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Aniya W. Oct 15, 2020 599 views

Would is be smart for me to double major in finance and information systems, and get a master's in finance? If, so what career opportunities will I have?

I'm a senior, and by the time I graduate high school, I will have an AA degree. I'm thinking of a career in fintech, but I'm not sure. I do want to study finance, and I'm interested in technology. #major #college #high-school #career #finance #informationsystems #technology #doublemajor...


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Aniya W. Aug 24, 2020 176 views

Which SAT math topics should I put emphasis on ?

The SAT is coming up shortly for me. I want to know the math topics I definitely need. #math...


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Aniya W. Aug 23, 2020 353 views

Which is more beneficial? A double major or a Master's degree.

I'm thinking about a career in the Fintech industry. Would it be better for me to double major in Finance and Computer science or just to go for a single major and get a Master's degree? P.s - I'm in the Early College Program #majors #career # college #finance #technology...