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Would is be smart for me to double major in finance and information systems, and get a master's in finance? If, so what career opportunities will I have?

I'm a senior, and by the time I graduate high school, I will have an AA degree.
I'm thinking of a career in fintech, but I'm not sure. I do want to study finance, and I'm interested in technology.

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11 answers

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Bernice’s Answer

I believe having a specialty to attach to ISM or vice versa is always a great idea and will be very beneficial as you study and go into your career or business. IT and ISM is here! It is and will be part of everything we do in business and in life.

Bernice recommends the following next steps:

Determine what specific area of finance most interest you.
Do some research on how ISM is used in tha area of finance and how it impacts that area of finance the most.

Thanks, for your comment. You did open my eyes: I know that I want to study finance, but I forgot there are different areas in finance. So, right I'm trying to figure which area best fits me. Aniya W.

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Glenn’s Answer

This is a great combination for a career. My first child attended college for Finance and now has an amazing job working to assemble deals for companies that are looking for financing for operational changes. My second child was an operations management and Information systems double major and he is now a solutions architect for a technology company. This combination you are looking at will allow you to go to either side of the equation and work in finance while understand technology, or work in technology and know how to prepare to get projects approved and financially sound. My 3rd child is now finishing college with the combination you are interested in and is considering a masters in Analytics.

Thanks for your comment. I was thinking that it would be a great combination. As I said, I do want to study finance, and given that society is becoming more digitized, it wouldn't hurt to learn about technology. I see that academics run in the family :D, I may have to look more into "solutions architect". Aniya W.

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi, Aniya
For sure. It was what I did in my life.
I was originally a chemistry and safety engineer working with budget most of the time. I had been building manufacturing plants for years.
This fact lead me to study administration focused in finances.
Then I made a master degree in business administration, while I continuing with my job in factories (petrochemicals, chemistries, clothing making and equipments for carers services) and I had business like an intensive care hospital, a bar which served salads and beverages and my own clothing making.
All the time, I was the finance director, and also for one year I worked like a financial advisor.
What can I say is that impossible to work in those several jobs without a strong knowledge in information systems.
I have been working in these 20 years looking for new information systems and enterprise resources planning (ERP).
I think that the examples that I showed here demonstrate that your knowledge track is completely right.
Good Luck!

Thanks for your comment. I do have a question, did you like being a finance director and financial advisor? Aniya W.

Hi, Aniya Being a finance director depends on your schooling like a master degree and also you cumulative experience. A financial advisor (this is my experience) is related more with information systems more than a director. Good Luck Luiz Belmiro

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BRUCE’s Answer

Hi Aniya - Good question. Sounds like you've been thinking about this a lot.

I got a Bachelors in Computer Science with a minor in Business. I loved programming (still do) and just sort of happened into a bunch of classes and units and college that equaled the Business minor. I never really had interest in business, I like software. But it never hurt me to have.

There are LOOOOTTTSSS of corporate jobs that require a bachelors degree. Fewer require a masters, but it will undoubtedly open that many more doors for you and provide more opportunities.

Of the many jobs I've seen listed that require a BS or BA, I have rarely seen one that requires or omits any particular schools. I started at one school that I burned out. A year later I went to another school where the program with the same name was much easier for me. Either diploma would have the same impact for jobs.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks for your comment. And yes, I have been thinking about a lot; I am pretty sure once I get to college I won't be able to change my major a lot since I will already have my AA degree. I was thinking about a dual degree with CS and finance, but I figured that was too much, and it would be better for me to double major in finance and information systems. Did your business minor help you in your career? Aniya W.

Hi Aniya - I've never used my Business minor in any way. After I discovered programming my second year of college, I've only pursued hands-on software work since then - programming, database administrator, application administrator, scripting, web design (simple), Unix system administration, and now I'm a business analyst doing application configurations and some scripting. Maybe it would help you to look up some jobs currently being offered in field/direction/area of your interest and see what the requirements are. I think you'll see many that require any bachelors degree. BRUCE COE

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Sigalit’s Answer

Hi Aniya,

In general a double major is a great idea. It will open you more options in the future. You will be able to choose to work on one of them or to find a job that you can combine both of the majors.
I have 2 kids that graduated college a few years ago with double majors and it gave them more options when they look for a job.
My third child is in college now and she is also doing double major.

Today almost in any job it is required to have knowledge in information systems.

Good luck

Thanks for your comment. The main reason why I'm thinking about double majoring is to increase my marketability. Also, I want to have multiple options; if I get tired of working in finance, I want the ability to go into a different field ( Infomation Systems). If it's not too much, can you ask your kids how their workload in college was like? Aniya W.

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Mia’s Answer

Hi Aniya,

I'd recommend looking into Industrial Engineering. I love business and technology and Industrial Engineering ended up being the perfect fit. You'll take a number of business courses but will also be considered an engineer. It's really cool and applies to a wide range of careers.

Best of luck on your decision! Remember, it's never too late to change your mind. I never thought I'd change my major but I ended up switching from International Relations to Industrial Engineering the second semester of my sophomore year.


Thanks for your comment. I will definitely look into Industrial Engineering. After Finance and CS, engineering would definitely be a choice for me. Aniya W.

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Krishna’s Answer

Hi Aniya,

I can personally say that is an amazing idea. I majoring in finance and management information systems and am so happy about that choice. However, I do not see a need to get a masters in finance to get a job. The two majors work really well together as the future of finance is technology. On a daily basis, I use my information systems knowledge with the applications I use to do my job. It is very helpful to get an understanding of basic coding and problem solving to expand your way of thinking. It will allow you to come up with innovative solutions to you daily job and life. I wish you the best. This is a great path to pursue.

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Aniya

I think is a great way to do like you want, nowadays the enterprises which are doing very well is the marke are the IT ones, and obviously this enterprises require people that know about finance, to have both degrees will allow to enter in one on those to work very easy, and is a great combination because you will domain numbers and technology, also you can to think if you want to work or do a job with a more technical part (programming or developing) or more administrative (a vp in finance for example) but both things are great , what make you happy will be the correct choice.

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Aneree’s Answer

Hi Anyia,

I actually did something similar during my bachelors. I got a degree in both finance and information systems (cyber security). My intention wasn't to obtain both degrees but I decided to switch midway into the IT degree plan and continue finance because I was already halfway through. Before graduating, I did do a lot of research on what types of jobs I could obtain with this dual degree and the FinTech industry kept making an appearance. This industry includes companies that provide financial services through software or other technologies. But I noticed that the underlying theme was more IT concentrated rather than finance. Looking more into cyber security and finance, I came across digital forensics. This was an avenue that I explored for it was a perfect blend between accounting and cyber.

Personally I decided to concentrate more on the IT side rather than Finance. Although I don't currently use my finance degree professionally, it has helped me with my personal finances and investment decisions in the stock market.

Just remember that college is a place to learn and pave your career as you see fit. Your plan going into college may end up being vastly different by the time you graduate. Therefore go with the flow and enjoy paving your path!

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Tammy’s Answer

Yes, diversifying your education allows you to understand the problem and find the answer.

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Khurram’s Answer


Getting a double major in finance and information systems is a great idea. You can grow your technical skills through your IS major and be able to apply it to finance. I do not think a master's in finance would help, it will be a repeat of your undergraduate courses. However, you could get a master's in business analytics as it would further develop IS skills that can be applied to finance.

Some career opportunities are:
Big Data Analytics
Quantitative Analyst (develop algorithm)
Sales & Trading (trading desk or support)
Application Developer