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Career Questions tagged Investment Banking

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Kushi Feb 21 284 views

What career should i choose? Investment banking or management consulting

I need to choose either investment banking or management consulting ,so that i can select my electives accordingly in my MBA for example if I choose IB(Investment Banking) i would be opting finance related electives if not then I would be taking generalists courses...but i am sensitive to...

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Fatima Dec 26, 2022 317 views

Questions regarding a career in finance/accounting and resume

What are some skills students looking to pursue investment banking should practice and learn? What are some skills/topics students pursuing finance and accounting should learn about? Are there resources or books or anything else where I can learn concepts in finance and accounting and even...

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Dec 13, 2022 276 views

What are your main responsibilities and challenges as an Investment Fund Manager?

What are your main responsibilities and challenges as an Investment Fund Manager when managing an individual's portfolio?

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Heni Nov 10, 2022 251 views

Business Finance?

What are some careers I can be involved in under the Business Finance category and some tips for the long run?

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Aaron Oct 29, 2022 532 views

What is the best way to build a career in the investment/financial industry (as an investment analyst)? #Fall22

I used to work as a proprietary trader and have also worked in organizational development (human capital management). Previously I studied a double degree in business management and psychology. Currently, finishing up a Master's in Finance and plan to enter the investment/finance industry and...

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Lusi Oct 25, 2022 446 views

How to invest?

How can I invest in stock without having a brokerage account?

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Laksh Jul 16, 2022 321 views

I want to work with private clients - should I go into private client law or private banking

I'm looking to work with private clients and I'm unsure if I should pursue a career in law or banking - what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and how to become each one, also what is the pay like.

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Rob Jul 12, 2022 336 views

Management Consulting or Investment Banking

I am a college student trying to decide between management consulting or investment banking. How should I decide and where should I start?

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dariyus May 04, 2022 504 views

How do I become a investment fund manager

i know it take some collage but like what skills classes and information do i need to attain to be proficient at this job

dariyus’s Avatar
dariyus May 04, 2022 274 views

How can you use your skills as an investment fund manager to build you own wealth

I'm a newborn to the business world can you explain it as so

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Cameron Apr 20, 2022 376 views

What do you like most/ least about this career?

What do you like about being a Financial Investment Analysts?

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Jesse Feb 07, 2022 238 views

What skills can qualify you to be a good entrepreneur?

#job-application #information-technology #investment-banking

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Drupad Nov 08, 2021 292 views

What Investment Banker do ?


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Taiyon Nov 02, 2021 280 views

how do you start a online job

#design #entrepreneur #investment-banking #graphic-design #interior-design

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nakhia Sep 10, 2021 344 views

what is the best part about being a banker?


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braden Sep 10, 2021 370 views

What is the most interesting thing that can happen while banking?

#banking #technology #investment-banking

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Nasir Jun 18, 2021 937 views

How to become an investment banker

#finance #investment-banking #money-management

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paul May 11, 2021 674 views

should i invest in myself at 18 or wait till i turn 21?

#investment-banking #financial-services #finance #investment-management #investing

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paul May 07, 2021 453 views

how to invest in yourself?

#investment #financial-services #investment-management #investing #investment-banking

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Dey'ja May 07, 2021 693 views

How do you become a police officer ?

I'm a natural leader, I am results-oriented, I am an excellent communicator. #anyone #investment-banking

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Aminatou Sep 04, 2020 445 views

how do i chose what i want to be?

#investment-banking #marketing #doctor # #surgeon #army #detective

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Ashley May 06, 2020 504 views

What are steps one should take in order to become an investment banking analyst?

I am really interested in math, and I enjoy dealing with data. I think technology is really useful, and a quick navigation tool. #investment-banking

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Jul 27, 2019 609 views

What is investment banking like

Hi, I am a Finance major and i am interested in a career in investment banking. I know a lot about the culture, but just don't have a clear understanding of what it is actually like to work for an investment bank. Also, if i don't go to a target school, do I even have a shot? & what is it...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel May 09, 2018 664 views

How do investment bankers, venture capalists, private equity partners, etc find deals?

I've always been curious how #investment-banking professionals, #venture-capital professionals , #private-equity professionals find deals? Their entire premise seems to be based on having #relationships within certain industries but how do they start building these? #deal #deal-closure...

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Oct 09, 2017 925 views

How do I start investing in the Stock Market?

I want to learn how to make a second stream of income. I am currently in my 4th-year of college. I want to develop my assets so I will have a lot of money for the future. I do have a bit of capital to start off with and I am not afraid of assuming risk. How do I best use it? #money #finance...

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Moshe Sep 01, 2017 785 views

investment banking

best college for investment banking

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Zach Aug 31, 2017 788 views

What is your experience inside of or around investment banking?

Heavily considering a life on Wall Street and have been researching the benefits and the costs. Would love to hear your perspective, big or small!

#finance #investment-banking #investment-management

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DEVANSH Jul 31, 2017 2071 views

To become an investment banker is a degree in business administration appropriate?

For my future career plans. #banking #investment-banking #finance

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Ena Jun 17, 2017 1027 views

How to wear in investment bank social event?

I received an invitation to participate a IB social event. Business casual or professional? #investment-banking

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Ana May 31, 2017 1231 views

Economic History or Economics for Equity Research

I'm a high school student looking to apply to the University of Edinburgh and Oxford for a degree in either Economics and Management (Oxford)/Economics with Finance (Edinburgh) or Economics and History (Oxford) and Economics and Economic History(Edinburgh). I feel incredibly passionate about...