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Career Questions tagged Oceanography

Sheffield D.’s Avatar
Sheffield D. Jun 08 82 views

How can I prepare in high school for a career in environmental science and oceanography.

I would like to major in environmental science and a minor in oceanography. What courses should I take in high school to prepare myself for college? environmental-science...


Sheffield D.’s Avatar
Sheffield D. Jun 08 116 views

How can I get involved in environmental science lab work as a high school student?

I'm very interested in environmental science and oceanography but I would like to find a place where I can get more hands on experience out in the field. I would love to assist a scientist with lab data but I don't know how to get involved. environmental-science research...


Cloey P.’s Avatar
Cloey P. Jul 28, 2020 141 views

Is there a place for chemical oceanography in the aquarium?

I am a rising senior and have thought about different careers to consider. I am interested in going into chemical oceanography, and was wondering if I would be able to work at an aquarium if I pursued this path or not. july20 oceanography chemicaloceanography...


Cloey P.’s Avatar
Cloey P. Jul 23, 2020 129 views

Majors alike oceanography, and where to find them.

I am a rising senior and am interested in oceanography. I have not been able to find many colleges that have this major. Should I look outside of the U.S.? Or is there another major that I should use in my search? I am leaning more toward the chemical side, but also want to look into the...

oceanography july20

Sheila C.’s Avatar
Sheila C. Jan 08, 2019 312 views

What are different job options for Marine biologists or oceanographer?

I am a Junior in high school who is interested in the ocean and the live in it. I just would like to know what job options are available besides being a scientist in a lab marine-biology oceanography # career...


Owen P.’s Avatar
Owen P. Aug 06, 2018 308 views

What Are Some Jobs In The Field of Marine Biology?

Marine Biology has always fascinated and captivated me. What are some jobs that are applicable to my interests? I would love to do field work most of all, but I know it is a competitive field. If there are any Marine Biologists out there I would love to hear what you have to say! marinebio...

career oceanography ocean degree field

yasmine M.’s Avatar
yasmine M. Jan 10, 2018 342 views

What are the things that you enjoy about being a geological oceanographer?

What are the little things of studying the structure and history of the ocean floor that fascinate and interest you? ocean geological geological oceanography...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Jan 10, 2018 380 views

What jobs can I get that will allow me to go deep sea diving?

I have always loved the ocean and my dream is to go in the Mariana Trench. I want to study ocean life and protect it from environmental harm. deepseadiver deep-sea-diving biology oceanography...


Penny  K.’s Avatar
Penny K. May 19, 2016 926 views

What is the highest salary a Marine Biologist can receive?

I am a Senior of 2016 and am interested in Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am asking this question because I want to get a better understanding on what I will be getting myself into for college. I want to make sure I am confident when going into this field of study....

oceanography financial-planning marine biology university-of-hawaii

Kassidie H.’s Avatar
Kassidie H. May 21, 2016 840 views

what do the different types of oceanographers do?

i plan on becoming a naval oceanographer but i have yet to figure what kind, just want some insight into what would be best for me. thanks! oceanography united-states-navy ocean biological-oceanography chemical-oceanography...


krystine S.’s Avatar
krystine S. May 14, 2016 1421 views

What is the most interesting part about being a marine biologist?

I am currently majoring in M.Bio, and I want a job and career that is interesting and exciting, and not a boring job on repeat for the rest of my life biology marine-biology animals...


Brooke D.’s Avatar
Brooke D. Oct 27, 2016 561 views

If I take a Biology course, how to I transfer that to a Marine Biology course and have many Minors?

I'm a small town senior getting ready to graduate and I don't really have anyone to help me prepare for college. I know I have to get a bachelors in Biology and then somehow 'specialize' in Marine but I also want to major in oceanography and engineering. I want to get my PhD so that I can...

oceanography college graduate-school marine-biology biology college-minor architecture college-major

Kritika Z.’s Avatar
Kritika Z. Sep 04, 2016 1183 views

Can a humanities student pursue Oceanography as a career?

I'm a 11th grade humanities/arts student in CBSE board. I have recently developed an interest in Oceanography and would love to pursue a career in the field. But, can I do that if I have the Humanities Stream in school? arts oceanography geography humanities...


Meagan K.’s Avatar
Meagan K. May 20, 2016 522 views

What classes would be beneficial to take in college for a degree in the Marine Biology and Oceanography field?

I want to know what classes professionals in the field have found most helpful throughout college and into their careers. college career science marine-biology...


Meagan K.’s Avatar
Meagan K. May 20, 2016 1564 views

What is a typical day for a scientist in the Marine Biology and Oceanography field?

I am looking to go into the Marine Biology and Oceanography field and want to know from someone already in it what it's like. What do you do on a daily/weekly basis, do you work with many people or few, etc. Thanks! science marine-biology environmental...


Penny  K.’s Avatar
Penny K. May 19, 2016 838 views

Is Marine Biology a popular career choice? If so, how easy will it be for me to get a good career once I graduate from college?

The ocean and it's inhabitants are very interesting and important to me to protect and study. Marine Biology is a dream of mine to be near the ocean and study what I love. I am curious, however, if it is a popular career because I want to be able to have a steady job once I finish college....

career biology oceanography marine

krystine S.’s Avatar
krystine S. May 14, 2016 566 views

What else is involved in marine biology besides research?

As much as I love research and would love to have my own study, I do not want to be studying and doing research as a career. What is beyond it? science marine...


Breanna P.’s Avatar
Breanna P. May 13, 2016 1116 views

What is the Best Way to Decide on Which Area of Study to Persue?

I am not sure on what I really want to go to college for. Currently I am a junior in high school. I am thinking of going into marine sciences or something with culinary. I've been thinking about doing summer programs to see which career interests me more but they are too expensive to do both....

marine oceanography college chef career science culinary

Maya F.’s Avatar
Maya F. May 04, 2016 683 views

How competitive is the job market for marine science?

I am going to be majoring in marine science starting fall of 2016 and I was wondering how competitive I would have to be to get job offers or internships. marine-biology oceanography marine-mammals...


Student Voices by CV ..’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV .. Nov 11, 2015 5992 views

What classes should I take in high school to become a marine biologist and eventually work for a nonprofit organization like Project Aware?

This question was asked by a student in Santa Cruz, California who wants to begin taking classes in high school to prepare for a marine biology degree and eventually a career in the marine sciences industry. Her goal is to play a role in the ocean conservation efforts of the Monterey Bay....

marine-sciences marine-protected-areas oceanography ocean-pollution ocean-conservation marine-biology

Luke  N.’s Avatar
Luke N. Oct 14, 2015 2892 views

What is it like as an oceanographer?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am looking at potential job options for my future. Oceanography seems like an interesting career and I think it could be fun as well. I always been at least somewhat interested in the ocean and wildlife. It also seems like there would always be something to...

oceanography biology life-sciences

Kevin H.’s Avatar
Kevin H. Dec 16, 2014 898 views

What are some classes i can take at a community college to help me prepare myself for a four year college and major in Marine Biology?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking to find out information regarding Marine Biology and what classes to take. I will most likely be going to a community college to start off and I am curious if there are any classes I can take to get a feel for the world of Marine Biology....

oceanography marine-biology marine-mammals