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Career Questions tagged Collegemajor

Maddy’s Avatar
Maddy Oct 19, 2021 2007 views

What are the college classes like for a marketing major?

I want to go into International Marketing but I do not like or do well in math classes so I was wondering whether or not the major has a lot of math based classes. #marketing #collegemajor #business

Maddy’s Avatar
Maddy Oct 18, 2021 491 views

International Business or Marketing major for a job in International Marketing

I want to know whether I should major in International Business or Marketing for International Marketing.
#international #marketing #business #internationalbusiness #collegemajor

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 14, 2021 1216 views

What should I major in if I want to be a neurosurgeon?

I’m a junior in high school and I plan to go to med school to be a neurosurgeon, but I have no idea what to major in. I thought maybe biochemistry, but I’m not sure. #neurosurgeon #surgery #majors #neurosurgery #collegemajor #medicine

Ayden’s Avatar
Ayden Jul 29, 2020 403 views

Computer Science-specialized or general direction

I am still unsure of my specific degree within computer science. There are a lot of directions to go. How do you decide what direction to choose in this field? Are you shown all possible directions in early years of college?


Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 11, 2020 946 views

What research should I be doing if I cannot figure out what I want to major in?

#college #collegemajor

Angel’s Avatar
Angel May 01, 2019 616 views

Is double majoring in sociology and classics a good idea or will the work load be tough? And will I have a boost when it comes to job? Will the Latin and Greek in classics be hard? And will a double major be expensive for an international student? What are my job options?

#college #college-major #college-minir #advice #sociology #classics #liberalarts #job #collegemajor #internationalstudents

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Apr 16, 2019 484 views

College Major

What should you major in to become a radiologist? #collegemajor

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jul 24, 2018 692 views

What are the most popular majors in the U.S. this year?

Deciding and picking a major is sometimes hard for students because technology is innovating and many new fields are developing, so I would like to know what majors are trending in 2018 that will be useful in the future
#college #major #collegemajor #majors

Ritu’s Avatar
Ritu May 29, 2018 656 views

How do medical schools differentiate between accepted and rejected students?

Students on the path for medicine tend to be driven and hardworking overall. Yet only a slim percentage of these individuals are seriously considered when it comes to post graduate medical studies. What's the difference between these students, and how narrow is the gap between them?...

Cathy’s Avatar
Cathy Apr 22, 2018 564 views

If I plan on going into Social Services, what would I need to study and what exactly does it entail?

#socialservices ##collegemajor

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Mar 20, 2018 807 views

How do I know that the major I am in is the best for me?

I am currently a theatre major, but I have my associates in Criminal Justice. Everyone says that the arts are not the best programs to go into since they do not "contribute anything to you in the long run." How do I know that getting this degree will not burn me in the end? #collegemajor...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 14, 2018 826 views

When deciding on what colleges to go to, what should take precedent- what you want to study or where the university is?

I've heard that college is about a lot more than the education aspect, that it's learning to live on your own and explore yourself as a person. Also, the majority of people end up switching majors anyway while still in college, so I'm wondering what should be weighed more: the university as a...