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Seeking insights on Sales and Trading internships and full-time roles?

Hi everyone! I am a rising junior and recently accepted a 2024 Sales and Trading internship in New York. My offer letter said I would be working with the equities group but beyond that, I am going in blind. I have several questions that I would really appreciate some insight on: -As I shadow and rotate among the desks, how will the bank determine whether I will be a trader or on the sales side, and what desk I would be on if given a return offer? Is one role or desk better relatively speaking? -My impression of S&T may be slightly outdated, but is the role at high risk for automation and AI? This is the only thing I can think about in my current internship because everything seems to be easily automatable. -I am very interested in investment management and my long-term goal is to work in portfolio management. Does S&T set you up well to transition to the buy side? I partially accepted the internship because I thought the exposure to institutional investors would help me make the leap, but it seems like a lot of S&T professionals stay in the field their whole careers. -Finally, I am really interested in ESG issues and impact investing, will I be able to explore this evolving theme in an S&T role? Thanks in advance for any perspectives you can provide!

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