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What are the key features to be successful in Ship Broking area?

Updated Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I'm an Esl student in Van, who aim to become a manager of Ship Broking company. Since I arrived in Vancouver, I'm looking for a way to get in this sector. I need some enlightenment about it. Thank you #international-trade #shipbroking #freightforwarders #shipping #brokers #business

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Tanvir’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

You should know about scrap metal pricing and global commodities market.

You should understand dead metric ton vs real tonnage.

It's important to know about the composite materials of a ship, especially the boilers, turbines, fittings/trimmings - what can be salvages and resold and what can be scrapped.

Are their toxic materials on board the ship?

Towing distance - who pays.

Bank loans/financing - how is it structured.

There are hundreds of questions you can ask but the best is to work as a volunteer at a ship scrapyard.