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Career Questions tagged Science

Science focuses on knowledge of the physical and material world gained through observation and experiments. It is broken down into three main groups. Physical sciences focus on topics such as...

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Ashena R. Jun 22 50 views

Jobs with Computer science and Marine Bio

What jobs would connect computer science and Marine biology?

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Kang L. Jun 21 63 views

What does a day in the life of a data scientist look like?

Looking to potentially become a data scientist in the future.

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Kevin G. Jun 06 81 views

Is it better to get a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering?

I'm a rising high school senior at a school that has allowed me to graduate high school with a associates degree in liberal arts, and I was thinking of applying to a college where I could get at least a bachelor's in Chemical engineering, thinking of going into a pharmaceutical job. I really...

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Jenny N. May 29 110 views

What is it like being a woman working in STEM? Are there any feelings of self doubt or lack of confidence? If so, how to overcome it?

I've always been so confused and honestly frustrated that women don't get as much recognition in STEM-related careers, and although opportunities are arising there are still underlying sexism and misogyny in the workplace. That sometimes discourage me from pursuing a career in STEM because I...

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Freddie J. May 28 96 views

What does a cyber crime investigator actually do?

Is it boring?

Do ya´ll just catch pedofiles all day or is there something more?

Is it a fufilling career?

Can dumb people be good in this feild?

Do you need to have a strong mentallity or stomatch to do this job?

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Charlotte W. May 25 80 views

What alternatives are there to med school aside from adjusting previous results and or reapplying?

"What alternatives are there to med school aside from adjusting previous results and or reapplying?" Currently doing my GCSES, with currently undiagnosed dyscalculia (neurological impairment for maths), which will be looked into after, and I know that the medical field is extremely hard to...

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Sapna B. May 25 75 views

Do plants have soul?

I have been wondering this because I have heard that plants get hurt and they make their own food and all. I don't know if that is good question or not...but sometimes you gotta think out of box...

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Allwyn P. May 24 84 views

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

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Sapna B. May 22 100 views

I'm good in biology but I don't want to go in medical field. I love engineering but I'm not good in math. So I'm struggling what to do?

I would choose any career related to biology but with less involvement in medical field. I think that kind if job is hard to find but at least I need some kind of suggestions from anyone.

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Emoni N. May 18 121 views

How can I break into the nutritional field?

I would like to be a nutritionist but I don't know where to start? any suggestion on schools? certifications I should earn? or even type of things I should research for?

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Braden B. May 10 109 views

What courses should I take to become an Aquatic Biologist?

I've always loved the outdoors and freshwater life, what paths should I take to implement this into my career in the future.

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takiya M. May 05 145 views

Why is climatology important to society?

why is climatology important to society

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kendalle H. May 04 128 views

What steps should I take to become involved in this field?

I would like to know what my expectations should be so I can make it in this field.

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David B. May 03 167 views

Software Engineers; What was the first indicator you remember that made you seriously consider this job?

I'm researching the career for a class of mine and I was wondering when you realized that this job would be right for you. Was it something gradual or was it pretty obvious that you wanted to do this.

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cooper K. May 03 143 views

What are other titles that this job might go by?

I am doing research on this job and am very curious.

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takiya M. Apr 28 117 views

What are the main concerns of climatology?

What are the main concerns of climatology

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Erika M. Apr 27 217 views

Is it hard to become a neuropsychologist ?

If yes, could you explain why?

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Elijah H. Apr 27 166 views

Biomedical Engineers: What would you say an average week is like?

I'm curious about the field and was wondering what the average work week looks like.

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Hope G. Apr 26 127 views

When working on game do you have to speak with a lot of people?

when you make a game do you have to speak with a lot of people during the work in progress?

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Aliza G. Apr 22 100 views

States of matter

Can there be more than 5 states of matter on earth.
And what actually is plasma and B.C.E states of matter

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Anita S. Apr 06 140 views

Anything you wish you knew before perusing med school?

Just want to make sure I understand what I'm getting myself into :)

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Alayn C. Mar 28 140 views

Are there any hobbies that would further knowledge on a biology orientated career path?

I would like to participate in activities that would further my knowledge an experience in biology or science as a whole.

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Alayn C. Mar 28 166 views

What are good careers paths for introverted people, or how I could go about finding one?

I've never been the best with people but have always wanted to have a career in a science related field.

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Leo C. Mar 28 133 views

What kind of internship work does one have to do in the marine biology field?

I'm planning to get an Associates degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences before getting a Bachelors in Marine Biology.

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Cecil J. Mar 03 151 views

What are three important things I should know about Forensic science careers?

#forensic #science #forensics #career

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Abby L. Mar 02 159 views

As a new graduate (bachelor's in physics), can I apply for internships as a way to get my foot in the door?

I'm trying to find research (possibly contracting) positions in physics, laser science, data science, or imaging science. Looking at indeed, the only entry level positions I find are for new PhDs. Could internships be a good route to getting a foot in the door for full time positions?...

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Emily L. Mar 02 167 views

What should I consider to choose whether to study computer science or software engineering?

I want to program and develop software, applications, websites, video games. I would like to work in a company already fixed but independently develop and create my own things. #computer #technology #computer-software #software-engineering #software #science

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Ty E. Mar 01 203 views

What would be a good step in finding a scientific field to find a career in?

#science #career-choice #engineering

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Anja W. Feb 24 420 views

What jobs are the best for introverts?

I am a person who works best alone, as I can get pretty nervous when interacting with others. I wanted to know what careers are best for those who don't work well with others. I am thinking something within STEM or something that has to do with art. #art #science #career #math #personality...

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Justin A. Feb 19 235 views

Can I work as a nurse and earn my Bachelor's of science at the same time?

#registered-nurses #nursing #nurse #science