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Career Questions tagged Shipping

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alan Jan 30 114 views

How does Truck driving work?

As a truck/semi driver do you get to pick in what area you only want to drive in or does the company just decide where to put you for pick ups and deliveries?

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Hadi Feb 18, 2017 815 views

How many shipbroking companies exist in Vancouver area?

I'm interested in shipbroking companies so that I need to know that how many opportunities I have. #shipbroking #shipping #brokers #shipping #business

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Hadi Feb 15, 2017 748 views

How many years experience are needed to be in the Ship Broking area?

24 years old graduated student. Willing to work in Ship Broking area. How many years do I have to work as a trainee? #shipbroking #broker #brokers #shipping

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Hadi Feb 15, 2017 758 views

What are the key features to be successful in Ship Broking area?

I'm an Esl student in Van, who aim to become a manager of Ship Broking company. Since I arrived in Vancouver, I'm looking for a way to get in this sector. I need some enlightenment about it. Thank you #international-trade #shipbroking #freightforwarders #shipping #brokers #business

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Gokul Jun 24, 2016 813 views

Hai. I am Gokul. What are the Duties of Marine Engineer in a Ship?

Hai. Can I know what are the Duties to be taken up by a marine Engineer in a ship. #engineer #education #educator #marine #united-states-navy #water #shipping