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What is the best job for me??


I am asking this question because I am lost!! I have worked 6 jobs in the last 5 years! #research #human-resources #resume #japan #recruiting #public-relations #retail #market-research

5 answers

Swarna’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Nathan,

My first suggestion would be to stay away from thoughts of feeling lost. If you can share a little more about your interests, your earlier work experiences, we can look and determine what might be a better direction ahead for you. The ultimate goal is for you to do something that you care or love, so going into work everyday is exciting.

Good luck, and do not give up!

Jeff’s Answer

Updated Round Rock, Texas

Hi Nathan.

We don't really have enough to go on in order to give you any guidance. What are you passionate about? What fields interest you? Are you an animal person, a techie, enjoy arguing or debating? What jobs have to had and what do you like and dislike about each one? Is there a particular class in school that you really enjoyed? Why?

You want to pursue a field that really interests you. If you pick a field that you don't like, it will make every day miserable. Who was it that said something like If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.

Best of luck! If you answer the questions above, it should point you in a direction.


Dawn’s Answer


Unfortunately, no one can answer this question, but you. Some questions you can and should be asking yourself include: 1) Where do my passions lie? 2) What do I enjoy doing? 3) What did I like about the jobs I've held, what didn't I like? 4) Am I looking for something long-term with possible stability? 5) Do you like fast-paced or status quo? 6) Do you like set hours (i.e. 8-5) or do you prefer more flexibility? I recognize that's a lot to digest, but these types of questions can help steer you in the right direction. For example, if you can't stand the sight of blood, EMT, doctor/nursing is probably not for you. If you enjoy helping people and have an overall friendly demeanor, maybe something in hospitality or customer service (which ranges a TON of different things) is more your speed. I'd recommend taking some time, doing some research and maybe even a couple job assessment 'quizzes' to see what might sound appealing. good luck!

Jonathon’s Answer

Updated Huntington, West Virginia

To offer suggestions we need more information, such as interests, skills, education, etc. The important thing to remember though is that most people go through many jobs until they find the one they might want to pursue for a career. I myself have gone through at least 8 over the years. Don't get discouraged, don't feel lost. You don't feel panicked or anxious when you're looking for a new favorite place to eat, do you? Talk to friends and family, get ideas for jobs in your area, what's available, etc. If you know a general idea of what you'd like to do (medicine, technology, veterinarian, etc), set a goal for yourself to start taking courses for that goal, even if you don't know specifics, you at least have a direction, and eventually that direction will lead you into a final goal.

LaWanda’s Answer

Updated Lithonia, Georgia

Hi Nathan,

I would first need to know the type jobs you have had and wether or not if you enjoyed any of them. You need to ask yourself are a people person, a animal person etc. And that in turn could guide you in the direction of a job/ career. Secondly, are you looking for a job or career? That is another question you need to think about. I hope this helps some along with other advice. Good luck to you !