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Sdancy13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 3420 views

What's the difference between a normal accountant and a certified accountant?

Im in the 11th grade and I'm in an entrepreneurship class. I wanted to know what's the difference between a regular accountant (not certified) and a certified accountant. #accounting #money #math #accountant #financial...


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Dylan C. May 07, 2016 543 views

Can the amounts of my loans be raised?

I have some leftover expenses that my family does not intend to cover. Will I be able to raise my student loan amount to compensate? #money #student-loans #loans...


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Alec J. May 25, 2016 580 views

If I still need more money to pay for college what are some other options I can use?

I have factored in my scholarship and my financial aid money but I am still in need of more funds. Is there private loans that I can get and if I can, will they be deferred until I finish my degree? #finance #money #scholarships #loans #financial...


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Karen P. Aug 08, 2016 1281 views

How can I pursue a career that does not assure financial stability in the future?

I want to ask this question on behalf of some of my friends who are struggling with the same situation. These particular friends are unimaginably talented in the things they like to do. For example, one may excel in art and another may be superior in music. As you and I may know, finding work...

#financial-risk #future-careers #financial #music #art #lucrative #profitable #financial-stability

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fernando S. Feb 22, 2017 845 views

how hard is it do work as a financial manager

I am am in high school and i've been interested to be a financial manager when i graduate collage #manager...


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Mariya P. Jan 17, 2018 399 views

Are you bound to a future of low income if your current financial situation limits your college options?

Growing up, I was the daughter of a single mother. Our financial situation could be classified as the grey area between poverty and lower middle class. Now, as I embark onto University life, my parents cannot financially support me. This leaves me choosing between community college and in state...

#university #lowincome #communitycollege #instate #financial #ivyleague #journalism #financial-aid #dreams #tuition #education

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Amy C. Jan 23, 2018 473 views

CEO of Non Profit Organization

I currently work for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and am in graduate school to obtain a Master's in Public Health. I am wondering if any advisers have advice about the best way to advance within a non-profit organization all the way to the top- to be CEO of the non-profit....

#nonprofits #nonprofit-management

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Isaiah C. May 31, 2018 328 views

Finding loans

Where should I look to get loans for college? It's unlikely that I'll be able to get enough scholarships to pay entirely for college, and I'm not sure where to find reasonable loans #loans #college #financial-aid...


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McKenzie R. Jul 08, 2018 508 views
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Angel P. Aug 11, 2018 199 views

How do i increase my financial aid in the second year of college?

Im not getting enough in financial aid.. how do i increase this #financial aid...


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Samuel G. Oct 19, 2018 253 views

Is Having a Degree in Music Composition extremely important for Game Design?

Unfortunately, my college does not currently have a degree program for Music Composition and Production (to my knowledge) for accompanying a game design major; however, with so many online resources and possibilities for learning music, I would like to know how important it is. Also, if there...

#indiecomposer #singer #music-production #music-industry #composer #music #musician #gamedesign

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Lala P. Mar 04, 2019 120 views

what's it like to be a financial advisor?

- what do you do? - how much do you get paid annually? - do you work independently or with a group of other...