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Career Questions tagged Science

Science focuses on knowledge of the physical and material world gained through observation and experiments. It is broken down into three main groups. Physical sciences focus on topics such as...

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an P. Jan 05 54 views

Biologists, what does a typical work day look like for you?

I'm curious about this job because I'm interested in pursuing it after post secondary. Do you guys have to travel a lot? Work in unusual climates? See alot of insects? earthscience stem biology science education tech marine-biology...


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Dania N. Dec 02, 2021 145 views

how do i know if biomedical engineering is good for me?

I like biology, technology, learning about the human body, saving lives, and research. I don't like math but I can tolerate it a little bit. hopefully one day i will choose a major that includes all of my interests. biology engineering science biomedicalengineering stem research career...

college engineer interests major

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Sakthikumar C. Nov 21, 2021 82 views

I want to be a Palaeontologist what should I learn for this?

I want to become a dinosaur researcher ....


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Vivek V. Nov 10, 2021 126 views

How to become a robotic engineer by taking cse with AIML in ?

I want to know that how could I become a robotic engineer and I have choosen cse with AIML in what is the process and percentage of becoming a robotic engineer engineer engineering roboticengineer scientist technology science civil-engineering...

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Aleeciah R. Nov 08, 2021 130 views

What are good jobs in the rock-science field?

I have liked learning stuff about geodes,crystals etc. and I wanna know more about those types of job fields, I only know of Geology but i'm not entirely sure I wanna be a Geologist geology science...


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Bruce H. Nov 06, 2021 137 views

What are some vital subjects to take if I want to pursue a career in computer science?

I am looking to get a job in CS since I love tech, and I want to know the necessities and what aren't necessities. computer-science technology computer programming...


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Hope A. Nov 03, 2021 92 views

what jobs involve science?

i am 15 years old...


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Anthony C. Nov 02, 2021 75 views

Is studying cognitive functions difficult?

How can I study cognitive science so I can understand better how the human brain helps us in our every day lives? science...


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Hope H. Sep 09, 2021 161 views

Where should I go to be a Mortician?

I've been researching about mortuary sciences and was wondering where the best places to get a job to be one, and where to go to school is. Does it ever have a lasting emotional impact on you? I've always been interested in bodies though that does sound strange. mortician mortuary-science...

funeral mortuary healthcare science medical medicine biology

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Stephanie M. Sep 18, 2021 187 views

Magnetic Resonance Imaging techs what are 3 things you wish you knew before choosing this career?

I am looking into this career path for my future. I would like to know a little bit more from an MRI tech perspective that's actually in the career filed. I am also wondering where to start? or whats good MRI school. career tech healthcare medical MagneticResonanceImagingTech science...

technicians mri technologist

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Ruveyda A. Oct 30, 2021 101 views
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Naturel S. Oct 07, 2021 175 views

Is the road to becoming a OB/GYN hard?

I want to go to an HBCU and my major will be biology. I am very invested and interested in becoming and OB/GYN. I love helping younger people as well as people in general and telling people information about their health/ doctor medicine healthcare science biology health...


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R F. Jul 21, 2021 139 views
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Toni G. Sep 12, 2021 164 views

what job can i obtain with pob chemistry and biology

i am young and open to try knew things as a student biology pob chemistry science...


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Tylasia P. Oct 08, 2021 118 views
Gudani M.’s Avatar
Gudani M. Aug 22, 2021 194 views

How can I find a part time job? I'm a student in BSC(physics and Chemistry)

I am a hardworking student who want to be independent in life women's must rise physics chem chemistry STEM...


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Abby L. Oct 25, 2021 110 views

What does an applications engineer do?

I've heard mention of the job title "applications engineer" at an optics conference I attended recently. It seems like they work with customers to develop a product based on the customer's specifications. I'm interested in science communication and hands-on physics / engineering. Is this the...

engineering optics science science-communication physics lasers photonics applications-engineer

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Fakaiha Z. Oct 03, 2021 201 views

How should I independently prepare for a future degree and career in computer science while still in high school?

I'm currently a junior in high school, doing IB. Most of my IB subjects are irrelevant to CS (English, French, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology) except for math. In math, I am learning algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. So aside...

data-science math technology high-school university-prep university roadmap science cybersecurity software computer-science online-resources