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Diepreye E. Jun 03, 2020 273 views

Are there companies that help market and creat prototype for your invention free of cost to you

I have a marine tech idea that is very lucrative and can help further research into marine life and related field and need help in seeing this invention made into reality I've done a patent search into it and it's in the clear I've tried searching for companies or people to make the prototype...

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Nancy O. Apr 29, 2020 1389 views

Where Do I Start Investing For Beginner ?

I keep hearing about investing some money, so I decided to give it a try. But I need help? How do I start investing? What app is good for investing? WHERE DO I BEGIN? #finance #accounting #investment-management #money #career #covid19 #help...

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Gianna R. Jul 27, 2019 216 views

What is investment banking like

Hi, I am a Finance major and i am interested in a career in investment banking. I know a lot about the culture, but just don't have a clear understanding of what it is actually like to work for an investment bank. Also, if i don't go to a target school, do I even have a shot? & what is it...

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Gianna R. Jul 27, 2019 302 views

How do I invest in the stock market?

Hello, I am a first year finance major at a university and I have been researching various types of investments. I am interested in investing some of my money in the DOW, S&P and Amazon. I do not know which brokerage firm is the best, or if ETF's are the best choice or how to even start...

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casey P. Sep 30, 2017 618 views
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Mary M. Aug 31, 2017 395 views

What are the most helpful and authentic online resources you would recommend a college student to start learning about FOREX trading?

Trading is a very complex network, whether it be stock or FOREX markets. And it takes a person a specific amount of time to become really good at trading. Therefore, I want to start learning and educating myself about investing in FOREX markets. #forex #trade #investment #learning #economics...


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Ben L. Oct 09, 2017 598 views

How do I start investing in the Stock Market?

I want to learn how to make a second stream of income. I am currently in my 4th-year of college. I want to develop my assets so I will have a lot of money for the future. I do have a bit of capital to start off with and I am not afraid of assuming risk. How do I best use it? #money #finance...

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Ben L. Oct 09, 2017 455 views

How can I start day trading?

I am going to graduate college in 2 semesters. I want to want to earn a second stream of income while working a full-time job after I'm graduating. Is it doable to do both? I want to start building up my assets as soon as I can. I have a bit of free time in the morning right now so I would...

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Ian P. Mar 15, 2016 810 views

What is the responsibilty of a tax manager at an investment management company?

I recently heard of this job title, and I'm thinking about pursuing an accounting degree in college. Can you help me understand what your job is like? What do you do? Are you an accountant? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing...


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Zach N. Aug 31, 2017 423 views

What is your experience inside of or around investment banking?

Heavily considering a life on Wall Street and have been researching the benefits and the costs. Would love to hear your perspective, big or small! #finance #investment-banking...


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Ena W. May 26, 2017 524 views

Is it good to enter buy-side financial institutions?

Many people think that entering buy-side like private equity should be after 2or3 years sell-side work experience....


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Jess W. Apr 02, 2017 694 views

Is it wise to study for a Masters when most of the jobs you are looking for requires only a Degree? How much more powerful is a Masters compared to a Degree?

I'm someone who is focused on lifelong learning, and I would prefer to stick to learning more about the world around me, rather than starting work so early and simply watch the money come in. Most adults tell me that once you see those digits in your banks account go up, very few would want to...

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Bridget S. Feb 24, 2017 744 views

What is a Roth IRA?

Please explain what it it, why it is used, and compare it to other similar but different methods #investment-management #investing #saving #taxation...


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Carlos E. Feb 23, 2017 732 views

How can I find an internship for business or finance?

I'm a High school junior and really want to pursue a career in business or finance. I want an internship to gain experience and show an my interest to colleges. I know I'm young but is there any hope in finding a position like that? #business #finance #business-management #financial-services...

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Nolan J. Feb 09, 2017 468 views

How much investment is needed to become started?

To start entrepreneurship what is the ranking of investment you'll have to pay to become started in business? Does it depend on what type of buisness it is? #entrepreneurship #investment-management...


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Devetra C. Jan 27, 2017 575 views

When would be a good to time think about investing?

I'm a sophomore in college and trying to figure out when and how to start investing for my future. #investment-management...


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D. O. Dec 20, 2016 1400 views

How can I get started learning financial modeling?

I'm a sophomore in college, getting ready to apply for internships in corporate finance or banking or investing, and I want to be able to show finance companies/firms that I'm qualified to work for them. I want to teach myself financial modeling in excel. What kind of models should I try to...

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Parker W. Dec 02, 2016 969 views

What is the difference between consulting and investment banking?

How are consulting (increasing efficiency) and investment banking (identifying trends) similar and/or dissimilar? Is there a significant cultural difference between working at an IB as opposed to a consulting firm? #investment-management #project-management...


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adanech C. Nov 25, 2016 843 views

When should I start investing my money or ?bounding??

I have been working a lot recent ally and I know that your supposed to start investing or share holding your money at an early age. When would be a great time? #business #education #money #economics #investment-management #business-analysis #savings...


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Alisha S. Jul 04, 2016 799 views

Is there any link between Investment Managing and Programming?

Could you use computer programs to create models that enable you to make decisions on what to invest money in ? #technology #programming...


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Margot M. Mar 14, 2016 979 views

How old should I be when I start investing on my own account if I want to have a future in finance?

Is there a minimum age you need to be in order to qualify to have an investment account? For high school students it’s hard to get started. Is it possible to start in 9th grade? If not, what can a 9th grader do to get started? #finance #investment-management...


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Eric C. Mar 14, 2016 1158 views

How competitive are internships in the investment industry?

I want to try to get an internship at some point. How competitive is that going to be, and if it’s very competitive then what are the things that are going to make someone stand out? #finance #investment-management...


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Riley J. Mar 10, 2016 729 views

What does an investing career path look like?

If I go to college and eventually get into a job in investing, where do you start (like what is the job title) and when you go up the ladder what do you go up to (what’s the top of the ladder)? How long does it take to go to the top of the ladder? I’m sure it must be really hard, but I’m...

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