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Career Questions tagged Federal Agent

aida’s Avatar
aida Jul 08 217 views

how do I become a politician? how do I sign up for the CIA?

yes I'm only 14 but I've always wanted to work for the USA in the government system coming from me who's a Latina with immigrant parents I want to succeed in life I want to work as an undercover agent but what first steps should I take? what highschool classes should I take and how do I start...

clarence’s Avatar
clarence Aug 20, 2018 529 views

How do i become a border patrol agent

#federal-agent, what are the steps for becoming a federal border agent in the United States? #federal-government

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 16, 2018 732 views

How do I know if I will enjoy becoming an FBI agent? Or if I'll be good at it or successful?

I love watching TV shows related to law enforcement, whether it's from the perspective of a criminal or law enforcer. I wanted to become an FBI Agent ever since my brother was murdered and for some reason it really interests me that they solve different kinds of cases all over the United...

Camille’s Avatar
Camille Jul 10, 2017 6116 views

I want to work at the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI but I have many questions.

Prepare yourself, I'm a talkative and curious kid. I'm interested in psychology, human behavior, criminology, criminal justice, and criminal profiling basically I want to get into the criminal's minds and make a profile about them and help the police catch them. But I already know that it's not...

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Oct 30, 2016 788 views

what type of degree would best prepare me for a career in homeland security?

I am interested in security firms that contract with the government for homeland security. #federal-government #federal-agent #contractors #private-investigations #federal-air-marshal #private

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 05, 2016 1725 views

Special Agents vs Crime Scene Investigators

Is there a difference between the two? If so, what is/are they? #college #university #federal-government #crime #criminal-investigations #federal-agent

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 02, 2016 2470 views

Can you work in the FBI and still go to school?

I want to be both an FBI agent and a forensic pathologist; however, it takes about 13 years to become a forensic pathologist. Is it possible or realistic to work as an agent while still going to school to be an M.E.? (Medical Examiner) #college #medicine #forensic #federal-agent

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Jun 01, 2016 881 views

How long is the application process to join ICE

I'm just wondering how long is the application process to become and ICE agent #federal-government #homeland-security #federal-agent

Chyanne’s Avatar
Chyanne May 25, 2016 848 views

Whats the hardest thing to do in the FBI?

I ask this because I would love to be in the FBI one day and fight crime. #police-officer #federal-government #federal-agent

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret May 20, 2016 912 views

What's the most conventional way to get into the FBI, and what's the most unconventional?

I am studying to be a psychologist and I have a great interest in criminal profiling. I understand to be accepted into the BAU most agents have been working 7-10 years. I understand there are 5 different ways to be accepted into the FBI but I'm wondering if there is a simple or a different way...

edgar ’s Avatar
edgar May 17, 2016 841 views

Can FBI agents have a stable home?

I mean are you going to constantly be moving or can you have a house and settle in a general area outside DC #law-enforcement #fbi #federal-agent #government #career #college #career-counseling

edgar ’s Avatar
edgar May 17, 2016 963 views

What types of positions does the FBI offer?

There are agents obviously but also computer-positions... what else? #law-enforcement #federal-government #fbi #federal-agent

Jahdei’s Avatar
Jahdei Jan 22, 2016 892 views

i want to know the base salary and advance salary when i serve 5 years on the job, and i also want to know every requirement i need to become a DEA special agent?

i want to be a dea special agent for 7 years now, i want to take drugs off the street and save lives.
if i dont become a cop, im nothing. i bleed blue. #law #police #government #criminal #federal-agent #special-agent

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Nov 25, 2015 5291 views

What classes should I take in high school to help me get into the FBI?

I am currently taking Counseling and Mental Health classes (for future hopes of joining to Behavioral Analysis Unit). Next year, I think it may be beneficial to take some kind of law enforcement class or even a crime scene investigation class of some sort. My school also offers the IB...