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Is there a possibility for a pharmacist to specialize in nutrition or become an Registered Dietitian?

Asked Sioux City, Iowa

My goal is to become a #pharmacist that specializes in #healthy #lifestyle management , which would encompass managing a person's #medications along with their lifestyle and #nutritional needs. I believe that lifestyle changes can reduce and even prevent risk of diseases or health issues before needing to start life-life maintenance medications. I want to be a holistic pharmacist, but are there an opportunities like that out there? #pharmacy #medicine #dietician #nutrition

2 answers

Kerry’s Answer


Absolutely! While most pharmacy programs do not have a combined degree program, you can take electives about nutrition during pharmacy school in many programs. In addition, you could focus some of your Undergrad Studies toward nutrition, and even get a Major or Minor in Nutrition, since Pharmacy School prerequisites are typically 60-80 Semester Hours.

Hi Kerry! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Knowing that my dream job is still a possibility is so great to hear. I am currently on track to get a healthy lifestyle management minor at CU, so I'm hoping that I can use that to my advantage later. I will keep in mind nutrition electives for when I enter pharmacy school. Thanks again!!

Gilbert’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
I would like to share with you a link from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties on becoming a nutrition support pharmacist: https://www.bpsweb.org/bps-specialties/nutrition-support-pharmacy/ Hope you find the information interesting. Good luck!
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