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Ethan C. Sep 04, 2018 280 views

What do I need to do in order to be ready for the line of service?

What do I need to do in order to be ready for the line of service? #services...


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Rebecca B. Apr 24, 2018 334 views

What kind of services do colleges provide for people with learning disabilities?

I am a student who has ADD, Dyslexia and Social Anxiety. I also have 504 accommodations. #learning-disabilities #college #dyslexia #anxiety #add #disability...


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Mickie B. Oct 18, 2016 633 views

Logistics supervisor ,I have 20 Years background in Logistics and seem to always enjoy its association yes its phasing out But any Customer services will do?

Customer services and helping others has been a part of my career ever since i started working . Began 1983 with Mrs WInners chicken I was a cook and drive thru helper. took on another job plus school Kroger cashier,Landed a great job had it two yrs with Scientific Atlanta .This time i scored...

#project-manager #operating #customer #services #logistics #finacial

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Dylan M. May 25, 2016 568 views

How important are job co-op opportunities to employment after graduation?

I am interested in civil engineering. Some of the colleges I have looked at require a co-op, and others do not. It seems like a co-op would be a good idea. Is there any hard data on co-op opportunities and whether they led to employment quicker? #engineering #career...


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Madison J. May 14, 2016 383 views

What kind of papers do I need to submit to apply for disability services?

I need to know what documentation they are looking for. #student...


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Jessica C. Dec 02, 2014 764 views

what kind of degrees do you have to have in order to be a c.p.s ( child pret. services)

i always wanted a job dealing with social service. I have always been thinking about joing the c.p.s since 5th grade. this has always been my #1 choice. #social...


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Alexander B. Sep 21, 2013 1306 views

I'll be obtaining my bachelor's degree soon in Human Services! What should I do next?

I would like to work in a school counseling kids, discussing the importance of education. Motivate them to stay in school etc. What should my next step be? Is there anything I can get involve with now that can help me later in the future? #college #education #degree #human...