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Career Questions tagged Broker

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Nov 01, 2022 116 views

Is a finance or business degree better for a stock broker?

Being a stock broker is the career which I have been looking at the longest but I am not sure whether a finance or business degree would be better for the job.

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 30, 2022 210 views

How hard will schooling for a real estate agent be?

I want to follow my family business but I need accounting knowledge and real estate and market knowledge. I also need money to start up my career. I know the types of jobs I can do within the field it’s just getting started that is scary.

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Jul 31, 2020 659 views

Do I need a license to work in the Insurance field?

I am currently in my second-year of post-secondary in the insurance field. However, I am not too sure if I need some sort of license after I graduate or if a bachelor's degree is good enough. In addition, if I do need a license, can I just do the license while I am still in school? Or do I have...

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Jul 31, 2020 607 views

What can I expect in the Insurance field? (underwriting, claims, etc)

I am currently in an insurance program in my post-secondary school however, I am not that exposed to it. The main courses for the program don't begin until my third year and I do not know what I am really getting myself in to. I was wondering if any of you could explain the different roles in...

Hadi’s Avatar
Hadi Feb 22, 2017 542 views

Is there anyone, who works in shipping company, to give some tips about being a part of Shipbroking sector?

I'm asking this question as a candidate of employee in that sector #shipbroking #broker #brokers

Hadi’s Avatar
Hadi Feb 15, 2017 739 views

How many years experience are needed to be in the Ship Broking area?

24 years old graduated student. Willing to work in Ship Broking area. How many years do I have to work as a trainee? #shipbroking #broker #brokers #shipping

Meng’s Avatar
Meng Apr 09, 2014 3766 views

What do commissions look like for a seasoned stock broker?

I am a junior in high school. #money #investing #dinero #broker #commissions #stock