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Career Questions tagged Public Relations

Laura M.’s Avatar
Laura M. Apr 11 143 views

When becoming a public relations specialist, what are companies or businesses looking for?

I came across the career in public relations and it piqued my interest. I would like to know what exactly pr has to do or can do.

Brittain B.’s Avatar
Brittain B. Feb 07 119 views

How do I become a Fire Department Public Information Officer? What areas have PIOs? What are their specific duties?

I currently serve as a volunteer firefighter in Moosic, Pennsylvania. While I really enjoy the firefighting aspect of the department, I enjoy the public relations activities so much more. Ive done a lot of research into PIOs, and information is hard to come by. I have, however, looked into...

Brittain B.’s Avatar
Brittain B. Feb 07 211 views

What is the job of a Public Relations Manager? Are these only in certain fields?

I really enjoy doing public relations activities, and interacting with the public. I hope to continue doing public relations activities, and eventually lead them. While I enjoy doing PR in the emergency services section, I dont really know how PR works in a company or business....

Gabrielle C.’s Avatar
Gabrielle C. Oct 26, 2021 157 views

While working towards a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Fundraising will I be able to do an apprenticeship?

I'm a new job corps student. I've graduated high school and done some college.

#public-relations #fundraising-manager #job-corps #bachelors-degree

Gabrielle C.’s Avatar
Gabrielle C. Oct 25, 2021 174 views

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about being a public relations and fundraising manager?

#public-relations #fundraising#non-profit #business #career

Gabrielle C.’s Avatar
Gabrielle C. Oct 25, 2021 322 views

Are there any internship opportunities available for people who want to be a Public Relations Specialist?

#internship #public-relations #teaching

Alyssa D.’s Avatar
Alyssa D. Jun 29, 2021 527 views

Is a sociology degree helpful for public relations?

Hi, My name is Alyssa. I am a 25-year-old student who is almost ready to transfer to a #communication university to finish my bachelor's. I currently will hold 2 AAs in communication studies and sociology. My goal is to work with the public ultimately. I want to help with charitable campaigns,...

Ava D.’s Avatar
Ava D. Feb 09, 2021 215 views

What does a day look like in the life of a Director of Publicity in the Music Industry?

#music #music-industry #director-of-publicity #public-relations

Sonia T.’s Avatar
Sonia T. Apr 10, 2020 479 views

What can I do with public relations?

I love #event-management and #project-management. I also love all the #public-relations activities.

KAREN L.’s Avatar
KAREN L. Mar 21, 2020 338 views

What can I do to boost my self-confidence when facing the public

A girl from Hong Kong that needs inspiration and encouragement #public-relations

olivia M.’s Avatar
olivia M. Sep 27, 2019 375 views

Why do people end being a Public Relations Specialist?

#communications #public-relations

olivia M.’s Avatar
olivia M. Sep 27, 2019 332 views

Who are the most important people in the industry today as a Public Relations Specialist?

#communications #public-relations

olivia M.’s Avatar
olivia M. Sep 27, 2019 414 views

What developments on the horizon could affect future opportunities as a Public Relations Specialist?

#communication #public-relations

olivia M.’s Avatar
olivia M. Sep 27, 2019 316 views

How many hours do you work in a typical week as a Public Relations Specialist?

#public-relations #work #communications

olivia M.’s Avatar
olivia M. Sep 27, 2019 387 views

Are there any negatives to your as a public relations Specialist job?

#public-relations #communication

olivia M.’s Avatar
olivia M. Sep 27, 2019 415 views

What do find most enjoyable as a Public Relations Specialist?

#communications #public-relations #communication

Noah K.’s Avatar
Noah K. Sep 26, 2019 277 views

Is there anything essential that i need to know when entering the film industry

#film #business #public-relations

Munirat A.’s Avatar
Munirat A. Sep 26, 2019 407 views

I was checking through Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Los Angeles i saw Communication in Entertainment and Tourism and in LA Public Administration , my question is, does Communication falls under Public admin and which should I best go for if I want to work in Entertainment

My name is Munirat Abdullahi I’m an English Graduate and I want to study Communications or Public Relation to pursue my dream #public-relations #communication

Felicita I.’s Avatar
Felicita I. May 15, 2019 1008 views

Is a bachelors in Economics better then a PR or Marketing degree?

To make a very long story short, I received a regional scholarship however the school that I plan on attending does not have my major I want to study which would be Public Relations and Marketing. A family friend told me it was better to get a degree in Economics, which would help me with...

Daleen C.’s Avatar
Daleen C. Mar 05, 2019 256 views

What tech should I be familiar with for a Public Relations job?

I'm currently in college, studying for a public relations career. What #tech should I be familiar with in order to land a job upon graduation?

Thank you!


Tanasia R.’s Avatar
Tanasia R. Jul 27, 2018 552 views

WHat are some tips to become an event planner?

I want to become an event planner and eventually own my own business. I am majoring in public relations and I would like to know if there are any specific routes I should take to reach my goals. #event-planning #public-relations #business

Jenna K.’s Avatar
Jenna K. May 13, 2018 543 views

What requirements are needed for a Public Relations Specialist?

I am a sophomore, but I have already decided that I want to focus on Public Relations / Communications. What requirements are needed in high school or college classes for someone interested in Public Relations? #communications #public-relations #college-prep #career-path #requirements

Emily V.’s Avatar
Emily V. May 11, 2018 426 views

What kind of writing samples should I give when asked?

Most jobs in public relations ask for writing samples before the interview process. What kind of writing should I submit? Are there things the recruiters prefer to see?

#public-relations #writing #writing-samples

Emily V.’s Avatar
Emily V. May 11, 2018 602 views

How should I improve my writing outside of school?

In public relations it is important that students write well. I want to write more and get more accustomed to writing, is there a way you recommend I do that? What kind of writing should I be practicing? Creative or specifically press releases?

#public-relations #writing

Yanet C.’s Avatar
Yanet C. Apr 28, 2018 460 views

I was recently accepted into the University of Florida, I am majoring in Public Relations. I wanted to know if joining clubs or even Greek Life benefited you in the long run with internships and/or even job opportunities?

#public-relations #greek-life #clubs #internships

Yanet C.’s Avatar
Yanet C. Apr 28, 2018 475 views

I have recently changed my major to Public Relations and begin the program in this upcoming fall. As a transfer student what are some tips you recommend for students entering into the College of Journalism and Communications?

#public-relations #college-transfer #journalism

Kayla H.’s Avatar
Kayla H. Apr 16, 2018 519 views

What major and college would be best for a public relations agent?

I'm a sophomore in high school and am interested in becoming a public relations agent but have no idea what I should major in or what college would be the best choice for it. #public-relations #college-major #college-selection

Carlos J.’s Avatar
Carlos J. Apr 10, 2018 502 views

For those in the sports and entertainment industry what advice can you give.

My dream is to work for sports media, or directly with a sports team. Furthermore, I would also really like to work for entertainment media with my focus being television and film.
#entertainment #sports #public-relations

Carlos J.’s Avatar
Carlos J. Apr 10, 2018 580 views

As a public relations major does getting a masters degree make much of a difference?

I have been thinking about applying to grad school for quite some time now but every time I do research there is not much information that suggests having a masters degree will give me much of an advantage over other students
#gradschool #public-relations

Kevin T.’s Avatar
Kevin T. Mar 24, 2018 551 views

How common is it for public relations specialists to move from different organizations during their career?

A public relations specialist visited one of my classes to provide students a glimpse into his career life. One of the details I took notice was how much he moved from organization to organization after a few years. All my life, I was raised to believe in the notion of working at one company...