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What are some good colleges that have business management classes and learning how to become a retail associate

I’m very flexible with change and also I work well with other people and I know how to problem solve.

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3 answers

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John’s Answer

Sam there are no formal education requirements for retail sales associates, although some employers favor those with high school diplomas. Retailers often provide training for sales associates, either on the job or through special seminars. During training, retail sales associates learn about their company's products, policies and sales techniques. Positions that involve selling technical goods tend to entail more extensive product training. Retail sales associates must have strong communication skills and work well with others, because they often work among a team of retail professionals. They must also be courteous and efficient and maintain a tidy appearance. Additionally, a career in retail sales entails basic math and technology skills. For some positions, retail sales associates may be required to pass a background check.

Sam if you wish to advance in retail sales you can pursue a retail management associate degree. Favorable employment opportunities in the retail industry may exist if you have earned a college degree, acquired sales experience and have completed some management training. Graduates of associate degree programs in retail management can go on to earn a related bachelor's degree in an area like business, marketing, merchandising or retail management. Some companies offer on-the-job or corporate-sponsored training programs for management trainees and retail supervisors, although many acquire their positions through a combination of work experience and continuing education. Retail management degree programs teach the fundamentals of keeping financial records, creating promotional campaigns and using technology in a business setting. Such a program places an emphasis on basic math for accounting, effective communication, leadership skills and topics unique to the retail industry.

Hope this was helpful Sam

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Thank You Brock. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King, Jr. John Frick

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Angel’s Answer

Hi Sam! If you'd like to pursue a career in retail sales & management, I would encourage you to apply for retail positions. As you're researching which companies you'd like to work at, inquire about their leadership training. Many companies offer a future leaders, leadership academy or manager in training program. I have personally completed a leadership development program within my company and I learned so much. It was a tough program and took a lot of my time, but it was, for me, completely worth it! My knowledge increased, as did my self confidence and my networking skills improved greatly.

I hope this helps you. Have a great day Sam!

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Brock’s Answer

Like others have said you don't technically need schooling in retail. That being said it is a disadvantage without it. As for "good" schools I wouldn't worry about trying to find that perfect school with the perfect program. What I would focus on is finding a school that fits your personal needs. Is it close to family? Is it in a city you'd like to someday work? Do they have an established internship program and points of contact to help place you in a job after finishing?

Something that is VERY valuable in a retail and sales environment is your people skills. You said you work well with others. Work on taking your social skills to the next level and learn about professional networking. In the real world is very much can be a "who you know" vs "what you know". As you get opportunities in your first jobs to connect with your leaders do so and keep in contact with those who you find are doing what you want to do. That keeping touch with managers from old jobs has found mentors for me to talk to and bounce ideas off of as I went down my own path.