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Career Questions tagged Patrol Officer

Marquessa’s Avatar
Marquessa May 16 290 views

To become a police patrol officer do you have to go through training?

I am wondering if I would have to go through police training such as a police academy, or if the security, and advanced security, through job corp would be sufficient.

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Nov 01, 2016 529 views

How can I make my criminology application look good? What do I need for them to be like WOW!

I want to be a CIA agent. #police-officer #fbi #cia #patrol-officer #boarder

josh’s Avatar
josh May 24, 2016 1312 views

What do you need to become a police captain?

I am so curious. #police #patrol-officer

josh’s Avatar
josh May 24, 2016 539 views

what is the best thing about being a cop.

I am curios about it. #police #patrol-officer