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Career Questions tagged Real Estate

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alex Mar 20 17 views

how much can you get pay for by the tip of work that you get?

you get payed more to be a elocutionist because you risk you live by get in sock.

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Evan Mar 10 92 views

How do I get into Real estate, like renting out Apartments/Houses when I am 18

I am a senior in high school, And in the future, I would like to own houses or apartment buildings that are being rented out. Would like to know how I could get started out.

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 06 50 views

What is the first thing people look at when buying a house. What are some ways to be a better real estate agent ?

I want to become a real estate agent but don't know what to look for in houses. I also want to know how to become a successful real estate agent.

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Julian Mar 03 57 views

what is the easiest most beneficial to make money at a teenager ?

What is some advice to make money and get thousands as a teenager without working a 9-5 and doing stuff either on a computer or online ?

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Will Feb 27 141 views

What are the best jobs for a 15 year old?

What are the best jobs for a 9th grade 15 year old who is looking for work? I am currently employed by a real estate company, but i want more in a job than the dreary day to day cleaning, and all that stuff.

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Philip Feb 17 80 views

What is real estate and what types of activities would a real estate person be doing?

I'm a senior in highschool whom has already chosen a major besides real estate but I'm curious to know what someone who majors in real estate does.

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Feb 06 227 views

Could you use carpentry to get into Real Estate ?

I'm in job corp in pisgah forest in Scheck NC I'm just wondering if I can use this skill to get into real estate

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Reem Feb 03 390 views

What is the difference between a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Lawyer?

How many years of college would it take?

Zyrielle'’s Avatar
Zyrielle' Feb 02 144 views

Real estate agent

How long did it take you to study/ become successful as a real estate agent?

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Jan 27 154 views

How do I get ready for this career?

Like what type of degree do I need or what type of school do I need to go to?

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Ulysses Jan 13 269 views

How do you identify deals while looking for properties?

What tells you that its a good deal.

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Rachel Jan 13 187 views

Real estate Information

How to get into Real Estate? What to do to start?

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Dec 14, 2022 328 views


What are negative mental effects of being a real-estate agent?

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Thomas Dec 13, 2022 128 views

Hardest thing about real estate

What's the hardest thing about selling a house?

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Dec 13, 2022 195 views

Hardest thing about real estate

What's the hardest thing about selling a house?

Xzaevia’s Avatar
Xzaevia Nov 29, 2022 370 views

How do I start an in/exterior design/real-estate company that can one day turn into a global influential brand?

Hi! My name is Xzaevia! I have a BA in Community Development and Design for Social Impact. I want to create something in this world that combines aesthetics, functionality and social impact.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Nov 18, 2022 315 views

What is the ideal path for someone trying to get into real estate private equity?

Share the ideal path for getting into REPE starting from freshman year undergrad. Explain how the paths for acquisitions vs asset management might differ

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Nov 10, 2022 539 views

Selling a house?

what challenges do Real Estate agents face when it comes to selling a house? How do you persuade the customer and what's the best way to charm them?

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Nov 10, 2022 467 views

day in the life of a Real estate agent

what would the day in the life of a Real estate agent be? What kind of work is done before you sell a house and afterward?

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Nov 10, 2022 282 views

What's something that you struggled with in real estate investing as a beginner?

What's something that you struggled with in real estate investing as a beginner?

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 10, 2022 306 views

Real Estate Attorney

What is involved in being a real-estate attorney? How much school is required and what skills are needed?

Ryley’s Avatar
Ryley Nov 04, 2022 359 views

Double job?

Is anyone a teacher and a real estate agent on here? If so, I would like to ask has it been an easy balance and do you make good money?

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tequon Nov 03, 2022 225 views

flip houses ?

how did youj flip houses and make profit how to make alot of money

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Oct 31, 2022 601 views

Would Real Estate be a good career to go into?

What would I want to major in if I wanted to go into Real Estate?
Also what are the different roles or areas in real estate to work in, and a brief explination of them, and which ones are more benifiting?
How does recieving money work for the different areas in real estate?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 04, 2022 250 views

What is the starting pay in real estate?

What do you start off receiving as a real estate agent?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 04, 2022 230 views

How do become a real estate agent?

What schooling should I do for real estate. How do i get started

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Oct 04, 2022 219 views

What is the best place to buy real estate?

What would be places to buy real estate if wanting to rent out to tenants, such as more rural, more near a lake/beach, or the best states.

jack’s Avatar
jack Oct 04, 2022 522 views

For someone wanting to go into the real estate industry, what can I expect for highs and lows at the beginning of my journey?

When I'm out of highschool I plan on going to real estate school.

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 30, 2022 214 views

How hard will schooling for a real estate agent be?

I want to follow my family business but I need accounting knowledge and real estate and market knowledge. I also need money to start up my career. I know the types of jobs I can do within the field it’s just getting started that is scary.

Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Sep 22, 2022 272 views

How long does it take to become a great real estate agent?

I am interested in being a real estate agent and i want to know how much time and energy it will take me to become a great realtor.