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Science focuses on knowledge of the physical and material world gained through observation and experiments. It is broken down into three main groups. Physical sciences focus on topics such as...

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What do i need to do to become a veterinarian

I am currently in high school and i aspire to become a vet. I enjoy learning about science and getting involved in volunteering opportunities. I want to gain experiences in animal clinics as well but dont know where to start. #science...


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Ciji P. Jun 13 53 views

I like science but not maths, what job should I do?

I find science easy to learn and understand but maths is boring and not really my thing #science...


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Dakota P. Jun 08 45 views

I want to do a lot of things so how should i narrow it down?

I love Mysteries and i want to become a forensic scientist #forensic #criminal-justice #science I love makeup and i want to be a cosmetologist I love taking care and helping people i want to be a nurse #nurse #health...


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What does is the day in the life of an environmental scientist look like?

I am a high school student who is interested in majoring in environmental science and minoring in oceanography. #environmental-science #science...


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How can I become involved in the field of behavioral neuroscience as a high school student?

As a high school student, I have heard that colleges are looking to see that you are taking interest in a field of study. #neuroscience #science #volunteer #highschool...


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What are some ways to gain work experience before applying for the medical field?

I enjoy studying science and math in school and I would like to put those skills to use in my career. I also like laboratory experiments and believe I can conduct a valid experiment to solve a problem. What are some available opportunities that focus around these interests for a high schooler?...

#work #volunteering #math #science #medicine #internships

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Spencer T. May 20 62 views

What to expect being a computer scientist ?

What to understand and learn when diving into the field of computer science such as, social environment, scheduling hours, pay-rate, and sections of mathematics that are specialized/required in this course? #mathematics #science...


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Prapti G. May 14 61 views

What should I do if I want to get into an Ivy League college?

I am an eighth grader from Bangladesh, currently preparing for my O'levels exams. #college #ivyleague #bangladesh #o'levels...


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Allen J. Apr 26 86 views

what are the options if we take commerce or science in 11th

what are the options if we take #commerce or #science in...

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Divya G. Apr 20 87 views

Which A-levels should I choose for medicine?

My GCSEs are almost done with and I have to choose my A-levels soon. I've already decided on taking biology and chemistry for my first two options, and maybe psychology as a third option because I think it's related to medicine and can help me. My fourth option is giving me quite a bit of a...

#premed #gcses #undergraduate #alevels #physics #history #medicine #science #english #surgeon

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Ken W. Apr 19 148 views

What are useful skills for people studying biology?

I will soon be studying biology in college and would like to know if there are important skills that can help me be successful in careers in the field. #science #biology #career...


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jayelyn R. Apr 16 92 views

What are the different kinds of nursing programs and should you go to a 4 year?

Im a junior in high school thinking of my major before senior year and college applications and I want to become a pediatric nurse . #high-school #college...


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Alanah M. Apr 14 85 views

What universities offer geriatrics undergraduate programs in Cape Cod, MA?

Biology, Agricultural Science, Spanish, Environmental Science, and English lover. #science...


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Athena R. Apr 11 79 views

What are some of the best premed schools? (that don't have insane acceptance rates)

I am a junior in high school currently compiling my list of colleges I'm going to apply to next year. I want to be premed, and hopefully get into medical school one day. I've been doing a lot of research lately, and I learned that choosing a good school for premed is actually really important...

#medical_school #premed #high-school #science #medicine #doctor #university #college

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Kayla B. Apr 08 125 views

How difficult would it be to succeed in Pediatrics?

I am an 8th grader and I have always aspired to be in the medical field. The past few years I have been trying to narrow down exactly *what* kind of career I would like to pursue in said field, and I picked pediatrics, since I enjoy working with children. I have recently gotten accepted into a...

#pediatrics #science

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Samyukta S. Mar 14 185 views

Hi! Can I know the process of becoming a forensic scientist IN INDIA?

I wanted to know what should be done after 12th grade if I want to pursue Forensic Science. What is the whole process? What are some good colleges? How many years will it take? What are its job requirements? Note- I want to know how it works in INDIA #forensic #science #college #doctor #crime...


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Jon K. Mar 12 85 views

What are good things to consider for graduate school if I want to be a research physicist

I am a Junior at RIT, and I want to be a research physicist, but I'm not sure what are some good things to consider when thinking about graduate school. How important is it that I know what I want my career to be right now? Is it ok to switch programs mid-way through? #college #science...

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Catherine M. Feb 25 166 views

What is the process to becoming a forensic pathologist like?

As another career choice that interests me I was wondering what the process to becoming a forensic pathologist is like. #forensics #forensicpathologist...


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Catherine M. Feb 25 175 views

Will forensic science be like an office job?

My like mortal fear is sitting at an office doing work at the same desk for the rest of my life. I was wondering if I could get any insight as to what being a day looks like as a forensic scientist, as I know some about it, but I'm sure I could get a much more detailed answer here!...

#forensicscience #deskjob #career #science

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Emma N. Feb 24 210 views

Do I need to be good at math to succeed as a Biology major?

I like biology, but I struggle with math. I really want to be either a biologist or a forensic scientist. Anyone in the biology field bad at math? #biology #science #math #mathematics...