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Career Questions tagged Pharmacist

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Mayann Sep 23 46 views

How How long did it takes you to get into Pharmacy?

I wanna know how long will it take to get into this field.

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Mayann Sep 23 34 views

What do you need to get into Pharmacy?

I asked this question because I want to get into this field.

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Mayann Sep 23 29 views


I wanna know if I need a diploma to get into it ? Will it be beneficial for my education and my future ?

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Lauranne Sep 07 139 views

What's some things I should know about pharmacy tech before making it my career choice?

Also what steps do I need to take to become a pharmacy technician?

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Kavion Aug 26 115 views

What type of places can you work in, in pharmacy

What type of places can you work in, in pharmacy

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Jamal Aug 26 134 views

What are the duties for a pharmacy aide?

Are they just like shadowing?

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Jamal Aug 26 119 views


Pros/Cons for a pharmacist?

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nicole Jul 29 164 views

Pharmacy Tech Questions

1.What are different job options for pharmacy techs?
2.How did you go about becoming a pharmacy tech?
3.How much do entry level pharmacy techs make right out of college?
4.What do pharmacy techs do on a day to day basis?

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Haley Jun 13 267 views

Was it hard to get this far?

After becoming a pharmacy technician , what would lead the path to become a pharmacist?

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stephanie Apr 08 230 views

What is something that you found hard to understand when studying pharmacy?

Im a junior in high school and want to learn more about pharmacists.

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Noel Mar 28 130 views

What is the differences between being a pharmacy technician and physical therapy

I have been debating what I should do after I do job corps and I have been thinking about starting working at the pharmacy area at one of the retail stores or should I go to college to be a physical therapist for four years or so to get a degree for be a physical therapist ?

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Edwin Mar 16 283 views

What do I need to know about being a pharmacy tech?

I'mma study Pharmacy tech, but I'm not sure what is it about. Explain what I need to know and do.

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Taylor Mar 04 139 views

What does a pharmacist do (hospital, retail, research, industry, academics etc.)

Basically what does a pharmacist do if someone truly wanted to know. #pharmacist

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Taylor Mar 02 263 views

What jobs can you do with a pharmacy degree ?

What are types of jobs that you could have besides a retail pharmacist ? #pharmacist

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Tracey Dec 02, 2021 277 views

What are the job responsibilities of a pharmacist?

#job #career #medicine #pharmacist

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daeja Nov 24, 2021 334 views

how can i become a pharmacist

#pharmacist #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #medicine

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Silquasha Nov 04, 2021 311 views

What was your inspiration for taking your position as a pharmacy technician?

I'm a student interested in Pharmacy Tech ?
#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmacy-tech #chemistry

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Killian Nov 01, 2021 268 views

What sort of job environment can I expect as a Pharmacy Technician?

#pharmacy #pharmacytech #pharmacytechnician #pharmacist

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Jabe Oct 25, 2021 239 views

what is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

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Jabe Oct 25, 2021 288 views

what skills, abilities, or personal qualities are essential to become a successful pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #healthcare #pharmaceuticals

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Jordan Oct 08, 2021 204 views

what do pharmacists study

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacist

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Jordan Oct 08, 2021 211 views

What is the day in the life of a pharmacist

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacist

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Jordan Oct 08, 2021 262 views

What can a pharmacist do

#pharmacist #financial-planning

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Brayan Sep 22, 2021 244 views

How long will it take for one to become a pharmacist?

I'm considering this career. I am 16 years old and want to know further about what it takes to become a pharmacist. #pharmacist

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Zeinab Jul 30, 2021 290 views

Is public health going to be feasible?

I would like to know possible careers for someone in public health, and if that is a feasible major since it is a popular major for this year due to the epidemic. #college-major #healthcare #pharmacist #health #major #detroit

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Mohamed Jul 29, 2021 352 views

What collage is best for a pharmacist degree?

#pharmacy #pharmacist

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Chris Jul 29, 2021 321 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue pharmacy

I’m someone who has a lot of family in the medical field and seeing them change peoples lives inspired me to want to do the same in my own way. I chose pharmacy because I want to provide reliable Heath care and prescription drugs to those who may not have access to such. #pharmacist #pharmacy...

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Vipuja Jun 07, 2021 240 views

Is the pharmacy profession in Canada a good option to consider, even with the new changes such as not being required to take the PCAT.

#pharmacy #pharmacist #college

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Jabria Jun 04, 2021 357 views

What is a day in the life of a Pharmacist like?

#medicine #pharmacist

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Jabria May 20, 2021 582 views

What are the main responsibilities as a pharmacist?

I am an incoming 12th grader who is interested in being a pharmacist, I am very hardworking and I am ready to pursue my career. #pharmacist