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Career Questions tagged Cia

O'Keizion’s Avatar
O'Keizion Oct 31 153 views

mechanical engineer vs cia agent

what is the best job in making the best money and other job opportunities and just have a better time making a future for being a mechanical engineer and or being a cia agent.

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Aug 15, 2018 536 views

How has the Culinary Institute of America contributed to your long term goals?

#food #culinaryinstituteofamerica #cia #culinaryarts #culinary #foodscience #culinaryscience

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Jan 22, 2018 643 views

Which government agency is best to go into for cyber-security?

I want to be in a cyber-security team for the US government serving in one of the intelligence branches (CIA, DoD, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) and I want to know which one would be best for me. If possible, I'd like to stay in a local area and not have to move to one location (I live in Arizona and...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Jan 22, 2018 571 views

What's it like being a part of a cyber-security team in a government agency?

I'm really thinking about majoring in Computer Science (Information Assurance) and going into a government agency like FBI, CIA, DIA, DoD, or any of the other like-minded branches. What's it like? How different is the public sector in this career from the private sector? Would you switch to...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Nov 01, 2016 553 views

How can I make my criminology application look good? What do I need for them to be like WOW!

I want to be a CIA agent. #police-officer #fbi #cia #patrol-officer #boarder

Zachariah’s Avatar
Zachariah Oct 21, 2015 4960 views

FBI or CIA while in the National Guard? Which is a better choice?

I joined the Minnesota Army National Guard during my junior year. I am currently a senior I have more training after I graduate high school. I was doing research one day on the CIA for a school project and I noticed that I could become a CIA Agent while in the National Guard. I am wondering...

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Oct 14, 2015 2195 views

What is the hardest thing about being an FBI agent?

I'm a senior in high school, and I have always been interested in criminal justice. I really think it would be great to work for the FBI or even CIA one day, as a goal. I know the requirements to become an FBI Agent, and I know that if someone does become an agent they don't necessarily get...

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Oct 12, 2014 940 views

What should I get a degree in if i wanted to be an Operations Officer for the CIA? What is a good way for me to stand out from the many applications that the CIA receives each year?

I am asking this because I want to be in the CIA but, I'm not sure what degree I should get for the specific job I want to do in the CIA. #military #cia

Perla’s Avatar
Perla Apr 09, 2014 869 views

What are the process of getting into the CIA?

I'm interested, but I don't know the process. What classes should I focus and take in college to pursue that? #federal-government #cia

Perla’s Avatar
Perla Apr 07, 2014 1016 views

can i become a lawyer then become part of the CIA?

I want to be a lawyer, but then I want to become part of CIA. Investigate bigger problems. I got interested to become part of the CIA after watching the movie called ARGO. A summary of the movie is that the main character, Tony Mendez, is part of the CIA. A situation came across to rescue six...

NnamdiCodman3’s Avatar
NnamdiCodman3 Feb 02, 2012 3299 views

how do you become a CIA agent ?

i wanted to know whats steps i need to take to become a CIA agent. #cia #steps

CV JAIL SON’s Avatar
CV JAIL SON Jan 06, 2012 1828 views

How hard is it to study video game designing and CIA.

Video game designing is my hobby but I want my primary job to be CIA.
Can I do both?
#game #cia