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Is it worth it becoming a biology major?

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-Job opportunities
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-Enjoyment of field #biology #science #major #college-major #medicine

3 answers

Molly’s Answer


Short answer: yes, if you love biology and want to learn more about it.

If you're immersed in studying what you find to be interesting and inspiring, you'll be motivated to make a career out of it. In biology you also have the benefit of having tons of options for direction. In my undergraduate and graduate studies in biology, the system I worked in is very different from the one I work in now, but the skills I built in thinking like a scientist, designing and managing studies, communicating my work, managing and analyzing data, finding funding support, etc etc) transfer directly to what I do now, even though it's a very different industry.

As you explore biology more broadly, think not just about what specifically you'd want to study within biology, but what is your unique skill set? What sorts of aspects of science do you most enjoy and find you can contribute the most to? For me, it was communications--so now that's my focus as a scientist. For others, they love the analytical aspects of science and find themselves working as data scientists or in drug discovery modeling the effects of medicines on the body. Some people are really visual and work in fields of science where they use cool imaging techniques to study certain aspects of anatomy and physiology...the options are endless. go for it.

MADERA’s Answer


I think it depends on what you want to do. Biology, like most sciences, takes a significant amount of time and study. I have a B.S. in Biology and it opened doors when I graduated. Today, I make a good living and have a great career. I recommend to think about what you want to do opposed to is it asking if a certain field worth it.

Ian’s Answer


That largely depends on what you consider "worth it"?

I happen to love my job and make decent money, but am by no means wealthy. I do however have a home, a car, a couple of dogs, and get to take international vacations with my wife.

Biology is hard. If you are looking for an easy job where you get to retire early, look somewhere else.