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Dey'ja M. May 07 47 views

Can you describe a very distressing situation in which you remained calm and collected?

I am passionate about my work, I am ambitious and driven, I am highly organized, I'm a people-person. #real-estate...


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Clementine L. Apr 14 81 views

What do I need to do right now to get ahead of everyone in a couple years?

My name is Clementine L. and I am currently a junior in high school. I'm planning on becoming a real estate agent in the future. #advice #real-estate #real-estate-advice #high-school #business...


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Marco E. Feb 23 116 views

How do i really start in real estate?

I am a Jr trying to use real-estate or flipping homes as a sort of side hustle to pay off for college and I know what to do once i have a house to fix and sell but i don't have money for one so where and how do i really start? # #finance #real-estate #busniess #flipping...

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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 102 views

I don't know if I want to be a doctor or a real estate agent. Which makes more money?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Tipton at the International Community School. My 3rd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance! #doctor...


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Lanique A. Nov 13, 2020 125 views
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Brandon D. Oct 27, 2020 98 views

does staying in college longer help me do better in real estate

Im trying to figure out how long i should be in college so when I go into real estate I can be the best #business...


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Mallory D. Oct 23, 2020 144 views

How can I become a real estate lawyer?

I have looked into real estate law and have become very interested. Is there any certain work experience or additional education needed to become a real estate lawyer. #real-estate #law #lawyer #lawyers #...


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Keon G. Sep 22, 2020 226 views

How many houses do you sell a month?

I would like to be a realtor. I love houses! I play this game called "Bloxburg" I design and build houses. I would love to become a realtor one day. #realtor #roblox #bloxburg #housedesigner...


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ethan S. Sep 16, 2020 139 views

What is the best way to get into car sales or real estate?

I wanna know the best way to start off in the industry because I don't really know anyone in the industry....


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Allison S. May 14, 2020 291 views

What are the first steps in starting your own business?

I am an eighth grader and am looking into starting my own real estate business. I want to start my business wherever real estate will be thriving. I want to know want the best majors are to take in college in order to be an entrepreneur. I want to know what are the best classes in collage to...

#college #entrepreneur #business #real-estate

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Allison S. May 14, 2020 158 views

How can I find a good place to be a real estate agent?

I am an eighth grader and want to be a real estate agent. I want to know where the best places to sell real estate would be. Would it be in upcoming cities or the suburbs? Basically, where are the most people looking to buy or sell houses. #houses #home...


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Kimmy K. Jan 16, 2020 259 views

I'm interested in going into real estate and helping the family business. How do I get started?

My parents have a couple of properties that they would like to sell in the coming years. They want me to get a headstart into #real-estate so I can help them out in the future, but I don't know where to...

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Christian S. Nov 02, 2019 446 views

What's it like being a real estate agent?

What's an average day like? What's the average pay and hours of a real estate agent? Do you enjoy your job? #real-estate #house #career #home #sales #job #occupation #salary...


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Isaac M. Sep 06, 2019 220 views

I'm interested in three different careers and would like to know more

I am a student in Brennan High School and I wanted to know more about being a #electrician #construction #real-estate Admin Note: question has been modified for clarity! Original question title: "Go to...

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Isaac M. Sep 06, 2019 158 views

What are negative parts of your job

I am a student in Brennan High School and I wanted to know more about being a #electrician #construction...