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What are some job options for someone with a degree in theoretical physics?

I'm going to university next year and hope to get a degree in physics, notably theoretical, and I really have no idea what jobs could also include my passion in it! #university #physics #occupation #theoretical

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VGG-Consulting’s Answer

Almost everything around us could be viewed through the physics point of view ... The main goal of physics is to understand nature using the scientific method of collecting data, analyzing it, finding patterns and building a model that can be validated via an experiment. Once the cycle has been closed successfully one can claim to have a theory for a particular phenomenon. There are many branches of physics based on the length scale of the phenomena studied, i.e. atomic, sub-atomic, microscopic/macroscopic, astronomical and so on; In the studies of various phenomena physicists have found some common reacquiring principles and mathematical constructions that are useful in making the models quantitative and the theories verifiable. The study of these principles and mathematical constructions is often viewed to be Theoretical Physics in general. When this is confined to a specific sub-field of physics then it could become more specific. For example, theoretical nuclear physics will be concerned with models that help us understand atomic nuclei and the related processes. On can do this with computers and then this will be computational/theoretical nuclear physics or using human understanding of advanced mathematics then it may be mathematical and theoretical nuclear physics ...

Finally coming back to your original question: "What are some job options for someone with a degree in theoretical physics?" you could be doing anything that is interesting to you ... however, the traditional paths are doing research in theoretical physics institutes, or becoming a researcher at a research organization, or university professor or college instructor, or going off into other career paths where your analytical and problem solving skills and mathematical abilities could be applicable... i.e. financial industry, computer modeling, or commercial R&D ...

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