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Career Questions tagged Public Relations

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian 2 days ago 24 views

What are good places to apply to in the film/entertainment industry?

I am currently a film major in Community College and am looking to see where would be good to apply to once I get my degree.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Nov 10, 2022 535 views

Selling a house?

what challenges do Real Estate agents face when it comes to selling a house? How do you persuade the customer and what's the best way to charm them?

Hung’s Avatar
Hung Oct 22, 2022 194 views

I don’t know what to choose between these majors?

Hi everyone. Currently, I am stuck between choosing a major in Advertisement, Entertainment & Tourism, and Public Relations. And I think it’s better to see other people’s opinions on those three majors (maybe pros and cons or anything you can share with me). I’m much thankful if I could...

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Apr 11, 2022 308 views

When becoming a public relations specialist, what are companies or businesses looking for?

I came across the career in public relations and it piqued my interest. I would like to know what exactly pr has to do or can do.

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Feb 07, 2022 275 views

How do I become a Fire Department Public Information Officer? What areas have PIOs? What are their specific duties?

I currently serve as a volunteer firefighter in Moosic, Pennsylvania. While I really enjoy the firefighting aspect of the department, I enjoy the public relations activities so much more. Ive done a lot of research into PIOs, and information is hard to come by. I have, however, looked into...

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Feb 07, 2022 427 views

What is the job of a Public Relations Manager? Are these only in certain fields?

I really enjoy doing public relations activities, and interacting with the public. I hope to continue doing public relations activities, and eventually lead them. While I enjoy doing PR in the emergency services section, I dont really know how PR works in a company or business....

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Oct 26, 2021 240 views

While working towards a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Fundraising will I be able to do an apprenticeship?

I'm a new job corps student. I've graduated high school and done some college.

#public-relations #fundraising-manager #job-corps #bachelors-degree

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Oct 25, 2021 246 views

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about being a public relations and fundraising manager?

#public-relations #fundraising#non-profit #business #career

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Oct 25, 2021 433 views

Are there any internship opportunities available for people who want to be a Public Relations Specialist?

#internship #public-relations #teaching

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jun 29, 2021 1078 views

Is a sociology degree helpful for public relations?

Hi, My name is Alyssa. I am a 25-year-old student who is almost ready to transfer to a #communication university to finish my bachelor's. I currently will hold 2 AAs in communication studies and sociology. My goal is to work with the public ultimately. I want to help with charitable campaigns,...

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Feb 09, 2021 285 views

What does a day look like in the life of a Director of Publicity in the Music Industry?

#music #music-industry #director-of-publicity #public-relations

Sonia’s Avatar
Sonia Apr 10, 2020 576 views

What can I do with public relations?

I love #event-management and #project-management. I also love all the #public-relations activities.

KAREN’s Avatar
KAREN Mar 21, 2020 446 views

What can I do to boost my self-confidence when facing the public

A girl from Hong Kong that needs inspiration and encouragement #public-relations

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 475 views

Why do people end being a Public Relations Specialist?

#communications #public-relations

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 443 views

Who are the most important people in the industry today as a Public Relations Specialist?

#communications #public-relations

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 517 views

What developments on the horizon could affect future opportunities as a Public Relations Specialist?

#communication #public-relations

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 386 views

How many hours do you work in a typical week as a Public Relations Specialist?

#public-relations #work #communications

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 490 views

Are there any negatives to your as a public relations Specialist job?

#public-relations #communication

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 512 views

What do find most enjoyable as a Public Relations Specialist?

#communications #public-relations #communication

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Sep 26, 2019 344 views

Is there anything essential that i need to know when entering the film industry

#film #business #public-relations

Munirat’s Avatar
Munirat Sep 26, 2019 487 views

I was checking through Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Los Angeles i saw Communication in Entertainment and Tourism and in LA Public Administration , my question is, does Communication falls under Public admin and which should I best go for if I want to work in Entertainment

My name is Munirat Abdullahi I’m an English Graduate and I want to study Communications or Public Relation to pursue my dream #public-relations #communication

Felicita’s Avatar
Felicita May 15, 2019 1355 views

Is a bachelors in Economics better then a PR or Marketing degree?

To make a very long story short, I received a regional scholarship however the school that I plan on attending does not have my major I want to study which would be Public Relations and Marketing. A family friend told me it was better to get a degree in Economics, which would help me with...

Daleen’s Avatar
Daleen Mar 05, 2019 322 views

What tech should I be familiar with for a Public Relations job?

I'm currently in college, studying for a public relations career. What #tech should I be familiar with in order to land a job upon graduation?

Thank you!


Tanasia’s Avatar
Tanasia Jul 27, 2018 650 views

WHat are some tips to become an event planner?

I want to become an event planner and eventually own my own business. I am majoring in public relations and I would like to know if there are any specific routes I should take to reach my goals. #event-planning #public-relations #business

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 13, 2018 630 views

What requirements are needed for a Public Relations Specialist?

I am a sophomore, but I have already decided that I want to focus on Public Relations / Communications. What requirements are needed in high school or college classes for someone interested in Public Relations? #communications #public-relations #college-prep #career-path #requirements

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 11, 2018 508 views

What kind of writing samples should I give when asked?

Most jobs in public relations ask for writing samples before the interview process. What kind of writing should I submit? Are there things the recruiters prefer to see?

#public-relations #writing #writing-samples

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 11, 2018 681 views

How should I improve my writing outside of school?

In public relations it is important that students write well. I want to write more and get more accustomed to writing, is there a way you recommend I do that? What kind of writing should I be practicing? Creative or specifically press releases?

#public-relations #writing

Yanet’s Avatar
Yanet Apr 28, 2018 543 views

I was recently accepted into the University of Florida, I am majoring in Public Relations. I wanted to know if joining clubs or even Greek Life benefited you in the long run with internships and/or even job opportunities?

#public-relations #greek-life #clubs #internships

Yanet’s Avatar
Yanet Apr 28, 2018 544 views

I have recently changed my major to Public Relations and begin the program in this upcoming fall. As a transfer student what are some tips you recommend for students entering into the College of Journalism and Communications?

#public-relations #college-transfer #journalism

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 16, 2018 609 views

What major and college would be best for a public relations agent?

I'm a sophomore in high school and am interested in becoming a public relations agent but have no idea what I should major in or what college would be the best choice for it. #public-relations #college-major #college-selection