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Career Questions tagged Sales

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Diego Mar 14 48 views

How do I get the most out of being a Wholesale & Retail Buyers?

Thank you for your answers

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Jianna Feb 14 253 views

What is good jobs to get experince in sales?

As a highschool / college student what can I do for work to start gaining experince in sales? Is there anything that is more valuable to spend my time on?

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Kyrstin Feb 08 140 views

How do I get my jewelry business more sales/social media traffic?

I have tried TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. I know consistency is key and I'm also starting to do some more vendor events. I don't know how to be consistent and when I do I still get low to zero sales/traffic My goal for sales is 10 orders per 2 weeks.

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Reem Feb 03 380 views

What is the difference between a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Lawyer?

How many years of college would it take?

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Zyrielle' Feb 02 141 views

Real estate agent

How long did it take you to study/ become successful as a real estate agent?

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Henry Jan 30 273 views

How many days/weeks/months would it take to make an advertisement as a marketing professional?

I want to ask those who work in marketing, And are those advertisements usually profitable by posting it on websites such as YouTube or FaceBook?

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Jake Dec 15, 2022 310 views

Would you prefer to speak with an agent on the phone or contact them online?

There is a bit of a debate in our office these days about emailing clients vs calling clients. As someone in the marketing department I want them to call and email the client at least 3 before giving up. Some of our sales staff are insisting that clients don't want to talk on the phone and just...

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Zachary Dec 14, 2022 327 views


What are negative mental effects of being a real-estate agent?

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Jake Dec 08, 2022 311 views

What kind of materials should our commercial insurance brokers be using?

We have a team of commercial sales brokers that are trying to hit increasingly higher sales targets. If you were running a business, or operating the purchasing, what kind of materials would be influential to you? Brochures? Realtor style folders? Referral programs? SWAG? I'm hoping to give...

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Satyam Nov 29, 2022 153 views

Where and how to start my career and learning in digital marketing and management positions?


I'm really interest in marketing and would like to help out in digital marketing, communication, administrations position on whatever way possible.


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Avery Nov 10, 2022 536 views

Selling a house?

what challenges do Real Estate agents face when it comes to selling a house? How do you persuade the customer and what's the best way to charm them?

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William Aug 29, 2022 411 views

How do you get started in real estate? What are the requirements to be in the real estate business? Also, Where are the best spots to up your housing sales?

I'm an athlete in high school and if sports don't work for me I want to get involved in the real estate business but I don't know how to get started. How do you get started in real estate? What are the requirements to be in the real estate business? Also, Where are the best spots to up your...

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LeAndrew Jun 29, 2022 237 views

I am currently interested in working as a sales representative, wholesale and manufacturing. What steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field?

I want to know more

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LeAndrew Jun 29, 2022 264 views

I would like to know for a sales agent and financial services what values does your company look for in a person they are hiring ?

sales agent and financial services

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LeAndrew Jun 29, 2022 363 views

What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring for managers or supervisors ?

manager or a supervisor position

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cooper May 04, 2022 451 views

What is the average salary of a sales manager.

I am interested because of a project I'm doing.

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Luke May 02, 2022 570 views

Sales Manager Career Questions

I'm a freshman at Creekiview high school and I have some questions regarding sales manager careers. 1. What is your favorite part about the job? 2. What is your least favorite part about the job? 3. Do you work from home or in an office? 4. What do you do on a daily basis. 5. Would you...

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John Apr 26, 2022 294 views

I am interested in this job and I have 5 questions what is the base salary and cap salary of a sales manager? how long does the average person study this field be for getting a job. how does a day in the life of a sales manager start like and end. how many hours a day are you usually working. do you get vacation time.

I am interested in this job and would like to get the feel of what its is before I commit to it

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Paajcha Julie Jun 01, 2021 769 views

How to deal with poor leadership?

Without giving too much information away, I’m dealing with a boss who isn’t the greatest when it comes to leadership skills. I work online as a scouter for deals, meaning I search online for discounts, and I’m technically an independent contractor. When I first got the job, I asked many...

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An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 451 views

How many sales would I get in a week? Would people like my products? How will I know? This is for small-business owners.

Hello! I'm Ms. Tingle at the International Community School. My 5th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks so much!

#small-business #sales

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Yew Kin Aug 08, 2020 869 views

How To Politely Interrupt the Conversation?

I face many situations where the recipient is talking too much and straying away from the main focus. I understand that it's good to let the other person elaborate about their own interests and passions (Remember How to Win Friends and Influence People). However, I find it a huge time waster,...

Yew Kin’s Avatar
Yew Kin Aug 06, 2020 1038 views

How to engage in a conversation with a recipient that only gives one-word answers?

I would break the ice when starting conversations with new connections by asking "How have they been coping during the COVID 19 situation?" etc. Many gave me generic answers like, "I'm good, how are you?" (Seems like I'm the only one invested in the conversation) I find it much easier to...

Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Apr 14, 2020 632 views

What is being a copywriter like?

What are the work hours for you? Are you self employed or work for a company? How do you come up with convincing scripts? Do you work in teams or on your own? Do you work remotely or on site? #work #career #marketing #business #advertising #advertisement #copywriting #copywriter #sales #job...

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Rana Apr 10, 2020 1526 views

what are the needed skills to be a good sales engineer ?

#sales #sales-engineer #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #electro-mechanical

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Umair Feb 01, 2020 1763 views

For Business Development/Partnerships/Strategy professionals in Tech or Business: what type of skills, methodologies, and frameworks have you developed over time in order to do well in your job and have a positive impact towards your organization?

I’m currently a senior @ Rutgers University studying IT & Entrepreneurship. Highly interested in starting a career in the business side of Tech and would like to one day lead the transaction of billion dollar deals and market partnerships. #business #entrepreneur #strategy #business...

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Christian Nov 02, 2019 1214 views

What's it like being a real estate agent?

What's an average day like? What's the average pay and hours of a real estate agent? Do you enjoy your job?
#real-estate #house #career #home #sales #job #occupation #salary #average-day

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Rahul Oct 15, 2019 981 views

What career path is right for me

#management #sales #business-management #entrepreneur

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Sammy Sep 16, 2019 521 views

Does sales jobs in the airline industry require travel ?

I am thinking of studying marketing at university. I have thought of working at an airline in sales. Do they get to travel? If I got a corporate job doing sales for an airliner, I would be happy to travel a few times a year. #marketing #airline-industry #Sales #business #travel

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Catherine Aug 26, 2019 729 views

What is your personal experience like working in the publishing industry?

Hi, I'm interested in working in the publishing industry, so I really want to hear about the personal experiences of professionals in this industry, especially because I'm not sure which specific department I want to work in (e.g. editorial, marketing, production, sales, publicity, etc). If...

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Marc Jun 17, 2019 695 views

To have a successfull business do you have to be rich?

#business #Sales #Agents #Financial # #finance #Services