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Science focuses on knowledge of the physical and material world gained through observation and experiments. It is broken down into three main groups. Physical sciences focus on topics such as...

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Alan S. Jan 04 45 views

Does publishing research on healthcare systems and reforms to the American healthcare system look good for potential pre-med students?

I am a sophomore in high school, but I will be writing a research article on the economics of the American healthcare system and I would also provide some reforms we could make. This piece will likely be published on Google Scholar and other political/STEM research journals. I want to major in...

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Abby L. Dec 15, 2020 139 views

Is an MBA more useful than a PhD if I want to keep my options open?

I'm a 3rd year physics major at RIT and still have no idea what I want to do for a living once I graduate. I've heard that our MBA program is great, and I've been enjoying business-related work in my current job. Though I'm not sure what physics and business could combine to make me uniquely...

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Angelika K. Dec 08, 2020 88 views

What classes would I require to become a successful Marine Biologist?

I'm a 9th grader (freshman) who has just started High school! I find marine biology VERY fascinating, I watch many shows about Marine Biology like SeaWorld's "Ocean mysteries". So I was curious to what required classes are needed to get a degree in Marine Biology since I aspire to become a...

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Ramsey P. Dec 07, 2020 195 views

What's the best major/career for me?

I have been trying to find a major/career that suits me for a while, but nothing seems to stick because I have so many interests. I recently graduated from Clayton State University with my Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies and I will be graduating from high school in May. I plan to...

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Halie U. Dec 03, 2020 105 views
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Kaley Q. Nov 24, 2020 96 views

How do I know when it is appropriate to ask for a raise in a science related field?

When I graduate high school I would really like to get a job as a science technician. Jobs are slim, but I'll work that out when I get there. My parents are both pretty passive, and don't really talk about work too much. How do I know when it's okay to talk to my boss about money related...

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Ugochukwu O. Nov 19, 2020 96 views

An adequate study habit

Please how do I make my medical studies organizing and as well be consistent in it? #health #science #para-medicine #medicine...


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Catarina L. Nov 18, 2020 71 views

Pharmacist looking for career options in Nutrition

I did a masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences but always had particular interest in Nutrition research. I enrolled in my degree thinking it would make it possible for me to work in Nutrition, but most of the jobs available are only in community pharmacy. Is there any course or degree that I can do...

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Rheanna S. Nov 06, 2020 96 views

How do I know I'm going into the right field?

I'm planning on going to school for Kinesiology/ Exercise Science because I love helping others rehabilitate....


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Mary B. Nov 05, 2020 54 views

What skills will I gain when going into the science field?

Um I'm kind of an introvert. I'm pretty average with my smarts....


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Bradley P. Nov 05, 2020 95 views

What do Chemist do?

#chemistry #science When you go into the Chemist occupation, what do the chemist do in their...

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Joselyn S. Nov 02, 2020 107 views

What major would i choose if i wanted to become a nurse midwife?

Although it's probably still early, i am a sophomore i am high school, i've been invited into a program that is basically setting me up in the top universities/colleges and i've been doing research. I'm still a bit confused on majors and stuff like that but just know the basics will help a lot!...

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Jared R. Oct 28, 2020 68 views

What advice would you give for someone considering working as a Archaeologist?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology. #archaeology #science...


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Jared R. Oct 28, 2020 64 views

What are drawbacks of Archaeology?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology. #archaeology #science...


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Jared R. Oct 28, 2020 40 views

What are the advantages and opportunities for advancement for Archaeology?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology. #archaeology #science...


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Jared R. Oct 28, 2020 55 views

What are the duties, hours, working conditions, salary range, fringe benefits for a Archaeologist?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology. #archaeology #science...


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Joel M. Oct 27, 2020 52 views

What colleges/universities have programs dedicated to Sports Medicine?

I have always been keen on joining the Sports Medicine industry as an adult as it's a career that I'm interested in. However, because it's a less popular choice than your typical biology, anatomy, chemistry, physiology, etc., fields, it's also not a common major amongst universities. What are...

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Briana C. Oct 27, 2020 48 views

How would I become a veterinarian?

I am currently in high school and I am currently in a veterinary class, working with animals and giving animals what they need. Are there colleges that would help me even more with my veterinary path? #veterinarian #high-school...


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morgan H. Oct 23, 2020 79 views

what is it like in the day in the life of a political scientists?

Im in the 11th grade and I'm a liberal and I am very interested in politics and science #politicalscientist #science...


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morgan H. Oct 23, 2020 117 views

I am in the 11th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests?

At school, I am interested in Science, Politics, and History. My hobbies include reading, skateboarding, and music. A topic I am passionate about is Science I have always been interested in science ever since I was younger. What are some career options that best align with these interests and...

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Morgan L. Oct 23, 2020 119 views

I am a 12th grader looking to choose her career path, but I am stuck between two very different routes; agricultural/animal sciences, or art? How should I go about making this big decision?

Throughout high school, I've been interested in both science and art for a potential career path. I've been able to narrow my search to animal/agricultural sciences, or game design/animation. Is there any way to combine these interests into a future path? If not, what would be a smarter...

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jade M. Oct 22, 2020 96 views

Can chemical engineers work in the food and agriculture industry?

I have read that most chemical engineers work in the oil and gas industry, but I don't really want to work in that industry. My dream is to work in the food and agriculture industry. I would like to create fertilizers or new formulas for food. So can chemical engineers work in this industry or...

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Rama A. Oct 13, 2020 78 views

degree for higher education and countries

I am an IB student and I want to end up getting a masters or a PhD in a science that has to do with biology and chemistry such as biochemistry or medical science etc. I am in Dubai currently. I want to go to canada as I like the universities there but there are financial issues and I might have...

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Fiepre C. Oct 08, 2020 108 views

What can I do to research and travel?

I’m leaning towards going into the STEM field and researching DNA. Maybe even research with psychology, nothing is concrete right now but I’m really interested in researching. But I also want to travel around the world while researching so my question is how can incorporate the two? I...

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Annabeth R. Oct 08, 2020 101 views

Careers in Forensic Science

I am so interested in all of the careers in forensic science. It’s hard to know which one to major in. I know I don’t want to go in the careers that does autopsies. But all the rest seem so interesting. I just can’t choose. #forensicscience #forensic #science...


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Emma B. Aug 31, 2020 443 views

Can someone recommend me a major to consider?

Hi everyone i'm applying to colleges right now am i'm having a hard time choosing a major. I like math and science but my natural strengths are in writing and public speaking. I would like to go to grad school after college but I also want a major that offers good career options right out of...

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