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Christian S. Nov 02 40 views

What's it like being a real estate agent?

What's an average day like? What's the average pay and hours of a real estate agent? Do you enjoy your job? #real-estate #house #career #home #sales #job #occupation #salary...


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Sammy N. Sep 16 69 views

Does sales jobs in the airline industry require travel ?

Hi, I am thinking of studying marketing at university. I have thought of working at an airline in sales. Do they get to travel? If I got a corporate job doing sales for an airliner, I would be happy to travel a few times a year. #marketing #airline-industry #sales #business...


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Christian F. Jun 27, 2018 359 views
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Ben L. May 10, 2018 376 views

How do I get a job out of college as an account manager? What makes a successful advertising account manager?

I am graduating in December 2018 with a degree in Advertising from San Jose State University. I want to work in account management/client services in an advertising agency after graduation. I have a bit of familiarity with what this role entails and what the advertising industry is like....

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Ben L. May 02, 2018 431 views

How do I move to a different job market?

I am based in the SF Bay Area. I am considering to move out of it after I graduate college with a degree in advertising. Some places I am considering are Seattle, Austin, Portland, or Los Angeles. I love the Bay Area but its really expensive to live here. I eventually want to get my own place...

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Danny L. Feb 04, 2017 842 views

How would you recommend I go about getting a job in Hong Kong?

Hi everyone, I am a college student currently very interested in working in Hong Kong. I am using some resources like Linkedin and stuff. I hear that it is possible to get jobs there even without sufficient Chinese(Cantonese and Mandarin alike). I'm looking for experiences in areas of: sales,...

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Timothy O. Jun 13, 2016 1849 views

Are Leaders born or made?

I am a high school student and I consider myself a leader. I however, want to improve my leadership skills as I will be taking on bigger leadership positions in the next school year. I know that leaders are made through learning and teaching but also, could it be true that we may be born with...

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Tyler M. Feb 26, 2017 566 views

What is the most important soft skill for someone pursuing a career in sales managing?

My name is Tyler, I am in 12th grade at Pioneer Valley Regional School in Western Massachusetts. In my money managing class we are doing a unit to help widen our range of possible careers to pursue in college. As a result of my research and career quizzes, a potential career that came up for me...

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Ben L. Feb 09, 2017 654 views

How do I get good at cold calling?

I am a student at San Jose State. I just recently started on the advertising staff of our newspaper the Spartan Daily. My job is to cold call local businesses and have them place ads in the paper. I am comfortable talking on the phone so that is not a problem. However, I would love to learn...

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Carlos E. Jan 28, 2017 632 views

How do I start an advertising campaign?

I recently came across a small cafe near my home;it's nice, comfy, and sells good Coffee. The cafe is new (4-5 months) and is having trouble bringing in business ,I offered to help them market their store and they agreed. I only have the most basic understanding of what advertising means ....

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Trey D. Dec 27, 2016 709 views

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

Looking for jobs I see both of these terms used constantly, but is there actually a difference? #marketing...


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Jordan B. Aug 21, 2016 635 views

What does marketing and sales have to do with the sports entertainment industry?

What relation or career job connects marketing/sales with the sports entertainment industry? #sports #marketing #sales...


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Alisha S. May 27, 2016 4324 views

What is the toughest thing about being in sales?

What are some tricks you learned on the way? #business #social-media #sales...


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Anna H. Jul 13, 2016 1301 views

Does having a boss bother you?

A lot of people don't like to be told what to do, while others appreciate some direction from others. I'm interested to know what people think #computer-software #teaching #law-enforcement...


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Timothy O. Jun 07, 2016 724 views

How do companies feel about hybrid job positions within their companies?

I am currently in High school and would want to pursue my first career as a sales engineer. How do most companies feel about hiring people who would specialize in two separate things at their firm? Do they think it might conflict or would they render it efficient and cost-effective?...

#career #professional #sales #marketing #engineering #tech

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Timothy O. Jun 07, 2016 1048 views

Should I minor in Marketing/Sales?

I want to become a Sales Engineer and the odds would definitely be in my favor if I majored in an engineering field. However, several people have told me that marketing/sales skills and abilities can be picked up about anywhere in life (be it online or at a community college). Could my minor be...

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Alisha S. May 27, 2016 1078 views

What are the tried and tested, best social media tools to use in the industry ?

I'm new to social media marketing and I would like to know how I could optimize my social media to drive growth #business #marketing #social-media...


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Janna L. May 26, 2016 1126 views

Sales representative

What are some techniques which you should learn to become a good sales?...


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Jordin H. May 22, 2016 867 views

As someone who one day wants to open up his own business, what are some general tips for creating a good business plan?

I want to create a clothing company from the ground up and could use some advice on setting up a good business plan before I begin building my company. #business #finance #marketing #entrepreneurship #sales...


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Brook B. May 13, 2016 823 views

What are some college courses that I would be likely to take in persuing marketing/advertisment?

I am very interested in the career but I'd like to know what I'm getting into. #career #marketing #job #advertising...


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Kelly J. May 02, 2016 1582 views

What made you want to work in sales for a tech company over working in sales in other industries?

I've been told I'd be great at sales, but I'm not sure where to start looking for jobs. Why do you do sales for the company you work for? What should I look for in a company to work for right out of school? #technology...


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Zachary R. Apr 11, 2016 854 views

How Much Money Does a McDonald's Manager Make?

Hello, I am working at McDonalds right now as a Crew Member but I am curious on how much Managers get paid and if it is worth being a manager at Mc Donald's. #management #sales...


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Danny T. Mar 07, 2016 1614 views

What does a job working in sales for an airline entail?

I know these jobs exist, I'm just not sure what exactly working in sales for an airline entails - What are you selling? Who are you selling to? I always just go to an airline's website to purchase my flights, I never actually speak with anyone in the process! Can you describe what your typical...

#sales #airline-industry

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Rishabh K. Aug 13, 2015 1041 views

Should I continue doing what I was doing or is it time to make a change?

I have been working in Sales for approx. 2 years now and have another job lined up in the same field. However it pays less than my previous job which I quit due to bad judgement. Now that I have completed my MA in Professional and Business communication, my question is: - Whether I should...

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