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How do you know if you like your profession?

I am very versatile. I Can switch us and so almost anything if I put my mind to it. It’s not hard for me a catch on and learn something new. #any #professional #educator...


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Andy D. Feb 24 37 views

What majors should I pick in collage

I really criminology and especially weird and strange cases and I want to be able to solve them and want to study to become a detective...


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Rose M. Dec 01, 2020 135 views
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Iven M. Oct 01, 2020 151 views

What is business management all about?

I'm a book nerd/worm....


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Priya T. Oct 01, 2020 1274 views

After 10th which course have value and jobs

After completing 10th I would like to have diploma course i want to know which course has more scope #air-force #robotics...


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Alicia Y. Sep 15, 2020 212 views

How many patients do you have a day?

I like to keep myself busy but not too busy where I hate my job now. I have a career I want but I also want to learn about different types of careers. #all careers #finding career #career #career-path #career-choice #orthodontist #dental hygienist #doctor #surgeon #job #pediatrician #eye...

#therapist #counselor #any #medicine #healthcare

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Jennifer W. Sep 07, 2020 101 views

How does a pro cope with what they hear?

As a Forensic Psychologist, how do you cope internally with some of the extreme behaviours one would experience working in this profession?...


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Marie E. May 22, 2020 179 views

Can I Become fluent in ASL?

ASL- American #english #any Sign...

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Marie E. May 19, 2020 349 views
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Taylor A. Apr 21, 2020 282 views

What could I do to sharpen my design skills RIGHT NOW?

What could I do to keep busy and productive, and keep my interior design skills sharp? Are there ways to design without going out? (I know that with COVID-19 around I won't have as many options.)#career #design #interior-design...


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Taylor A. Apr 14, 2020 296 views

Who are the biggest Interior Designers?

What companies and pros really stand out in the design world and what could I learn from them? #interior-design #interior #designer #professional...


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Kakwi K. Apr 07, 2020 577 views
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Naupaka H. Feb 24, 2020 245 views

what makes your job stressful?

Im in job corps and i would like to know more about your job. #job-search #job...


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Ana R. Jan 27, 2020 174 views
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Tracy C. Nov 22, 2019 361 views
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how would i become a dnr officer

i like agriculture...


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kalum J. Nov 08, 2019 185 views
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Elizabeth R. Nov 05, 2019 132 views

What kind of problems do you deal with in office administration?

I wanna know what type problems I will be dealing with in a office...


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Would I have to enter this the automotive vocation having some type of knowledge about cars?

I am deciding to join the Automotive trade but I do not know anything about cars....


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Daliah S. Sep 06, 2019 221 views

best mcat study guides?

I want to go to medical school. #medicine...