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How is the corona virus impacting physical therapists?

I have read several articles about businesses closing and how the pandemic situation is taking over job industries, but I was wondering how physical therapists do their job especially if this job is usually face to face with people to help them recover from their physical injuries. Do they do...

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What is the average amount of salary physical therapists get a year?

I am a sophomore in high school that has always been interested in the partake in becoming a physical therapist. I play soccer, and actually seen physical therapists do their jobs especially when I broke my arm and they helped me recover. Despite the fact that I want to become a physical...

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What are the steps or educational requirements to become a Physical Therapist?

I am a Sophomore in High school and went to college career fairs for the career physical therapy and ever since, have taken the interest in becoming a Physical Therapist. I understand how a physical therapist operates and what they do, but I am interested in learning how to become one in the...

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What strengths do you need for massage therapy

Have always been interested in massage therapy. Like to help people. #career #therapy...


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How does this site work?

Current undergraduate student. Looking for work and medical experience. # #healthcare #therapy #aide #athletictrainer...


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What other careers include psychology other than a therapist?

I loved being in psychology classes and learning about it, but I don’t think a therapist would be a good career for me. #psychology #clinical-psychology #therapy...


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What can I do now to become a therapist or psychologist?

I am in 9th grade (14 yrs old), and I want to major in psychology or neuroscience in college. What are things I can do know to get into good psychology or neuroscience programs for college. I know that I need good grades, but what are some specific internships or research opportunities I should...

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