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Charlotte Y. Aug 09 41 views

What should/can i major in in college if I am aiming to be in the medical field?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am not sure about what I can or what I should major in in college if I want to work within the medical field later on. I have heard that you can major in anything in college as long as you take some required classes for medicine but I am not...

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keyhan A. Nov 15, 2019 57 views

what classes will i have to take to become a good archaeologist

i want to be good at my job. i want to know what classes i would have to take in order to succeed. archaeology is very hard for some people. #career #archaeology...


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Jordan F. Sep 06, 2019 127 views

what courses would i need in order to become an exotic veterinarian?

I am a Senior student at William J. Brennan High school looking for information on becoming a veterinarian. I specifically want to pursue becoming an Exotic Animal Vet and wouldn't mind traveling at the beginning of my career to do so but i would like to know my chances and what i must do to...

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Aastha P. Aug 18, 2018 239 views

What college courses would be beneficial for me to take to be a dentist?

Hello my name is Aastha P. I am in 7th grade and go to Pikeville Jr.High School in Pikeville, KY. , I am currently attending a S.T.E.M Camp through Verizon Innovations in Learning. I would love to have some input as to the path I need to take to become a dentist. #dentistry #dentist #dental...

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Christian S. Apr 16, 2019 243 views

Debate vs AP Literature and Composition

In my school instead of a Language Arts Class, you can take Debate. Would it be better to be on Debate and the Debate team, or should I stick with a hard class like APLAC? I also have the option of taking college English or Business Communications. What's the option for college applications?...

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Jackeline R. Apr 25, 2019 121 views
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Michael G. Oct 29, 2018 200 views

What classes to you need to be a gaming youtuber?

Do you need to be in any certain classes?...


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Jayna B. Sep 04, 2018 176 views

What high school classes can I take to be a pharmacist

What is required? #medicine...


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Breanna B. Sep 04, 2018 231 views
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Deanna W. Sep 01, 2018 244 views

What kinds of classes should I take?

My current goal is to become an animator. I was wondering what kind of classes would prepare me for this the best. #classes #animation...


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Elizabeth W. Aug 30, 2018 260 views

Are credits your freshman year transferable to many different majors?

I am taking an ASL course, as well as 4 other courses, but it looks like only 1 of them matches up to what I should be taking for an elementary education major. Would most my class credits be able to transfer to the education department, or would I be an entire semester behind (minus 1 class)?...

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Angel H. Aug 25, 2018 229 views

How do I know what path to take?

As a rising senior, I know it's important to start making decisions about my future. I know the classes I choose to take can prepare me, but I how do i choose which path to take to ensure success? #classes #success...


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Rose G. Aug 24, 2018 182 views

What are some classes I should take if I am considering a career in graphic design or illustration?

Im not sure what I wanna do career-wise, but I know I want to do something #art related. However, this past year as a freshman, I took a whole bunch of other prerequisite classes unrelated to my future art career. That said, what kinds of #classes should I enroll in for...


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Sarah S. Aug 21, 2018 216 views

How do I make the best out of a lecture class?

Since i'm a very hands-on learner, I find it hard to succeed in a lecture class, which is what most of mine are this semester in college! Any tips on how to stay focused and make it feel like you're not just a number?...


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Vivian A. Aug 19, 2018 214 views

How many years in collage does it take to be an Ophthalmologist?

Just not sure! I want to be an ophthalmologist when I grow up but, I don’t know how many years in collage does it take to be one?? If anyone has an answer please let me know!! #doctor #higher-education...


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Aiesha S. Aug 18, 2018 191 views

What are the best ways to study from a class with a lot of material to memorize such as history?

I have been just rereading my notes from class and quizzing myself, but I don't think it is the ideal way. #classes #college...


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Marlyse B. Aug 12, 2018 176 views

Necessities for class

What materials do I really need for class besides paper, pencils, and books?...