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Career Questions tagged Homeland Security

Anastazia R.’s Avatar
Anastazia R. Apr 22, 2018 379 views

How competitive are college homeland security programs?

The security of our nation is extremely important to me, and I am interested in studying homeland security in college. I get good grades, so I likely wont have too much trouble being accepted into a school. But I have heard that some degree programs are more competitive than others for...

programs security competition homeland-security government law-enforcement

Anastazia R.’s Avatar
Anastazia R. Apr 22, 2018 274 views

What are the best schools for studying homeland security?

I know that some schools have a better reputation than others in general, but what about homeland security programs specifically? I want to make sure that I get the best education available to me within my field. college reputation...


Isabel C.’s Avatar
Isabel C. Jan 03, 2018 434 views

What should I major in? What courses should I take?

Hello, I'm a junior in high school. I want to work for homeland security. I want to be an Appeals Officer, but I don't know what courses/major. college college-bound college-major government...


Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Mar 03, 2017 685 views

How can I transition a previous career in the Legal field to my new degree and Homeland Security?

I believe I have a lot of skills that I believe can be transferrable, but I am not sure how to make the transition. recruiting legal homeland-security personal-development...


Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Mar 03, 2017 867 views

What are some key words that really stick out to employers?

I am working on my new resume and I want to try to get the attention of the employer so I am not passed because my resume is ordinary. criminal-justice recruiting hiring homeland-security...


Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Mar 31, 2017 646 views

I am taking free courses that lead to certification with FEMA, will this be beneficial for government position?

I just received my Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security and am now taking some online courses with FEMA and may start on some courses regarding statistics and the Design of Experiments. Would these be beneficial topics to get with to obtain a way into the government?...

human-resources fema government homeland-security criminal-justice criminology legal recruiting

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Feb 22, 2017 600 views

Why do some universities push you towards a career where you have no experience?

My professors are great, but I am finding that now that I am in the work force that I do not have the proper background for the position. How can they guide you you one way because you do feel passion for it, but didn't know you will never be a complete success. You owe money and you need to...

college-admissions legislative-research government recruiting college-major homeland-security

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Feb 19, 2017 596 views

I am very new in my new career (I am changing it at 40). My networking is really involving only one company. How do I expand my network to get more job opportunities that are not necessarily in my field of choice, but will benefit?

I have a lot of paralegal experience, just from earning my B.A. I would like to advance into Homeland Security, but I am finding it hard to meet the job qualifications for a position in this field because of my age and my inability to join the Army or other national force. Was my education...

talent-recruiting human-resources age-in-the-workplace government disabilities homeland-security

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Feb 17, 2017 655 views

How do employer's really see an applicant with a disability?

I have a tracheotomy and although I am familiar with the laws pertaining to those who are disabled, do employers actually consider hiring you if you are disabled in the back of their minds? I have been out of work for a while due to my issue, but finally have the situation under control. I...

recruiting social-networking homeland-security employment-law

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Feb 17, 2017 578 views

I may want a Ph.D. studying human trafficking or women and terrorism, what careers should I be looking for?

I have a Bachelor's in Sociology, Minor in International Relations, and now a Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security. I would like to know where I should be looking for employment to prepare me for my possible future studies. criminal-justice social-networking...


Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Feb 16, 2017 665 views

How do you use a Homeland Security degree in searching for a career?

I am actually still in school for about three more weeks and I am finishing my thesis on Cybercrime. My experience is in Sociology and the Legal field. I am self-motivated and a hard-worker who learns pretty fast. I am anxious to get a career, but I am 41 years old and have been out of work...

counter-terrorism government social-networking homeland-security women federal-government human-rights cyber-crime

Jacky S.’s Avatar
Jacky S. Jun 01, 2016 656 views

How long is the application process to join ICE

I'm just wondering how long is the application process to become and ICE agent federal-government homeland-security...


Jacky S.’s Avatar
Jacky S. May 28, 2016 679 views

How can my major affect my career?

I am a young female deciding which major I should take that'll help me most in a career law enforcement and homeland security. police...


Ossie W.’s Avatar
Ossie W. Nov 25, 2014 2309 views

What would I have to major in to get a job on homeland security? And what does a job in homeland security entail?

I am currently a junior in high school and have always been interested in some kind of job with the government or military. I grew up under the influence of my grandfather who was enlisted in the navy during the Vietnam war and and have since aspired to enlist or obtain a job related to the...

police fbi military national-security homeland-security law-enforcement

Elba D.’s Avatar
Elba D. Apr 09, 2014 1210 views
Elba D.’s Avatar
Elba D. Apr 09, 2014 1219 views

What do you have to do to prepare yourself to become an FBI agent?

I want to major in criminal justice, and I definitely want to become an FBI agent or a chief executive in anything in a criminal justice field. criminal-justice criminology federal-government fbi homeland-security...