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Career Questions tagged Skills

Alexandra M.’s Avatar
Alexandra M. Jun 03 77 views

What do people look for in a graphic designer?

I want to know what kinds of skills/qualifications employers look for when hiring a graphic designer.

Bria F.’s Avatar
Bria F. May 31 71 views

What are employers looking for in this career as a phlebotomist?

I want to know what skills, education, and experience employers look for.

Leviticus W.’s Avatar
Leviticus W. May 09 108 views

What skills can I learn to help make me more distinct in the computer engineering field.

What skills are rare/ needed in this field that not many people possess.

Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. May 06 152 views

What are good skills I should learn during the summer to prepare myself for when I head to college?

From basic life skills to insights on ways to prepare, I am looking to get as much tips and tricks as possible to help prepare myself for the college lifestyle.

naala R.’s Avatar
naala R. Apr 19 135 views

What skills would you recommend for a medium-level culinary position?

Is there any particular skill set I should spend more time and energy on acquiring and practicing?

John S.’s Avatar
John S. Apr 10 137 views

Apart from skills related to our career path, what other skills are important for a person to have?

It's always a pressure to work on skills that will make a person successful in the certain career they wish for. However, we have seen people surviving from skillset outside their career path. What are the best skills to have apart from those required in certain career paths?

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Apr 07 172 views

How do I make a criteria for myself?

I want to do everything, all are important but I can't choose what to prioritize.

Kaitlyn T.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn T. Mar 25 107 views

What are some things to do during college?

I'm going to go to a local college and I wanted to hear from first hand experience what to do to enhance my college experience. It's a relatively small college and there are a few programs there but I also want to know what relevant "college enhancing" things to do. Still very unsure about...

Alexandria M.’s Avatar
Alexandria M. Aug 20, 2021 229 views

What skills would be important for maintenance work?

#skills #career

jakyiah H.’s Avatar
jakyiah H. Jun 01, 2021 368 views

Who do you look up to the most , and what qualities do you love about that person?

I am a good person , I am responsible. I communicate with others well. #school #motivation #skills

Makaylah P.’s Avatar
Makaylah P. Apr 27, 2021 398 views

Do I need to have skills in photography ? or is that not a problem ?

I want to get into photography but I think that I would need skill first before actually getting into it. I need clarification on that so I can see what I have to do.
#highschoolstudent #learning #photography #skills

Myo M.’s Avatar
Myo M. Apr 16, 2021 642 views

What are some soft skills you learn as a Communications major?

What are some other soft skills besides communicating well that I can put on my resume? #skills

Waqas A.’s Avatar
Waqas A. Apr 04, 2021 293 views

can someone let me know being a leader how to resolve candidates Problem?

can someone let me know
Being a leader how to resolve candidates Problem? #knowledge #success #skills

Samiya M.’s Avatar
Samiya M. Mar 03, 2021 219 views

What skills does your job require?

I was wondering what day-to-day skills does your job require. Did you already acquire these skills before, or did you have to learn these skills? #jobs #skills

avion R.’s Avatar
avion R. Nov 13, 2020 224 views

what skill do i need to make it the the nba

im 14 standing 6'2 . #skills

Michaela C.’s Avatar
Michaela C. Nov 05, 2020 257 views

How do i become a professional welder?

I know the basics of welding but I want learn about the other types of welding and how to read welding blueprint. #skills

Ja'Kel A.’s Avatar
Ja'Kel A. Nov 05, 2020 220 views

Are most classes in the department reading/writing intensive?

I'm more of a sporty kind of person, I enjoy playing basketball and I can see myself going far because of it. I know there's people in college that enjoy reading/writing but personally I do not. I just want to see if there's more to do other than reading/writing. #skills #motivation

Esmeralda S.’s Avatar
Esmeralda S. Nov 04, 2020 725 views

What is your greatest skill as a nurse?

I want to become a nurse because I like to care for people. One of my family members I look up to is a nurse. I want to know what skills are difficult or what skills are fun or easy. #nurse #medicine #skills #medical

Andrei T.’s Avatar
Andrei T. Oct 28, 2020 334 views

What are the skill do you need to become a computer technologist?

#skills #information-technology #computer-engineer #computer

Bryce S.’s Avatar
Bryce S. Oct 27, 2020 194 views

What skills are helpful for someone majoring in physical therapy?

I am a senior in high school, and I am possibly going to major in physical therapy. I believe that being informed about helpful skills for this major would benefit me in college, as well as in a future career. Learning about these skills would also allow me to see if I possess some of the...

Brandon D.’s Avatar
Brandon D. Oct 27, 2020 366 views

What is the best skill to have for real estate

I know you need to be a good negotiator and communicator but what are some other skills that separate the average realtor and a good realtor #marketing #success #skills #business

Jessica H.’s Avatar
Jessica H. Aug 12, 2020 252 views

What are the skills of a pediatrician?

What makes them so good at their job? #skills #pediatrician

Kelly R.’s Avatar
Kelly R. Jul 30, 2020 584 views

Other than a degree, what other skills are necessary in a marketing career?

What other skills come in handy or look good on a resume for a marketing career? #JULY20 #career #career-path #resume #skills #marketing

William A.’s Avatar
William A. Jul 24, 2020 278 views

What skills are required for your job?

#job #Skills and abillities

Celia H.’s Avatar
Celia H. Jul 18, 2020 380 views

What are some ways college students can build up their resume during COVID-19?

#skills #collegestudents #coronavirus #JULY20

Teresa C.’s Avatar
Teresa C. Apr 23, 2020 2966 views

Skills Required for a Financial Analyst

#internship #business #finance #career #financialanalyst #analyst #skills

Elon O.’s Avatar
Elon O. Apr 02, 2020 314 views

Are there important skills that are needed to become an orthodontist (e.g hand skills, verbal and/or written communication skills)?

#Dentist #dentistry #dental #orthodontics #orthodontist #skills #communication

Tessa S.’s Avatar
Tessa S. Feb 02, 2020 386 views

What skills are important for careers in science?

#career #science #skills #career-path #career-choice

Aaron S.’s Avatar
Aaron S. Feb 01, 2020 579 views

What are skills that are necessary but often neglected?

I'm a high school student going into college. I've heard that a lot of important skills are neglected to be taught to be taught in school that are invaluable in any job, like presentation skills. #student #personal-development #skills

Brynna S.’s Avatar
Brynna S. Feb 01, 2020 393 views

What is the most important skill to have for careers in STEM?

#stem #career #women-in-stem #skills