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Career Questions tagged Beauty

Priscilla’s Avatar
Priscilla Mar 17 26 views

What are the first steps to owning a successful business within esthetician/beauty?

I plan on being a self employed business owner as an esthetician.

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Feb 28 64 views

Could I be a cosmetologist with Tourettic-OCD?

Can I be a cosmetologist with tics?

Shonmirka’s Avatar
Shonmirka Jan 27 125 views

cosmetology license

how would I start to get my hair license

Jontavia’s Avatar
Jontavia Nov 03, 2022 104 views

What are the challenging things of being a Celebrity Hairstylist/Mentor?

What is some advice to have a 6 figure luxury Hairstylist lifestyle & what "steps" should I take if I wanted to start now?

Tianna’s Avatar
Tianna Oct 18, 2022 109 views

'How many clients can a beautician handle in a month/week/day?

How long does it usually take for a beautician to finish a client hair if their is more than one appointment in a day? Do they rush? Do they reschedule for another day?

Yesenia’s Avatar
Yesenia Sep 26, 2022 150 views

Will my cosmetology degree be enough to have a stable life?

How much do I need to make my own beauty salon?

Markeonna’s Avatar
Markeonna Sep 26, 2022 130 views

How should price your work if you're a cosmetologist?

What is a reasonable price? Does it depends on the style?

Ari'Aunna’s Avatar
Ari'Aunna Sep 13, 2022 151 views

How do you become a cosmetologist?

what schools would be good

Taryn Rainn’s Avatar
Taryn Rainn Jul 20, 2022 161 views

How to build my Clientele as a Hairsy

I want to further my business in a shop of my own one day but i dont have a consistent amount of clients

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 04, 2022 203 views

Is it hard going to beauty school and trying to work with different types of hair

I want to know its gonna be hard working with different types of hair since I only know how to handle and deal with my hair

jessica’s Avatar
jessica Jun 30, 2021 229 views

what are the requirements for becoming a #dermatologist? and how many years of schooling is required?

im into #skincare and #beauty but im not sure what career i want to fall into

Mercy’s Avatar
Mercy Jan 28, 2021 1224 views

how do I start blogging/vlogging?

I'm Mercy from Ghana,25years old and reading Mphil Peace and development studies at the university of Cape Coast,Ghana. it's my dream to be ambassador for peace in a world where hatred and so much chaos is taking place. I love travelling to see new places and also a makeup artist. I love...

DeVontaysha’s Avatar
DeVontaysha Oct 02, 2020 382 views

What i need to do to become a model in the future?

# #modeling #beauty #beauty

yo’s Avatar
yo Sep 18, 2020 331 views

What careers could be a good fit for someone who is in cosmetology?

I'm a sophomore is high school but i love doing hair and nails and everything in that nature. I made it a side hustle to do whenever I #money #fun need money or something like that and I want to know what careers I can do when I grow up . #cosmetology #beauty

McKenzie’s Avatar
McKenzie Aug 24, 2020 260 views

So, I don´ wanna go to college but i wanna do nails and hair. Do i still have to go to college in order to do nails and hair ?

I like to do hair and nails
I cook
Very Anti Social

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 17, 2020 449 views

Are beauty schools accredited?

#makeup #beauty

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Aug 21, 2018 579 views

pay for make up artist

how much money do make up artist make #makeup #beauty #money

Lillie’s Avatar
Lillie Jul 13, 2018 526 views

What kind of colleges can you go to as a makeup artist?

#makeup some makeup tips about how I could get and products

Jolene’s Avatar
Jolene Jan 22, 2018 542 views

How do you think people's opinions of beauty will change a decade from now?

Just wanted to know as today's society is begging to show appreciation for no makeup but at the same time is infatuated with applying makeup everyday. #empower #confidence #beauty #makeup

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Markia Jan 16, 2018 453 views

In what ways could I expand my demographic of clientele re: being a salon owner?

#beauty #hairdresser #beautifician #hairbraider #salonowner

Markia’s Avatar
Markia Jan 16, 2018 589 views

What are the first year risks associated with being a salon owner?

I am currently enrolled in a Business Administration program so that I can turn my talent of hair braiding and styling into my business and become a salon owner. I am unsure of all of risks associated with owning a business, let alone a hair salon. #beauty-industry #beauty #businessownership...

Gaby’s Avatar
Gaby Mar 08, 2017 660 views

what are some recomended collages for cosmotology?

I want to start a buissnes when i graduate and i want it to be a beauty salon and i wanna go to one of thebest recomended colloges. #beauty #beauty-industry

Terrance’s Avatar
Terrance Aug 27, 2016 1112 views

What are at-least 5 powerful words intertwined with success.

Success is something hard to obtain because there is so much to life. That thickness of life itself is what makes life so great. But what does it mean to live a successful life. #psychology #ceo #performing-arts #beauty #happiness #succession-planning #success-driven #optimist

Michaela’s Avatar
Michaela Jun 11, 2016 975 views

How do you get your cosmetology license? How long does it take?

I am interested in working in cosmetics while I'm in college. I want to know how long it would take to become licensed and what the requirements are. #cosmetology #beauty #beauty-industry

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca May 05, 2016 925 views

What kind of training do I need to become a cosmotologist?

I really enjoy makeup and the art behind the profession #beauty #cosmetologist

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Apr 25, 2016 1306 views

How can you combine science and makeup as a career?

I want to do science and make up but I don't know how they work together? #science #makeup #beauty #beauty-industry

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Apr 01, 2014 1330 views

Whats are the best beauty schools in California

im a 16 year old high school student and i wanted to know whats the best beauty school in my area #school #job #high-school #cosmetology #makeup #beauty #hair

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 19, 2014 1125 views

Whats a really good school if you wanted to do Cosmetology

I wanna be a cosmetologist but i can't find a school that's near me or wheres a good place to start #career #money #career-path #makeup #beauty

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 19, 2014 952 views

What are some good modeling agency's

I want to be a commercial model and i'm not finding any good agency's #television #modeling #clothing #beauty