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What are some tips for how to pass online job assessments?

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Hello there. I'm a student at community college, who also works at the library 20 hours a week. I now need a second job to supplement my income. I have always had trouble with applications that require online assessments. I've applied to Target, Sams, Wal-Mart, and Ross in the past and have failed multiple times.

I've read some good tips online already- such as being honest, being consistent, and always strongly disagreeing with "absolute" type of questions (or any questions that would encourage hiding a theft). There was also advice to not always say that you're going to go to a manager for assistance, which is how I'm prone to answering the questions.

I just wondered if there were any other tips. I do realize that it's possible that my current rejections have had more to do with my only being available on weekends than anything else. But I'm still hoping you all could help.

P.S. None of the jobs that I've snagged in the past have required online assessments. #retail #jobs-for-college-students #weekend-jobs #online-assessments

4 answers

Alexandra’s Answer


My advice is to be honest and consistent. If you answer how you think they want you to answer, it'll "flag" your responses as if you're lying, so just be truthful. That will benefit you also, because it is a test also for how you will fit in with the company. If you give false answers, you might find that the job isn't the best fit for you anyway.

Also be consistent! Be careful of reverse questions or questions/statements that say the same thing in different ways. One question might say "I prefer to work on a team" and another might say "I prefer to work alone" so if you answer "strongly agree" to both, you're contradicting yourself. However, with that being said, if you're honest in your responses, you shouldn't have much of a problem.

I have also heard that it's better to have strong stances on items rather than answering with too many "neutral" or "don't know" selections, but that could just be a wives tale. It might be useful to look into the company culture before taking the exam also, because the questions might reflect that culture. For example, when I took the test for Nordstrom, it was mostly about customer service. Knowing that Nordstrom is very customer focused, I made sure to emphasize my dedication to taking care of the customer.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Danielle’s Answer


My biggest suggestion is to avoid answering how you think they want you to answer. These tests check your skills but also your personality. How well would you fit the culture they created. Answer consistent to your views and that will be to your benefit. I used to work for Target so I am familiar with their assessment and I feel a big reason I made it through was due to the honest, true to me approach in the test.

Jonathon’s Answer


Algorithms are set to catch key information from online assessments. They also catch things that may seem inconsistent, and flag those accordingly. Be honest, unless timed, take your time answering, and don't write essays in written portions unless asked for in instructions. Also remember to review and make sure you answer it all, unfinished assessments are usually automatically declined. Also remember, that if you still answer honestly, completely, and follow all the advice given by others, sometimes certain jobs are just not a good fit. Keep open to any and all opportunities, you may be surprised at what other doors are open and would be a good fit. Don't get discouraged.

Jaime’s Answer


Answer the assessment truthfully and be yourself. Companies look for personality and individuality. Do not answer the questions with answers you think they want to hear. One tip I would give you, is to read the question at least twice unless you are pressed for time. Even if you don’t pass the assessment for that particular company the first time, keep in mind that many companies use these assessments and take it as a learning opportunity for the next assessment you take. Good luck!