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Career Questions tagged Ocean

irene’s Avatar
irene Feb 02 183 views

How hard is marine biology ?

What types of jobs can I get from majoring in marine biology. What colleges should I go to in South Carolina

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 03, 2020 388 views

I'm in the 12th grade and I'm beginning to explore my future career.

I'm interested in volleyball, ocean life, environment life, and criminal justice. #life #career #jobs #ocean #sports

Maria Paula’s Avatar
Maria Paula Aug 10, 2020 430 views

Which are the best jobs for Oceanographic Engineer?

#engineer #ocean #oceanography #coastal #modeling

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Nov 14, 2019 272 views

Is commercial diver a good field to go into?

Its on my xello and i dont know if i should #ocean

Dev’s Avatar
Dev Mar 27, 2019 1131 views

What type of classes do I need to take in high school to become a marine biologist

#Marine Biology
#Ocean Life #marine-biology

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Sklar Aug 13, 2018 453 views

Marine Transportation

Is it a dying industry or what I have heard many conflicting opinions. #work #ocean #marine-transportation #transportation

Sklar’s Avatar
Sklar Aug 13, 2018 493 views

What is life like as an Ocean Engineer

What is the every day life of an Ocean Engineer, how often do you travel and what are the different opportunities given? #work #ocean #engineer #engineering #ocean-engineer

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Aug 06, 2018 504 views

What Are Some Jobs In The Field of Marine Biology?

Marine Biology has always fascinated and captivated me. What are some jobs that are applicable to my interests? I would love to do field work most of all, but I know it is a competitive field. If there are any Marine Biologists out there I would love to hear what you have to say! #marinebio...

yasmine’s Avatar
yasmine Jan 10, 2018 526 views

What are the things that you enjoy about being a geological oceanographer?

What are the little things of studying the structure and history of the ocean floor that fascinate and interest you?
#ocean #geological #geological #oceanography #biology

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Sep 01, 2017 643 views

What are some jobs that relate to Marine life?

Interested in animals, but confused on well paying jobs in this topic.
#marine #ocean #history #biology #marine-biology

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Danielle Oct 21, 2016 895 views

How many hours does it take to become a professional surfer?

I like playing in the water #sports #ocean

Kassidie’s Avatar
Kassidie May 21, 2016 1057 views

what do the different types of oceanographers do?

i plan on becoming a naval oceanographer but i have yet to figure what kind, just want some insight into what would be best for me. thanks! #oceanography #united-states-navy #ocean #biological-oceanography #chemical-oceanography #geographical-oceanography