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Career Questions tagged Occupation

Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. Nov 02, 2019 792 views

What's it like being a real estate agent?

What's an average day like? What's the average pay and hours of a real estate agent? Do you enjoy your job? real-estate house career home sales job occupation salary...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jun 02, 2016 868 views

How important is having a job in college admissions?

I have a part-time job while in high school and I was wondering if it would improve my college application. college job application part-time...


Jordan D.’s Avatar
Jordan D. May 25, 2016 552 views
Vanessa C.’s Avatar
Vanessa C. May 14, 2016 702 views

Do you need to be good at computing for a career in physics?

I'm going into physics, but I'm not great on computers. Should I start learning now? physics computers...


Vanessa C.’s Avatar
Vanessa C. May 14, 2016 3761 views

Is it possible to mix music and physics in your career?

I have a real passion for physics and music (notably theoretical and orchestra, respectively). I'm curious for what jobs mix the two. music physics occupation theoretical orchestral-music...


Vanessa C.’s Avatar
Vanessa C. May 14, 2016 517 views

What are some job options for someone with a degree in theoretical physics?

I'm going to university next year and hope to get a degree in physics, notably theoretical, and I really have no idea what jobs could also include my passion in it! university physics occupation...


RS P.’s Avatar
RS P. Mar 07, 2014 1523 views

What are the best aspects of your occupation?

My objective is to get into the medical field and I want to know what are the best aspects of a doctors career. doctor career medicine health pathologist pathology...


Prithvi A.’s Avatar
Prithvi A. Mar 04, 2014 2295 views

Are there any "universal majors"?

After years of exploring different career options, it seems like my list is getting longer, not shorter. Are there any majors that I can take in college that really can be applied to many different fields of work? For example, I know a major in Economics can help get you a job in politics....

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