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Career Questions tagged Private Equity

ahmed’s Avatar
ahmed Aug 11 432 views

what are some investment banking/finance-related opportunities?

I currently study finance at Taylor University, Malaysia. And am interested in investing, banking, finance, economics, and how money works. I was looking for opportunities to work in a related sector such as investment banking or banks in general. Still, I want to know which countries have such...

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Nov 18, 2022 484 views

What is the ideal path for someone trying to get into real estate private equity?

Share the ideal path for getting into REPE starting from freshman year undergrad. Explain how the paths for acquisitions vs asset management might differ

Laksh’s Avatar
Laksh Jul 16, 2022 412 views

I want to work with private clients - should I go into private client law or private banking

I'm looking to work with private clients and I'm unsure if I should pursue a career in law or banking - what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and how to become each one, also what is the pay like.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel May 09, 2018 752 views

How do investment bankers, venture capalists, private equity partners, etc find deals?

I've always been curious how #investment-banking professionals, #venture-capital professionals , #private-equity professionals find deals? Their entire premise seems to be based on having #relationships within certain industries but how do they start building these? #deal #deal-closure...

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Jun 04, 2017 887 views

How to break in buy-side?

I am international student in Canada and I hope to begin career in private equity. I just want to acquire local experience before graduation. #finance #pe #private-equity