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What type of relationships should I create in college?

What relationships should we focus on the most, should we focus on prioritizing relationships with our friends or should we focus on maintaining a strong relationship with our proffesor. #relationships...



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Active Nov 28 '18 at 06:38 PM

3 answers

Posted by Daniel A.’s Avatar Daniel A.
Cassandra Buttgereit’s Avatar
Cassandra Buttgereit | New Employee Experience Support Coach Hi Daniel, I think that is a great question, as relationships ...

How does working long hours affect your relationships, hobbies, and interests?

I'd like to direct this question mainly to those in the medical field because that is what I'm looking to go into, but any insights are greatly appreciated! Even as a high school student I've had to put some of hobbies and interests on the back burner because of all of the school work and...

#timemanagement #relationships #working #hobbies #time #medicine #balance


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Active Jun 06 '18 at 01:23 PM

2 answers

Posted by Emily B.’s Avatar Emily B.
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Michael Langlais | Tax Associate at PwC Canada Hello Emily,You're absolutely right - as a focused professional working long ...

How do investment bankers, venture capalists, private equity partners, etc find deals?

I've always been curious how #investment-banking professionals, #venture-capital professionals , #private-equity professionals find deals? Their entire premise seems to be based on having #relationships within certain industries but how do they start building these? #deal #deal-closure...

#sourcing #finance #capital


Active May 09 '18 at 03:57 PM

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Posted by Daniel Y.’s Avatar Daniel Y.

What are ways that we can build and maintain good relationships with our colleagues and leave a good impression on our higher ups?

I am a high school student and I’ve have had some difficulty with being more social and connecting with others. I want to not only be able to secure a good career, but I also want to also build healthy relationships with others. I am hoping to gain more insight into the working field so that...

#career #relationships #future


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Active Nov 27 '18 at 08:36 PM

3 answers

Posted by Jenny Z.’s Avatar Jenny Z.
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Somaly Im | Senior Manager Marketing at AT&T This is a great question! Relationships are key in every aspect ...

How do I begin to network with people?

I want to have people that I can branch out with and have solid relationships to begin my own business involving digital media and film by the time I finish college. I am currently a high school senior about to graduate in a couple months. I am planning on attending the New York Institute of...

#relationships #networking #success #newyork #technology #film


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Active Apr 18 '18 at 08:36 PM

2 answers

Posted by Angelina Y.’s Avatar Angelina Y.
Yeskendir (Alex) Kazhmurat’s Avatar
Yeskendir (Alex) Kazhmurat | Associate at PwC Hi Angelina! While I have not majored in film and thus ...

Are there any outlets for socialization or working with people in the fields of genetics/biomedical science?

I'm in love with biomedical engineering and genetics/genomics, but I also tend to be a social butterfly. I'm concerned that the constant lab work and studies will keep me from interacting with people and forming stable workplace relationships. My parents have suggested the profession of genetic...

#relationships #biology #genetics #psychology #people #career-paths #college-major #genetic-counseling #molecular-biology #biomedical #social #career-path #biomedical-engineering


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Active Jan 17 '18 at 09:26 PM

1 answers

Posted by Jada H.’s Avatar Jada H.
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Sandra Peacock | Laboratory Genetic Counselor at Baylor Miraca Medical Genetics ... Being a social butterfly does not prevent you from having a ...

How can I deal with an annoying dormmate?

I'm afraid I'll be matched with someone really annoying in college. Will there be opportunity to switch rooms? What other ways could I manage this situation? #college #relationships #college-bound...


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Active Sep 20 '18 at 02:57 AM

2 answers

Posted by Abby Lupi’s Avatar Abby L.
Lori Brown’s Avatar
Lori Brown | Facilities Integrity Engineer at ExxonMobil I will echo Nicholas’s comment above! Sometimes it can help to ...

Besides health plans, how common is it for jobs or companies to spend time focusing on the mental health of workers?

I ask this because in day-to-day life I already see very little of people analyzing why they feel the way they do, see the way they do and think they way they do. I belive it would beneficial for people to spend more time considering the roots of why they have the thoughts and opinions that...

#relationships #unconventional #check #mental-health #ups #methods


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Active Oct 24 '18 at 03:07 AM

2 answers

Posted by Leah A.’s Avatar Leah A.
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Anna Thomison | Marriage and Family Therapist Most companies offer EAP, Employee Assistance Program, through which, they will ...

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