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Career Questions tagged Marketing

Marketing involves relationship management between a business and its consumers. Popular careers include market research analyst, public relations manager, chief marketing officer, and many more. For more information, please read...

Maddy S.’s Avatar
Maddy S. Oct 19 54 views

Is studying abroad a good idea for an International Marketing major?

I was wondering if studying abroad for some of college would be good if I want to travel as a job in business or marketing. business marketing college...


Maddy S.’s Avatar
Maddy S. Oct 19 40 views

Can you specialize in Marketing if you major in International Business?

I was wondering if minoring in marketing or doing electives later in it while being an international business major would be a good idea for someone who wants to eventually have a job in international marketing. marketing business...


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Maddy S. Oct 19 27 views

What are the drawbacks of being a Marketing major?

I was wondering what the cons for marketing majors are and if there are any factors that make it not worth it or if I should look at other majors. marketing...


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Maddy S. Oct 19 29 views

What is the job setting for working in marketing/business?

I was wondering if working in marketing or business requires you to be in an office or cubicle setting the entire day because I am not sure what the exact setting would be. business...


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Maddy S. Oct 19 31 views

What are the college classes like for a marketing major?

I want to go into International Marketing but I do not like or do well in math classes so I was wondering whether or not the major has a lot of math based classes. marketing collegemajor...


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Maddy S. Oct 18 35 views

International Business or Marketing major for a job in International Marketing

I want to know whether I should major in International Business or Marketing for International Marketing. international marketing business internationalbusiness...


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Yasmine M. Oct 15 41 views

What companies offer a job in marketing around the world or specifically in the UK (Northern Ireland)

I am a student interested in studying marketing, however, i would like to know what companies offer a job in this sector. This could be for the future or it could be for a work experience. marketing business career...


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Yasmine M. Oct 08 53 views

What can I do before I go to uni study Marketing? what can I do while I am in school?

I am currently studying year 14 in the UK and I want to study Marketing in university marketing...

Kaitlyn T.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn T. Oct 05 73 views

What are some skills needed to pursue a Business and Communications major (on the more specific spectrum)?

I've been thinking about majoring in this field for quite a while and I think I'm pretty qualified to excel in this field. I've had experience speaking to big crowds formally, I have quite a few connections not only with my peers but some adults who will also be helpful along the way, I think I...

experience business marketing college college-major finance communications career

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Alliyah Pilar F. Oct 04 70 views
Alex M.’s Avatar
Alex M. Sep 29 103 views

how to understande the marketing

I am studying marking and business in high school business-management...


Saksham M.’s Avatar
Saksham M. Sep 10 140 views

Accounting and Marketing

I'm planning to go for double majors in Accounting and Marketing. What are your thoughts about it and is it even useful? marketing accounting...


Sonny H.’s Avatar
Sonny H. Aug 27 148 views

Is Client Specialist a marketing-related job?

I was recently offered a Client Specialist job for entry level, and I am wondering if this is a good entry-level marketing job as I want to go big into marketing after college. marketing career career...


Rick V.’s Avatar
Rick V. Aug 02 175 views

For any Marketing Specialists, what's the route you guys took to get to your careers?

Hi, my name is Rick and I want to be a Marketing Specialist in the future, I'm currently attending Job Corps for Office Administration and I plan to move into Community College for an Associate's Degree in Business in the future at some point. I do know there are online seminars some free some...

college business marketing career

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Marvin W. Jul 31 112 views

Whats a good way to start your career in real-estate

I am very interested in business and I like doing things that are in my control Including my career or job so entrepreneur business marketing career...


Benjamin H.’s Avatar
Benjamin H. Jul 15 138 views

How do I open up and maintain a small business?

I'm looking to open up a handcrafted firearms company focused around traditional arms such as SxS shotguns, bolt action rifles, and revolvers but nobody can give me a straight answer as to the expenses or a good starting point. I have gunsmith experience and several hundred designs along with a...

manufacturing entrepreneur business marketing

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Mandy Y. Jul 07 130 views

What are the requirements in a marketing job/career?

I am interested in marketing and have some experience in video editing and graphic design. marketing advertising...


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Isaiah G. Jun 28 270 views

What career should I pursue based on my interests?

I’m not sure exactly what specific career I want to pursue but I have a deep interest in science, medicine and technology, but I’m also interested in marketing and statistics-based careers. What would be the best possible option for me? science technology marketing...