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Career Questions tagged Marine

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Liah Mar 20 33 views

How do i become a marine?

plis help a broski out

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irene Feb 02 177 views

How hard is marine biology ?

What types of jobs can I get from majoring in marine biology. What colleges should I go to in South Carolina

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Michael Dec 14, 2022 183 views

What is the most diificult part of being a in Marine Biology?

What is in the daily life of one.

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Emilio Dec 06, 2022 125 views

What is the process of becoming a U.S Marine Corps Riflemen?

What is boot camp training like and life after boot camp as a marine

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Santino Nov 08, 2022 230 views

Do you enjoy going to work every day as a Marine Biologist?

Do you enjoy going to work every day as a Marine Biologist?

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Sandi Aug 12, 2022 322 views

Marine Biology Informational Interview

Hi my name is Sandi and I have another Informational Interview for Marine Biology, If anyone could take the time to answer a couple of questions. 1.)How does being a Marine Biologist affect you daily life? 2.)What's it like working with animals? 3.)What's your favorite part about being a...

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Maxwell Jun 28, 2022 208 views

what do i need to know going into the maritime industry?

what is it like to work in the maritime industry? what are the daily duties ? what is the pay like? are there any promotions? what is the most important thing to know in the maritime industry?

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Braden May 10, 2022 414 views

What courses should I take to become an Aquatic Biologist?

I've always loved the outdoors and freshwater life, what paths should I take to implement this into my career in the future.

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Sian Apr 19, 2022 268 views

Who should I look forward to talking to the most while trying to become a marine engineer?

I just want to know what other positions I will be working with.

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Khristian Jan 28, 2022 349 views

What steps should I take if I am thinking about going into a career in marine biology? Are there classes that I need to take to become a marine biologist?

#marine-biology #marine #biology

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Alay'la Oct 08, 2021 387 views

What is the day to day life like of aquatic veterinarain? What do you do? What types of task are you given ? Is it similar to being regular veterinarain, what's different? what's similar?

I am Alay'la Brimage, I go to Cane Bay Highschool. I'm interested in becoming a marine/aquatic veterinarian. I just want to get more information about what it is like, how do you get there, is it fun etc. I like to sing, I love animals, and I really would enjoy helping them. #veterinary...

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Autumn Oct 06, 2021 291 views

Can it be dangerous to be a marine biologists

I really like learning about marine science

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Autumn Oct 06, 2021 304 views

how long do I have to be in college?

#marine #biology #marine-biology #biotechnology

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Anna Sep 16, 2021 254 views

How long do I have to be in school to become a marine biologist

Marine organisms are interesting and i'd like to pursue a career in studying them. #marine #fish

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Ellis Dec 21, 2020 411 views

What steps should I take to become a marine

Ever since I've been little I have always wanted to be a cop but after one time I had a class were people in military came and talked about what they do and about there self what steps could I take to be a marine. #military #marine

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Lilia Oct 27, 2020 473 views

What is needed to be a marine biologist or what classes are recommended?

Ever since I was a little girl I had the biggest passion for sea animals and marine life. This is a career I am interested in because I am very devoted to learning about this type of topic. #career #marine #marinebiology

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Audrey Apr 13, 2020 498 views

how long does it take to get a phd in marine biology

#biology #marine-biology #marine

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Zack Jan 28, 2020 500 views

What is commonly done in marine biology?

#biology #marine-biology #marine I am interested in becoming a marine biologist but I have thalassophobia, I want to know if I have to dive.

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Samantha Jan 17, 2020 699 views

What are the steps I should take to become a marine biologist?

I'm a freshman student in college acquiring a degree in Biology. I have always been interested in becoming a marine biologist. The ocean and whales have always fascinated me. I just want more information about the career. #marine-biology #biology #science #marine

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Jesse Nov 20, 2019 426 views

What is fastest way to increase rank when starting out?

#military #marine

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Haley Nov 20, 2019 439 views

Can you go into the Marine Corps if you have ADHD?

#military #marine

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Haley Nov 20, 2019 400 views

What are the steps on going into the Marine Corps

I am a Sophomore in high school, I have been very interested in the Armed forces field for quite some time. I enjoy working with people as a team and helping out one another. Being put under pressure isn't difficult for me. I enjoy exercising and pushing myself towards a goal. #usa #marine corps

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elyse Nov 15, 2019 424 views

how do in become a military officer within the research fields of marine biology?

I love animals, being outdoors, and nature. I'm okay with performing hard work or getting dirty, because it doesn't bother me. I love stories on military researchers and their experiences. #marine-biology #military #army #marine #animals

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quinn Sep 16, 2019 354 views

i want to be a marine

im in 8th grade and wondering what high school classes to take #marine

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ricky Jun 17, 2019 508 views

what is your favorite part or you most exciting part about your every day work process

#marine architect

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Jean Jun 12, 2019 477 views

what steps whould i have to take to get a high paying job in the military.

#military #marine

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Christian Jun 02, 2019 653 views

How do companies view military service?

When hiring, do companies view military service as a good or bad thing? If it it a good thing, what branch looks best? Marines, Army, Army National Guard, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy, Coast Guard? And does it look better to have been an enlisted or officer? (I'm guessing the best...

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Marisa Apr 16, 2019 507 views

What are the education requirements for marine biology?

#marine-biology #marine #education

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Dev Mar 27, 2019 1126 views

What type of classes do I need to take in high school to become a marine biologist

#Marine Biology
#Ocean Life #marine-biology

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Sophia Mar 08, 2019 487 views

What is your description of a marine biologist?

I would like to know your description of marine biologists. Put your opinions AND facts <3 #marine-biology #biology #biologist #environmental-science #marine