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Career Questions tagged Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is someone who creates, organizes, and owns a business. Most colleges offer an entrepreneurship degree, which will help you hone your business skills. With that degree, some popular careers...

Tiejai’s Avatar
Tiejai Sep 16 54 views

how do i get into this industry?

Would love to be an influencer that inspires young people. Want to pursue this by the time im 19. Make videos and create content. Have subscribes that support me

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27 130 views

What elements makes a great pitch?

How do get people to buy my story? I've been developing an idea to expand my business. But since I'm a beginner, I fairly know about pitches and would want more advice on how to develop a strong pitch.

Makaiyah’s Avatar
Makaiyah Jul 13 126 views

A Little Advice For Beginner Business Starter

What are some ways to start a business as a beginner in the business industry?

Ja’Nae’s Avatar
Ja’Nae Jul 05 119 views

I wanna to know is there a way for me start my business with no money?

Someday when I get out of highschool I would to start my own business but I don’t know if I able to have a enough money

Zyterrious’s Avatar
Zyterrious Jun 05 139 views

Is maintaining a business hard to do?

I know anyone can start a business but some fail some find major success any tips on how to keep a business fresh an successful.

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jun 02 160 views

What is it like to own a candle business?

I'm interested in starting my own candle business. I'm looking for some advice on how to properly get started. I've been doing some research but I feel like I'm missing some information.

Thank you in advance!!!

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oriana May 31 172 views

What or who keeps you motivated?

What keeps you fulfilled during your work hours ?

oriana’s Avatar
oriana May 31 117 views

Do you have a positive way of how you balance your work between your personal work and creative moments?

What steps do you take to keep the balance?
Did you ever become overwhelmed with balance those two out?
What did you do to calm yourself down?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 23 220 views

What would i major in to become a good entrepreneur?

I dont know what to major in even though one of the options is entrepreneurship. Do I choose that as a major or something else.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 23 1178 views

What is Entrepreneurship?

I know what it means but i don't fully understand it. How do you become a good one. How do you make a lot of money but then help people at the same time.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 23 181 views

What classes in college do you need to take to become a successful business owner?

I want to own a business due to sports. And I want to run more things that help people. And I want to know what classes I need to take to be able to do that.

Pranav’s Avatar
Pranav May 13 127 views

Starting a business

Where can I learn how to start a business? I am new to it and looking for a starting point.

abdul’s Avatar
abdul May 12 239 views

what major do you need to study if you want to be a business owner.

how can i start a business with little to no money.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina May 12 174 views

Where can I get connected with entrepreneur groups?

I want to connect with businesses or entrepreneurs.

breanna’s Avatar
breanna May 06 112 views

How do you start entrepreneurship?

I want to learn more in creating and starting my own business.

takiya’s Avatar
takiya May 05 189 views

when starting your own business what is the major thing you need to know

I starting my own business in nail and want to become a nail tech

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Apr 13 174 views

If I wanted to make my own fintech company, would I have to dive into computer science or coding to create the best platform possible?

I've been curious about starting an app as this industry is fast growing.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 07 307 views

What degree should I take if I want to be a project manager

Should I take a business degree or Information systems degree?

John’s Avatar
John Jun 23, 2021 432 views

What do you need to become an entrepreneur?

I'm referring to knowledge, and physical objects or resources.
I'm looking for a more practical answer, not any mindset or attitude answers.

#entrepreneurship #business #business-management # #entrepreneur

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Bernae Jun 02, 2021 384 views

While you were an entrepreneur, was there ever a time where your business was failing? How did you overcome that?

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

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Rodrick Jun 02, 2021 246 views

What are ways that i can make my brand big and known world wide?

#entrepreneurship #marketing #marketing #marketing

Bernae’s Avatar
Bernae May 20, 2021 255 views

How do you get started with entrepreneurship? What do you have to do? What things do you have to set up?

17 years old, junior in highschool

John’s Avatar
John May 20, 2021 282 views

Is it hard to juggle your personal life while owning multiple businesses ?

My name is John I'm from Carol City where everything is not sweet . But I can't let where I come from define me . I want to further my career in entrepreneurship I own a business called "Overnight Preservation LLC" . I started my business from when I was 12 . my goals coming out of high...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 20, 2021 262 views

What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur?

#entrepreneur #buisness #entrepreneurship

Terrence’s Avatar
Terrence May 19, 2021 822 views

What are the pros and cons to owning a business?

#startups #entrepreneurship #marketing

Aida’s Avatar
Aida May 14, 2021 403 views

How to figure out how to start investing?

#crypto #e-commerce #entrepreneurship #business #career

Noid’s Avatar
Noid May 07, 2021 280 views

What is It like to own a small business

#entrepreneurship #entrepreneur

Caszhmere’s Avatar
Caszhmere Apr 29, 2021 443 views

Is a business major good for an aspiring entrepreneur?

#business-management #buisness #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

Iyana’s Avatar
Iyana Apr 27, 2021 400 views

What type of engineering should I study?

I enjoy building things hands on, computers, and learning about electrical systems. Between, civil, software, mechanical and electrical engineering, I'm not sure which one to pick. Outside of those, Engineering management is also something I'm considering. Which one should I do....

Ceaira’s Avatar
Ceaira Apr 23, 2021 307 views

How much will I get paid ?

I like being around kids an I like doing hair on my free time #entrepreneurship