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Kristian P. Feb 25 78 views

Tips for choosing a good college?

I'm interested in becoming either a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist and I'm wondering what colleges would be best for either careers. #medical #doctor #pharmacists #pharmacist #anesthesiologist #anesthesiology...


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Kananelo M. Jan 18 88 views
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Micah R. Dec 02, 2020 167 views

What got you interested and helped you stay interest in your career.

#career-advice #career-choice #pharmacist I'm 16 years old and would like to go into pharmacy when I grow up. I wonder what skills and traits will help me get to my...

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Catarina L. Nov 18, 2020 165 views

Pharmacist looking for career options in Nutrition

I did a masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences but always had particular interest in Nutrition research. I enrolled in my degree thinking it would make it possible for me to work in Nutrition, but most of the jobs available are only in community pharmacy. Is there any course or degree that I can do...

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Hannah M. Sep 18, 2020 138 views

How did you decide you wanted to be a doctor? Not a dentist, pharmacist, nurse, or another job in health?

How did you decide you wanted to go to med school and become a doctor? And not become a nurse or dentist, or any other job that has to do with medicine and helping people? #doctor #medical #health #hospital-and-health-care #nurse...


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Shayna S. Jul 27, 2020 313 views

What does the outlook for pharmacists look like?

I'm a 2nd year pharmacy student and I currently work at Hy-Vee Pharmacy. I have heard mixed answers for this question. #pharmacy #pharmacist #joboutlook...


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Shayna S. Jul 27, 2020 145 views

How to respond to connotation of big business with the pharmacy profession?

People often negatively associate the pharmacy profession with big business. We get comments often on prices, availability, etc. However, pharmacist are often just middle men in the process of pharmacutical companies and insurance companies. #bigpharma #bigbusiness #pharmacy #pharmacist...

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Divya S. Jun 28, 2020 502 views

To become a pharmacy technician in Texas, are classes or training required, or could I just self-study and take the certification exam?

Hello! I'm interested in becoming a certified pharmacy technician. However, I am also currently pursuing a four-year degree. I'm mostly interested in the pharm tech certification so I can gain experience in the field with the purpose of eventually going to pharmacy school, post-graduation....

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Divya S. Jun 22, 2020 294 views

What can I do in my undergrad to gain experience in the pharmacy industry and understand if it's something I'd like to pursue?

I'm currently a biochemistry major possibly on a pre-medical track but genuinely I have very little idea what career I would like to pursue. Being a pharmacist is a job that piques my interest, but I don't know how to gain the experience I need to understand if it's the right industry for me...

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Sarah J. May 12, 2020 188 views

Can I major in health sciences to be a pharmacist at a hospital?

I'm looking to obtain a bachelor's degree in health sciences to go into pharmacy school. Would majoring in health sciences be the best option? #pharmacist #health #pharmaceuticals #college-major #hospital...


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Essie L. Apr 14, 2020 137 views

Do fun and exciting people go into Radiology?

I am interested in going into medicine, but I feel like it is such a long and hard road, I want to make sure that I will have fun! I love helping people and I am ready to work hard. #medicine #healthcare #doctor #pharmacist...


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Essie L. Apr 14, 2020 143 views

Is Gynecology a fun and cool field?

I am interested in going into medicine, but I feel like it is such a long and hard road, I want to make sure that I will have fun! I love helping people and I am ready to work hard. #medicine #healthcare #pharmacist #health...


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Brandon B. Mar 02, 2020 232 views

Will college be a good step to take after becoming a Pharm Tech?

#pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Technician is my trade of choice . Pharmacology is the major I'm looking to pursue. #pharmacist...


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Breoni S. Mar 09, 2020 240 views

Is the salary of a Pharmacy Technician enough to obtain a sustainable lifestyle?

I am a twenty-one year old trade student, studying to become pharmacy technician. Some of my hobbies include sewing, embroidering, and drawing. I am very interested in pursuing healthcare , but I also want to pursue the arts industry.#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #medicine #pharm-tech...


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antonio P. Feb 10, 2020 196 views

im trying to find out what i have to do to be a pharmacy aide

I am a junior in high school and I do music such as singing and hip hop but I need a back up plan if it doesn't go the way I plan. I just really want to know what it takes to be in in this field of work? what do I need to be aware of? #pharmacy...


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Skyla T. Jan 27, 2020 167 views

What was most challenging about becoming A Pharmacy Technician?

HI my name is Skyla, I"m going to school to be a Pharmacy Technician and I've heard a lot of ups and downs being in that field such as remembering the Medicines names as well as dose age but I've also heard that it is very rewarding when it comes to knowledge about math and knowing some medical...

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