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what are the sponsors for international student who want to study in india

i really want to know how may i get a sponsor for my education in a field of pharmacy as far as i had good grades but the issue of money and financing is a difficult prom for me

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1 answer

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Abijuru !

Before I give some advice, I wonder where you are an international student ? Are you non-Rwandan and living in Rwanda ? Are you planning to relocate to the United States from your native Rwanda ? Will you be studying in the UK ? The first step for advice would be to clarify where you will be an international student because it really matters for any advice that would be helpful for you. The guidelines at various international colleges vary.

You will learn about which companies or organizations will sponsor you by making direct contact with each place that you'd like to work at. There are no lists for this, so it would be a matter of reading various company's websites and visiting as many of them as possible and calling or e-mailing others. The International Pharmaceutical Federation may be of some help to you. I have left a link to their website for you below. You can also see what assistance The World Pharmacy Council may offer (link is below). Also try to obtain information from the Rwanda National Pharmacy Council for which I have left a link to their website below. This can help you get started with seeking exactly what you're looking for.

You also mentioned that financial issues are something you are concerned about. Do not hesitate to come back here to ask about grants and scholarships if you are still a student. Indicate where you've studied or are studying and in which country you want to work. There are scholarships that can help you with your college costs if you are still in college.

I wish you all the best in your pursuits


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