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Quaterya T. Oct 02 34 views

After finishing my education i plan to go to college, and become a Hair Stylist, and build my own company.

I'm a sophomore. Looking for more important information to become a hairstylist , and how many years of college do i have t complete to reach my goal .#hair-stylist #cosmetology...


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Tatiyana R. Oct 02 64 views

What does it take to become a dentist assistant?

My name is Tatiyana , I am a 10th grader. I love to do hair, I just did someones hair yesterday.I want to know a few things about being a dentist assistant.I like to do a lot of things that concern education and learning new things.I feel like i'm really great at math. #dentist #cosmetology...


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yo Y. Sep 18 57 views

What careers could be a good fit for someone who is in cosmetology?

I'm a sophomore is high school but i love doing hair and nails and everything in that nature. I made it a side hustle to do whenever I #money #fun need money or something like that and I want to know what careers I can do when I grow up . #cosmetology...


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ka'la P. Sep 18 36 views

What are so good colleges to go to for Cosmetology in Tennessee.

I love to do make-up and lashes. I want to get a little more help from an professional and take classes for it....


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Tatiyana R. Sep 18 51 views

What is something I will need to know about being a hairstylist?

I'm Tatiyana and I am a 10th grader. I already know the basics of hair and how to braid hair. I don't know how to braid to the scalp just yet. So could some of you all give me a few tips on how to do that. Also some things I would need to know. #cosmetology #anyone #general...


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brianna B. Sep 04 108 views

how many years u have to do in college for cosmetology ? what all skills u need to know and have to do to be a attorney?can u take 3 things in college at the same time or do u have to keep going back after your first years?

my name is brianna . im 15 years old and i go to hillcrest high school. im currently in 10th grade .i want to do hair, nails , makeup and do all girly things . i want to do cosmetology .i want to go to college for it for i can be professional and have a successful business. how is it like to...

#experience #education #confidence #college #cosmetology

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Tatiyana R. Sep 04 58 views

How long do I need to be in school for?

I'm a Sophomore and I am 15 years old. I love to do hair I do my own hair my sister's hair and I even do my big cousin's hair. I would like to know what are some things that Cosmetologist do each day. What are some things that I would need to know about this career?...


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Faith M. Aug 24 82 views

How does the study cosmetology go as peoples careers ?

I'm in the 11th grade getting ready for my future and dreams that i wanna accomplish in life . so i really wanna study cosmetology because its what I'm best at i guess . how is the paths for this ? #besmart #cosmetology #anyone...


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Jojo L. Jul 30 58 views

How to deal with cosmetology and work?

For those who went to cosmetology school and also worked while going to school how did you manage your time? Any tips if this question doesn't apply to you please tell me your tips for cosmetology. I want to go to Paul Mitchell's school....


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Jessica H. Jul 16 113 views
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Alina K. Feb 12 119 views

What kind of license do I need to start doing brow service (brow shaping, tweezing, brow dyeing)?

I am interested just in brow service, Do I need cosmetologist license or is it any other option to start this working and brow master legally? #cosmetology...


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Laura H. Nov 14, 2019 91 views

What are some cons when it comes to working in cosmetology?

I know I want to go into cosmetology, but i want to be prepared for the worst and it would be nice what exactly the worst was....


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lillian J. Nov 14, 2019 71 views

what are some ways to become successful as a cosmetologist?

i am a junior in high school, from north branch. i am taking a cosmetology class in an ed tech program and getting certified. i want to know what i should do after i’m certified....


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Madison W. Nov 14, 2019 79 views

How do I decide what I want to do and know I’m making a good choice ?

I’ve been torn between something in the medical field like physical therapy, nursing, dental hygienist, or a pharmacist or I also really wanted to do cosmetology school or equine dentistry. I’ve been around horses my whole life so I enjoy it a lot and I’ve also been doing hair and makeup my...

#equine #healthcare #cosmetology #medicine

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Ave G. Sep 16, 2019 118 views

how hard is it to be a designer and a cool makeup artist

i love making scary make up it is cool and is seems fun to m ake people look so freaky and scary #nightmares #cosmetology #art #artist #fashion...


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Kyle K. Sep 09, 2019 81 views

Has anyone been taught cosmetology while working?

I'm gonna be taught while working #cosmetology and would like to know how much to ask...

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Kyle K. Sep 08, 2019 95 views

Learning cosmetology how much should I make while learning

I am going to be taught #cosmetology and want to know how much I should be getting paid while learning and working at the same...

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Brittany V. Aug 31, 2019 118 views

What is the most fun thing to do with cosmotology?

Hi I'm looking forward to being a cosmetologist and I was wondering what is all entails. What's fun about it? What's boring about it (if it is hah)?...