a Junior in high school who is interested in the ocean and the live in it. I just would like to know what job options are available besides being a scientist in a lab #marine-biology #oceanography # #career...


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Are there places around the world that offer jobs in Marine Biology?

Could I possibly travel around the world with a Marine Biology degree?...


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I want to be a Marine Biologist. Is this a hard field to get a job in?

I dream of one day being a Marine Biologist. I just wonder how hard it will be to get a job in this field. I love the ocean but I have no knowledge of the careers that are offered in this field....


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What are the fields of work for a marine biologist?

There are so many things to study in the field I don't know how to narrow it down. #somanychoices #marine-biology #careers...


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What education is needed to become a marine biologist?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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What jobs can I get that will allow me to go deep sea diving?

I have always loved the ocean and my dream is to go in the Mariana Trench. I want to study ocean life and protect it from environmental harm. #deepseadiver #deep-sea-diving #biology #oceanography...


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What is the daily life as a Marine Biologist working in an aquarium?

I am a ninth grader who's looking into marine biology, but I know that you could go into many different jobs with a degree in marine biology. What would an average day for a Marine Biologist be in an aquarium? #biology #aquarium #marine-biology...


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What are the precautions for posting signs in a beach?

I'm a future marine biologist and I plan to specialize in sea turtle rehabilitation. I want to help the sea turtles before they become endangered. One plan I have for helping the population is by posting signs with the phone number of the sea turtle rehabilitation center I end up working at so...

#marine-biology #endangered-species #biology #career

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Does it help when looking for jobs to have a Ph.D. in marine biology?

I have wanted to get my degree as a marine biologist through Coastal Carolina University ever since I was in middle school, which was when I first started learning about marine life. I've known that marine science is the only Ph.D. program available at Coastal Carolina, but I am unaware of how...

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Will the influx of students interested in majoring in a form of marine science make it harder for me to get a career once I graduate?

A lot of people I know are going to college for a form of marine science, like #marine-biology. Is it already a competitive career? And will it become more competitive? #marine-science #career...


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What courses will I need take for me to get ahead of other people in college so I can get a successful job as a marine biologist.

Because I want to have a successful job that I can support a big family with so I don't have to worry about struggling in the...


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Where do I look for opportunities for future marine biologists?

I want to be one and my networking skills need some work. #marine-biology...


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How do I blend visual art and writing skill with my biotechnology degree for a career?

Ever since I was a kid, I was constantly stuck between wanting to be an artist, a writer, or a scientist. There must be some way to have all these things in my life, but I'm not really sure since I want to be a microbiologist or parasitologist. #biology #biotechnology #molecular-biology...

#cell-biology #marine-biology #drawing-and-painting #evolutionary-biology #writer #wildlife-biology #drawing #painting

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What if I want to have a job that supports and pays well, but that I genuinely like and have time to do things in my free time?

I have heard many stories of people having their dream jobs that pay, "big bucks," but then having these jobs take away a lot of time from their outside lives and take away time from things that are truly important to them, for example, family. I have also heard of people having jobs that pay...

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What is a day in the life of a Marine Biologist?

I am think about going to school to study marine biology....


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What jobs are offered in the Marine Science field?

I am majoring in marine science. #college #graduate #job-skills #marine-biology #biology...


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What do you find is the hardest part of any research in the STEM field?

I am very interested in researching marine science, but I have heard several different views of becoming a researcher. Some people say that it is slow and tedious, but others say that it is extremely gruesome and tiring. I would love some different perspectives on this! #researcher...


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What are some jobs that relate to Marine life?

Interested in animals, but confused on well paying jobs in this topic. #marine #ocean #history #biology...


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How do you balance college, work (full or part-time) and still be able to hangout with friends/family?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am struggling with balancing these three things. College and work seem to consume my whole day, every day. #college #sophomore #marine-biology #struggle #part-time-job #nosociallife...