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How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

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6 answers

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Tony’s Answer

Some times you fall into a business given your skillset and opportunity and other times you find a need in the area for a service. For example, you may have a skill in cooking food and there are no restaurants that serve the food that you make. You may start small with a catering business and grow it from there building clients, good will and learning what the market wants.

Tony recommends the following next steps:

find out what you are good at or what passion you have
if there is a need, do you research to see if the business will make $ or will fill a need
do something that you will love otherwise it may be tedious in the long term

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi, Marc
I`ll tell you one of my business. I have had several ones over the years.
The last one was an APP for oratory and coaching. At 2017 the beta version was ready at the end of that year.
And it was driven for services that combined coach with oratory (business communication).
But, I reinvented this app with another driver whit focus in finance.
As I retired myself at the end of 2018, I needed living from my earnings from public retirement.
So, I needed use the app for obtain the better interest taxes in order to financing an investment.
Then, I started helping several other people at the same situation to solve their sustainability finance problems.
This was the driver which lead me to reinvent the app, that now is called orattcoach finance.
Good Luck

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Jake’s Answer

In Tampa, the businesses that sells skateboards usually sell for much higher than their actual worth. I saw a demand for cheaper skateboards so that's when it hit me. I have skateboarded since I was a child, so I figured I would start up my own skateboard company. Stick to something you love and you will always be able to find joy in it.

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Anthony’s Answer

I believe the best ideas for businesses are built from your own experiences. You'll find that some of the most effective leaders in business either faced challenges that their business now solves or they worked in the industry for many many years.

Deep knowledge and understanding of a subject combined with the right timing // opportunity can lead to very successful outcomes.

My advice: invest time // energy into the things you love doing and aim to become an expert in those fields. People pay a premium for expertise!

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Aaron’s Answer

Great question! Usually, business ideas are solutions to problems. Therefore, whenever you run into an issue, whether it’s putting butter on bread or building cars, try to think of a solution to this problem. You are most likely not the only one with this issue which means that there’s a market for your product. Also, think about some of your passions (cooking, programming, etc.). Can you combine these passions to make a business?

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Amalia’s Answer

The idea came first because it was my passion so It was something that I did as a hobby, later on as a consultant I Identified so many things that I can do better o I decided to start my own fitness studio for womens.