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Why do people end being a Public Relations Specialist?

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3 answers

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Cammy’s Answer

Public Relations people are in the story telling business.  You are sometimes telling the story of a company's success, or sometimes the story of a mistake an individual or company has made.  Either way, a public relations specialist interprets the message the company or individual is trying to express, and develops a story, campaign or program to communicate that message to the intended audience.  I started my career in broadcasting, and as that industry changed, I needed to find something else that I could do.  Both broadcasting and public relations require the ability to communicate stories and messages, so it was a logical transition for me.

Hey Cammy! I appreciate your response to this question. I remember I always wanted to major in communications when I was only eight. I enjoyed reading and writing fictional mini stories when I was in the eighth grade. I was always known as a creative, colorful, storyteller. I chose public relations as my major after four years of studying biology and I was so happy. Olivia, public relations specialists, managers, directors take on various roles now. It's never a dull, routined day. Cayla Matthews

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Diana’s Answer

Most stories you read in the news had a public relations professional behind them. Public Relations specialists need to have a knack for storytelling, an understanding of company priorities, and a strong grasp of the media landscape. It's their role to help uncover newsworthy things that the company is doing and share them with press outlets and particular reporters who might be interested in sharing that story more broadly. Often the most rewarding part of doing PR for companies is highlighting the impressive work of their customers.

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Sunny’s Answer

Hi Olivia,

This is Sunny, for me is like if you want to become a Public Relations specialist I thing first you need to be like really talkative person because you have to know a lot of different stuff to talk with different person this is what the Public Relations specialist need. For me is like you have to watch so many different things around you. This is good thing when people talk with you you will have different topic to share with them. so become a Public Relation specialist is not really a easy thing. you will see different person around you and. every time when you meet a person maybe they come from different place and different jobs. If you want to talk with them well you have to know their background, jobs and personality etc. It will be somethings around that person.