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Career Questions tagged Hair

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Emily May 18 27 views

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the hair stylist field for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13 questions to be a part of my assignment.

1. What profession did you choose? Why? 2. How many years of college did you go through? 3. What jobs did you work on before you landed your present professional job? 4. How can I decide if I should earn a PH.D. in this field? 5. Were you in a college program? 6. Did you have to pivot and go...

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Thomnia Jan 30 156 views

How much money will I be making if I do hair every week, with 2 to 3 clients a day?

How much money?

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Jontavia Nov 03, 2022 129 views

What are the challenging things of being a Celebrity Hairstylist/Mentor?

What is some advice to have a 6 figure luxury Hairstylist lifestyle & what "steps" should I take if I wanted to start now?

Tianna’s Avatar
Tianna Oct 18, 2022 131 views

'How many clients can a beautician handle in a month/week/day?

How long does it usually take for a beautician to finish a client hair if their is more than one appointment in a day? Do they rush? Do they reschedule for another day?

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 04, 2022 229 views

Is it hard going to beauty school and trying to work with different types of hair

I want to know its gonna be hard working with different types of hair since I only know how to handle and deal with my hair

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Gaibrielle Aug 06, 2021 310 views

How to start my hair career?

Im just getting into doing hair about to start a little part time job to be able to afford supplies for my career. #hair #newhairstylist

Laila’s Avatar
Laila Aug 03, 2021 749 views

What type of good colleges do I go to for business?

I wanted to Own my own business but I don't know what good college to go to in order to make it. Building my own salon means the world to me and I need help. #business #college #business-management #management #nail #hair #hairstylist

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Aug 03, 2021 338 views

Where can I get a job where I am can you do the things I like to do

I like to do #Hair And #MakeUp those things are fun to me because I would like to be in a # #architect cosmetology field

Carrie’s Avatar
Carrie Aug 02, 2021 316 views

Any tips for an upcoming braider?

#hair #braids #cosmetology #cosmetologist #hair-industry #beauty-school

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Julina Jun 18, 2021 220 views

How can I get a Cosmetology certificate for hair

I’ve love doing #hair #cosmetology
I’ve always Wanted to have my own shop one day

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna Nov 13, 2020 341 views

where is some jobs for hair school in college?

I am a beginner of doing hair but i want to be better at it so i can get more money to achieve my goal to push to that level so i can have my own salon.

#everyone #money #hair

Kateri’s Avatar
Kateri Nov 06, 2020 622 views

What would i need to get started in cosmetology and where should i go to school for it?

#makeup #cosmetology #nails #hair #business

Kateri’s Avatar
Kateri Nov 06, 2020 474 views

What would i need to get started in cosmetology and where should i go to school for it?

#makeup #cosmetology #nails #hair #business

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Sep 20, 2018 536 views

When you apply for jobs as a all around cosmetologist which job in cosmetology do you get assigned to?

#makeup #nails #hair #cosmetologist #cosmetology

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Destiny Apr 16, 2018 529 views

I am interested in some very diverse things, how do i choose what i want to do? #indecisive #young #decisions #college #career

I need advice! #help #college #food #hair #dog-training

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Dayonna Jan 15, 2018 921 views

What is a normal day in the life of a hairstylist

#Hairstylist #hair-stylist #hair #beauty-industry

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Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 630 views

Do you prefer quiet or chatty clients as a hairdresser?

I've heard some clients tell interesting stories. #hairdresser #hair #hair-care #hair-stylist

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Feb 08, 2017 752 views

How well does cosmetology pay?

A career goal of mine would be cosmetology, it's one of my dream jobs and I was curious to know the rankings on how well you can be payed for a particular job in this field. #fashion #cosmetology #makeup #hair #dressers

india’s Avatar
india Apr 12, 2016 955 views

Hw long it take 2 get ur cometology lisence?

Becuz I wanna do my gfs make up and make her on fleek wen I get older so she can match my fly. #makeup #hair #models #girls #nails

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Amiya Apr 12, 2016 953 views

what do you need to do to be a cosmetologist ?

-make up
-fashion #makeup #hair #nails

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Melissa Apr 01, 2014 1345 views

Whats are the best beauty schools in California

im a 16 year old high school student and i wanted to know whats the best beauty school in my area #school #job #high-school #cosmetology #makeup #beauty #hair