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Career Questions tagged Investment Management

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Israel 3 hours ago 4 views

How can you invest?

How can a teenager like me get my first thousand dollars and invest them for more money and how many ways is there to invest your money? What's the easiest way ?

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Evan Mar 10 82 views

How do I get into Real estate, like renting out Apartments/Houses when I am 18

I am a senior in high school, And in the future, I would like to own houses or apartment buildings that are being rented out. Would like to know how I could get started out.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 01 324 views

What kind of management is the most beneficial and easy to do?

Just wanted to know if I want to go into management what kind of management would I want to do? I like people and managing people but I know there are so many types or industries of management.

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Fatima Dec 26, 2022 309 views

Questions regarding a career in finance/accounting and resume

What are some skills students looking to pursue investment banking should practice and learn? What are some skills/topics students pursuing finance and accounting should learn about? Are there resources or books or anything else where I can learn concepts in finance and accounting and even...

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Dec 13, 2022 266 views

What are your main responsibilities and challenges as an Investment Fund Manager?

What are your main responsibilities and challenges as an Investment Fund Manager when managing an individual's portfolio?

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Jackie Nov 01, 2022 158 views

How do I invest in stock?

When should I buy and when should I sell stock?

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Aaron Oct 29, 2022 521 views

What is the best way to build a career in the investment/financial industry (as an investment analyst)? #Fall22

I used to work as a proprietary trader and have also worked in organizational development (human capital management). Previously I studied a double degree in business management and psychology. Currently, finishing up a Master's in Finance and plan to enter the investment/finance industry and...

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 04, 2022 246 views

What is the starting pay in real estate?

What do you start off receiving as a real estate agent?

Cyon’s Avatar
Cyon Jul 18, 2022 389 views

Consulting Case Question - College Junior

Hi there! My names Cyon and I'm a rising college junior at FAMU. I wanted to ask what resources are available for generating case experience for consulting in the finance area as well as Deals and Mergers and Acquisitions?

dariyus’s Avatar
dariyus May 04, 2022 498 views

How do I become a investment fund manager

i know it take some collage but like what skills classes and information do i need to attain to be proficient at this job

dariyus’s Avatar
dariyus May 04, 2022 270 views

How can you use your skills as an investment fund manager to build you own wealth

I'm a newborn to the business world can you explain it as so

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Apr 20, 2022 372 views

What do you like most/ least about this career?

What do you like about being a Financial Investment Analysts?

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lily Feb 09, 2022 288 views

In finance, how important is it to keep up with the economy and stocks?

#finance #investment-management #stocks

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Raymundo Nov 08, 2021 272 views

What are good mentors, youtubers, or podcasts to obtain more knowledge of the stock market?

I know a few about the stock market but I want to be able to have the required amount of knowledge of the stock market to be confident in the investments I will be putting in. #business #career #finance #investment-management

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Mohamed Nov 04, 2021 327 views

How to get credit

#college #money-management #money #investment-management #finance

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Kelvin Oct 05, 2021 556 views

Is a double major in Computer Science and Economics a valuable double major to pursue?

I am a junior in high school. I'm interested to learn more about what you can do with these two majors and how these two majors can benefit off of each other.
#college-major #major #computer-science #investment-management #finance #business #economics #computer-science

Kelvin’s Avatar
Kelvin Sep 15, 2021 373 views

How has your experience been like working for an investment management firm?

I interned at an investment management firm this summer, but I'd like to learn more about the experiences of other analysts, portfolio managers, and other professionals.
#investment-management #finance #business #economics

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Elias May 20, 2021 464 views

What is one of the best apps to invest stocks and crypto in order to make a smart investment that can affect you positively?

#investing #investment-management

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paul May 11, 2021 671 views

should i invest in myself at 18 or wait till i turn 21?

#investment-banking #financial-services #finance #investment-management #investing

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paul May 07, 2021 448 views

how to invest in yourself?

#investment #financial-services #investment-management #investing #investment-banking

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Michael Apr 16, 2021 407 views

what is the hardest part about being in real estate?

#real-estate #investment-management

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ernie Mar 24, 2021 1355 views

What is the hardest part about investing your money?

I'm a soon-to-be college student and I want to start to plan my financial future. #investment-management #savings #money #investor #money-management

Anish’s Avatar
Anish Mar 17, 2021 617 views

What are the proccess to invest in stockmarket Step By Step?And tips to Ivesting in Stock Market for Students?

I am a student.I need to earn money for my higher studies so i think to invest in stock market #investment-management #marketing #finance #economics ..So i need suggestions from proffesionals

Diepreye’s Avatar
Diepreye Jun 03, 2020 652 views

Are there companies that help market and creat prototype for your invention free of cost to you

I have a marine tech idea that is very lucrative and can help further research into marine life and related field and need help in seeing this invention made into reality I've done a patent search into it and it's in the clear I've tried searching for companies or people to make the prototype...

Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy Apr 29, 2020 3029 views

Where Do I Start Investing For Beginner ?

I keep hearing about investing some money, so I decided to give it a try.
But I need help?
How do I start investing?
What app is good for investing?

#finance #accounting #investment-management #money #career #COVID19 #Help #money

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Jul 27, 2019 605 views

What is investment banking like

Hi, I am a Finance major and i am interested in a career in investment banking. I know a lot about the culture, but just don't have a clear understanding of what it is actually like to work for an investment bank. Also, if i don't go to a target school, do I even have a shot? & what is it...

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Jul 27, 2019 706 views

How do I invest in the stock market?

Hello, I am a first year finance major at a university and I have been researching various types of investments. I am interested in investing some of my money in the DOW, S&P and Amazon. I do not know which brokerage firm is the best, or if ETF's are the best choice or how to even start...

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Macie Apr 01, 2019 377 views

What does investment look like in your career? (fitness and wellness coordinators)

#business #investment-management

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Cristien Mar 13, 2019 506 views

For Becoming A painter What is a good investment that can further your career ?

#financial-planning #investment-management #business

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Vernon Feb 25, 2019 487 views

Do I Have a Better Chance Of Turning My Money Into Alittle More Over Time By Investing In Bonds Rather Than Stocks ?

#investment-management #finance #Young&Hungry