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Career Questions tagged Healthy

Shamario’s Avatar
Shamario Jun 04, 2021 221 views

What are some of the best way to stay fit to become a police officer?

I want to know what are some of the best ways to stay fit to become a police officer.

#stayingfit #policeofficer #healthy

Kimbriel’s Avatar
Kimbriel May 20, 2021 283 views

What are some things a dancer should eat ?

I want to go on a diet ! #healthy

Shayna’s Avatar
Shayna Jun 10, 2018 733 views

To be a Dietician, what certificates or degrees do you need?

I am interested the the field of pharmacy and lifestyle management/ nutrition. I want to combine pharmacy with nutrition in my future career. I am graduating undergraduate early so technically I will not have a major. I could get a healthy lifestyle management minor in undergraduate or look at...

Shayna’s Avatar
Shayna May 05, 2018 649 views

As a full-time pharmacist, will it be possible to balance work, a family, and an healthy lifestyle?

In the future, I want to have a career that I love. However, I also want to have a #family, eat #healthy, stay #active, and get enough sleep. Does working as a #pharmacist deter the possibility of balancing work, family, and personal health? #pharmacy #work-life-balance #balance

Shayna’s Avatar
Shayna May 05, 2018 4083 views

Is there a possibility for a pharmacist to specialize in nutrition or become an Registered Dietitian?

My goal is to become a #pharmacist that specializes in #healthy #lifestyle management , which would encompass managing a person's #medications along with their lifestyle and #nutritional needs. I believe that lifestyle changes can reduce and even prevent risk of diseases or health issues before...

ronnie’s Avatar
ronnie Jun 21, 2016 599 views

do you know what it takes to achieve that goal?

im attending the 10th grade. I was wondering how can i get t the NFL #skills #healthy #career-details #personal-development #sports #football

andy’s Avatar
andy Jun 21, 2016 767 views

how much money do i make

Hi I am currently in 10th grade going to 11th. I was wondering how much I would make if I was a UFC fighter. #technology #tech #healthy #conditioned #fighting