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Career Questions tagged Water

Lachelle’s Avatar
Lachelle Nov 05, 2020 263 views

Is this a job that you would get tired of?

This is my dream job because I get to do things I love. I love swimming and love animals. #sea life #water #dolphins #swimming

Ansley’s Avatar
Ansley Aug 10, 2018 549 views

Are there many job opportunities for research outside of being a Professor?

I would like to pursue a career in research within water treatment/ desalination, however I haven't had much luck in determining whether I'll be able to find a job once I complete college. Are there any resources/ insight that might be helpful in my search. Are most research jobs at...

Lynn’s Avatar
Lynn May 24, 2018 619 views

Is Environmental Science a tough field to work in, especially pertaining to studying water quality?

#science #water #environment #environmental-science

Gokul’s Avatar
Gokul Jun 24, 2016 812 views

Hai. I am Gokul. What are the Duties of Marine Engineer in a Ship?

Hai. Can I know what are the Duties to be taken up by a marine Engineer in a ship. #engineer #education #educator #marine #united-states-navy #water #shipping

Allyson’s Avatar
Allyson May 11, 2016 860 views

Would a BS degree in Environmental Engineering help me with my career goal to be a Director of a Water Treatment Plant?

I am currently enrolled in the Water Technology Program at my high school and hope to graduate high school with my General AA from the community college as well as my class C water operator's license. I am trying to decide on my university and major for after I grudate. #in #field #water...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 23, 2015 2876 views

I am interested in Global Climate change. What career can revolve around trying to find ways to tackle this issue?

I find global warming so interesting. I would like to find ways to find ways to give clean water to third world countries and I'm interested in food hunger and how to prevent it. I think that using cattle as one of our main food sources is so ineffective. I want a job where I can go visit these...