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Sam C. Jan 28 153 views

Is there any job training for retail associates?

#jobs #retail I looking to know if there’s anything job...

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Sam C. Jan 28 126 views
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Sam C. Jan 19 151 views

What are some good colleges that have business management classes and learning how to become a retail associate

I’m very flexible with change and also I work well with other people and I know how to problem solve. #retail # #business...


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Marzia M. Nov 24, 2020 251 views

How to start a career as fashion buyer?

I am a fashion buying student at the University of Westminster struggling to find an internship in the fashion industry. My ultimate aspiration is to become a buyer for a luxury e-commerce retailer but, as it will be my first experience, I am open to everything. I have sent applications for...

#future-careers #fashion #internship #apparel-and-fashion #retail #buyer

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Sam C. Nov 11, 2020 97 views

What are some job tacks that a retail associate does?

The reason why I want to become a retail associate is that I am in work program and I get work experience by learning how to work at different retail places like T.j.maxx and Home Goods . #retail #retail...

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Samantha J. Apr 12, 2018 610 views

What is a good job to work for at 17?

I really don't like fast foods i rather work in retail because i have bad experience with fast food places....


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jose M. Feb 22, 2018 680 views

I work for AT&T in retail now, how can i transition to AT&T in IT?

I'm a college senior who is expected to graduate from the Information Technology program in may 2018 and currently I'm an intern as a data quality analyst. I love working for AT&T but i feel like i may have to look else where to get a start in my IT adventure, does anyone have any...

#career-transition #att #loyalty #big-data #information-technology #search #mentor #internships #college #retail #graduate

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Claire N. Oct 07, 2017 645 views

What is the best way to get work experience?

Everywhere I want to work, even small retail jobs, seems to ask for work experience, so how do I get that experience in the first place? #retail...


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Melody U. Mar 20, 2017 889 views

Good weekend-only jobs?

Hi. I'm just wondering if anybody knows of some good jobs that can hire people only for the weekends. I'm a college student who already works 20 hours a week at the library so the weekend is all that I can manage. I've been considering applying to restaurants and the like because it seems like...

#weekend-jobs #retail #restaurants #jobs-for-college-students

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Melody U. Mar 20, 2017 596 views

What are some tips for how to pass online job assessments?

Hello there. I'm a student at community college, who also works at the library 20 hours a week. I now need a second job to supplement my income. I have always had trouble with applications that require online assessments. I've applied to Target, Sams, Wal-Mart, and Ross in the past and have...

#weekend-jobs #retail #jobs-for-college-students #online-assessments

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Nathan M. Feb 15, 2017 873 views

What is the best job for me??

I am asking this question because I am lost!! I have worked 6 jobs in the last 5 years! #research #human-resources #resume #japan #recruiting #public-relations #retail...


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Jodie A. Feb 13, 2017 789 views

What are good jobs to get you started and help you to build confidence?

I would like to soon apply for a job. I'm 17 years old and have not previously had any work, I'm also quite a quiet person so would like a job thats not overwhelming, but that still offers good experience and is of a relatively good pay for a few days a week (I need the time to relax, as well...

#interviews #career #time-management #customer-experience #career-choice #retail #jobs

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Deana A. Dec 07, 2016 1072 views

What does a first job represent?

I'm a high school senior looking for a part time position as my first job. Should a first job like this be focused on whatever is available, or should it connect to the career I want to pursue in the future. For context, I want to work as a macro social worker in the future, but there are few...

#social-work #career #social-services #job-search #retail

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Rebecca G. May 25, 2016 948 views

What is the best job for a high school student?

Now I understand that I'm not going to be able to be a CEO in high school, but what job(s) is best for a high schooler entering the work force to get some work experience to put on a resume (Restaurants, fast food, retail, etc.)? #human-resources...


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Soundarya N. Jun 27, 2016 1326 views
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Joanne P. May 17, 2016 747 views

What are the most important qualities a pharmacist must possess to be successful and happy in their field?

I am considering going into a pharmacy related career and want to know what skills/qualities would be truly important. #health #pharmacy #hospital #pharmaceuticals...


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Wing L. May 10, 2016 865 views
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Stacy M. Apr 01, 2016 883 views

What entry level jobs in the fashion industry do you recommend I seek out that will set me up on the best most successful career path?

I really want to have a successful career in fashion. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do within the industry, so I'm hoping to get some advice or insight into what you believe to be entry level jobs within fashion/retail that would put me in the best place/career track to be successful...

#human-resources #retail #fashion

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Stacy M. Apr 01, 2016 935 views

What does a recruiter for a fashion/retail company look for in entry level candidates?

I would love to work in the fashion industry one day, so i'd like to know how to prepare for interviewing for entry level jobs either during or right out of school. How can I be sure to secure that first interview? What should I be sure to include in my cover letter? Are there any activities...

#retail #resume #fashion #interviews #human-resources #recruiting

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Miguel M. Dec 10, 2015 773 views

What careers do you suggest?

Hi I am a junior, I am interested in shoes, what careers would you suggest that go along my interest? #fashion #retail...


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Jamal J. Mar 05, 2012 2782 views

What are the most popular candybars to sell?

I've decided to sell candybars in school and I am wondering which candybars will sell the fastest before I buy them. #business #entrepreneurship...