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Brent J. Brent J. Apr 05, 2018 200 views

what is the best major that i could take to do with sports

I really love football so i would love to major in something that has to do with...


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Fatiha B. Fatiha B. Apr 26, 2018 326 views

Which subjects are useful?

I’m not interested in doing a lot of things as I don’t enjoy things as much as I should but one thing I will always enjoy is sports. I’ve been thinking of being a sports professional(just an idea). If I were to be one which subjects should I take? #sports #career #subjects #pe...


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Juan A. Juan A. Apr 12, 2019 214 views

how do i become a professional soccer star?

I want know how to become a better player. #soccer #athletic # sports #sports-agent...